Top 10 Best Jump Ropes for Boxers [Reviewed]

Everyone knows the fact that boxers incorporate a lot of training with jump ropes in their regular training sessions. This is because jumping rope tones the muscles, increases flexibility and improves one’s timing to an amazing level.

If you are stepping into the sport of boxing and need a jumping rope then you should be aware that a regular jump rope will not do.
You need to get something strong and durable, with the right kind of handles and accurate swing.

In other words, you will need a jump rope that is made for boxers.

To help you save time we have compiled a list of 10 excellent jump ropes which you can get for yourself right now.

We have reviewed each product with their pros and cons and also included a brief buying guide so you can be sure of all the factors to consider when you start shopping.

Check out the top 3 in this table.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope King Athletic Jump Rope RDX Leather Gym Skipping Rope
Pros Versatile
Durable fittings
Adjustable length
Adjustable length
Smooth and fast rotation
Custom-foam handles
Weighted handles

Top 10 Best Boxing Jump Ropes Reviewed

#1 Survival and Cross Jump Rope

The best jump rope is the one that can work for both a beginner and an expert in the field of fitness because no matter what your skill level is you will want something that is durable, lightweight and adjustable.

The Jump Rope by Survival and Cross has all those qualities and more.

With a tangle-free 10 foot cable that is fully adjustable and a 5-inch grip-able handle, you can jump rope in any way and style to enhance and improve the results of your workout sessions.

Despite the sturdy built and high-quality mechanism, this jump rope is also extremely portable.


  • Ideal for most fitness training
  • Adjustable
  • Built for speed


  • The rubber coating on the cable may thin out and leave stray metal wires sticking out.

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#2 King Athletic Jump Rope

Designed for all those fitness freaks out there, the King Athletic Jump Rope could be your next best fitness tool.

Boxers who are looking for a sturdy and smooth rotating jump rope will enjoy the smooth gliding and hassle-free jumping sessions that are made possible by the speedball bearings and tangle-free 9.4 inches long cable.

You can adjust the length of the cable to fit your height and comfort level.

We liked the grip on the foam handles as it felt both comfortable and perfectly slip-resistant.

Weighing at less than 120 grams this is also your perfect travel partner.


  • Adjustable length
  • Smooth and fast rotation
  • Custom-foam handles


  • May run short for some
  • There have been reports of the cable tangling

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#3 WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope

When you purchase this item you get not 1 but 2 cables to adjust and work with.

The WOD Nation Jump Rope is designed to give you exactly what you need when you need it. Whether it is the speed you are after or heavyweight, all you have to do is switch the cables and you are good to go.

The Monster Cable and the Speed Cable measure at 3.2mm and 2.2mm and is perfect for both beginners and experienced athletes setting different goals for various exercise routines and intensity.

The grips are firm and non-slip while the liquid steel bearings are present to allow smooth and fast rotation and better performance for a longer period.


  • Includes two different cables for speed and weight
  • Adjustable
  • Portable


  • May tangle

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#4 BeMaxx Fitness Jump Rope

Anyone interested in losing body fat and getting toned can learn how to jump rope for maximum results and the BeMaxx Fitness Jump Rope may be the perfect tool for that.

Users get two cables- one to start off with and one made for speed which you may want to apply as you improve on your skills.

With a 90 degree angle turn the ball bearings ensure fast spinning so you can skip faster and get more work done in a shorter time.

Even if you tend to have sweaty hands, the anti-slip handles are built for a good grip which increases usability and reduces user fatigue.

You will also get a carry case so you can store or carry the rope easily.


  • Ideal for people of all ages
  • Includes 2 adjustable cables
  • Anti-slip handles
  • Safe and durable


  • Some users mentioned that the coating on the cable wore off and exposed the wiring

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#5 Jump Rope

Jumping rope gives you the chance to get a full-body workout in one of the easiest and most effective manner possible.

Train and reach your fitness goal with this jump rope designed for speed skipping and strength building.

With foam grip 2.6 inches long handles, you can stay in control and skip for however long you want without worrying about slip-offs.

The 10-foot cable is thin and durable which enables you to pick up speed when you need it and also adjust its length according to the user’s height.

You can take this fitness tool anywhere you like as it is super light and portable but we do not recommend using it on concrete as the thin cable may not be able to withstand the harsh surface.


  • Adjustable
  • Foam grip handles
  • Good for speed


  • The cable is thin which limits its usage

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#6 RDX Leather Gym Skipping Rope

Our first leather jump rope on the list, the RDX Gym Rope is a classy looking item constructed for various fitness routines and user comfort.

The 9-foot long rope is made of 100% leather which can be sized to your preferred length simply by snapping off the end bits.

Sporting a 90-degree rotation design, you can jump with ease of movement without straining your wrists.

The handles are also made for comfortable use while aiming to keep the ropes free from tangles.

There are weights in the handles which can be adjusted to suit the amount of lightness or intensity you wish to apply to your training.


  • Made of durable and high-grade leather
  • Comfortable and grip able wooden handles
  • Weighted handles


  • Will not pick up much speed
  • The swivel mechanism is not all that great

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#7 Gear Beast Jump Rope

Gear Beast Jump Rope is versatile and perfect for countless forms of exercises. It can be an amazing addition to your collection of training equipment and will ensure that you work your way to that perfect body in style.

With lightweight ergonomic handles and high-grade stainless steel bearings you can enjoy speed and smooth rotations every time.

The steel braided 10 feet long cable is coated with PVC and is fully adjustable for users of all ages and of all skill levels.

The tapered grip and fail-proof cable fasteners are designed to offer you a safe and comfortable use as you train with maximum intensity.


  • Versatile- can be used for multiple exercises
  • Durable fittings
  • Adjustable length


  • Some customers had issues with the handle connectors

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#8 RINGSIDE Weighted Leather Jump Rope

If you are looking for a more traditional style jump rope for your training then check out this jump rope made of premium leather.

Although it comes in a traditional design, the mechanism is modern and ideal for all sorts of fitness training.

With ball bearings and weighted handles, you can expect decent swing and a lot of smooth rotations. The handles are weighted to add some power in your swings while the lightweight leather rope provides good speed.

Available in lengths of 7, 8 and 9 feet, you can pick the best size according to your height and comfort.

Some of the users mentioned that the rope requires a bit of power to get the momentum going but it is great for those ready to push harder and break a sweat doing intense skipping.


  • The leather is of great quality
  • Weighted handles
  • Smooth rotations


  • The longevity of the handles is questionable

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#9 Adidas Skipping Rope

raining with the Adidas Skipping Rope will help you work on your timing, build endurance and strengthen your muscles.

The look of the rope is sleek, with a black durable nylon cable that is fully adjustable to your preferred length. It comes with a length of 3 meters which can be shortened with some simple steps.

The handles are comfortable but not a 100% slip-resistant, which may be an issue if your hands tend to sweat a lot.

Intended mostly for adults, even young ones looking to start off early and get involved in fitness training can use this stylishly designed tool.


  • Sleek look
  • Adjustable length
  • Durable


  • The shape of the handle may not be too comfortable for some

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#10 RDX Skipping Rope

The last product on our list is the RDX skipping rope with a steel cable and solid aluminum handles.

The jump rope looks and feels extremely strong and durable which is great for those seeking a product which they can use for an extended period of time.

The steel wired cable is coated with PVC and is adjustable to suit your height and style. The steel also ensures that the rope does not tangle and retains shape during use.

The well-built handles are covered in rubber to promote better grip and control.

With double ball bearings, you can enjoy a 360-degree rotation that delivers effortless spinning for the fastest power training.


  • Smooth rotation ensures reduced hand, arm, and shoulder fatigue
  • Anti-slip handles
  • Adjustable length


  • This jump rope has great speed but almost no weight

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Why Boxers Jump Rope?

Boxers like to include jumping rope in their training sessions especially before a fight or other heavy workouts because it helps in building stamina and endurance.

It prepares the body for other fitness activities and promotes weight loss in very little time.

With continuous skipping boxers get better with coordination and lighter on their feet.

It is so amazing how a simple fitness tool like the jump rope can have so many benefits. It is no wonder that boxers of all skill levels swear by them.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Jump Rope

Jump rope

By considering the following things you will be able to pick out the best jump rope for your needs:


You will be surprised at the different materials that make up jump ropes these days. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.


Leather jump ropes are extremely durable and lightweight. When you start skipping with one you will be able to pick up speed and enjoy that classic whipping sound as it makes the round through the air. One drawback to this kind of material is that its length is not always adjustable and it may hurt if you accidentally hit yourself with it.

Fiber/Cloth Rope

Probably all jumping ropes were made of fiber or cloth when we were kids but they are not used that often by boxers these days. They may be affordable but they are not too durable and cannot be used in all the ways a professional trainer would like to.

Stainless steel

Also quite light in weight, these ropes are affordable and simple to use. They usually come with a coating that makes them easy on the skin.


A heavy rope may seem more durable but it will not provide the user with the speed required to train well. We recommend lighter ropes that can be swung around with ease.


The handles on a jump rope should be ergonomically designed and offer a lot of grip. Sweaty hands are common and if the handle of the jump rope does not come with a good grip material then you might end up losing control on the rope and also feel uncomfortable using it.

Adjustable length

If you plan on using the jump rope alone then you probably do not need to worry about any adjustable features and should just purchase one that comes with the right size for your height and fitness level.

The rope should be around 3 to 4 feet longer than your height but this depends on what you are most comfortable with.

However, if more than one person will be using it then it will be wise to get a rope that comes with adjustable length.

Ease of Rotation

Modern jump ropes can come with rotation systems that offer users spinning ability to different degrees. You can get a rotation of 90 degrees or 360 degrees depending on the system fitted on the specific model of jump rope.

No Tangle

Make sure your jump rope comes with a tangle-free construction because untangling the rope is not only time consuming, it can also be very stressful.

Wrapping Up

We would like to end on the note that no matter what level of fitness you are at now or whatever your goals may be, investing in a jump rope is a smart move.

Our listed jump ropes are affordable, durable and easy to carry around so there really isn’t a good excuse for not getting one right away.
If you want to work your way up to reach your ideal physical strength and shape then adding a few minutes of skipping to your fitness routine will give you unbelievable results.