5 Best Indoor Rowing Machines for Your Home Gym

Being in the right shape isn’t that difficult as it looks. All you need is motivation, hard work, and a great rowing machine. If you’re considering getting a new fitness machine for your home gym, then it’s time to get introduced to the indoor rower or rowing machine. 

A rowing machine targets 85% of your body’s muscles, including your legs, arms, back, and core. Simultaneously, it provides a total body workout and increases muscle strength with the minimum risk of hurting yourself. Hence, if you are on your fitness journey, then rowing machines will tone you from head to toe. 

Here, we have curated a list of the best rowing machines that can be a part of your home gym. To know what all we have unfolded for you on our final list, keep on reading! 

Our Top 3 Picks:

Nordic Track RW Rower Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW 1205
Pros Integration of Fitness Routine
Resistance Solutions are Flexible
Noise is kept to a Minimum
Feels Ultra-Smooth
Ideal for Small Areas
Quiet and Easy to Use


5 Best Indoor Rowing Machines for Your Home Gym

#1. LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

The LifeSpan Rowing Machine is a traditional rowing machine that will complement any private gym. And as its rowing frequency increases, the resistance immediately increases, holding you challenged while you gain strength. However, you can still lower the friction by lowering the water level. As you move forward again and back, the padded seat holds you relaxed, and the customizable safety straps hold your feet securely in position while you move. You can keep records of statistics like the duration you rowed and strokes per minute thanks to a huge built-in console.


Console with a Simple Interface:

The rower’s console is extremely easy, with readouts for range, duration, carbs, and strokes each minute, giving you all the information you can get from a good complete workout. The console runs on two AAA rechargeable batteries and really doesn’t need additional fuel. This rower is therefore functional and energy-efficient.

Quiet and Comfortable:

The patented Eddy Current Drive System offers quick and ultra-silent resistance even during strenuous exercise, and the strap recovery is loose. A tension knob regulates 5 degrees of tension and can be easily accessed immediately below the display. If you’d like to row before having a TV turned on or waking up the family, this rower is indeed a great option.

Padded and Comfortable:

Cushioned hand grips, a 14-inch molded rubber chair that holds users up to 300 lbs, and large tilt footswitches with Velcro clips for extra comfort are all included on the rower.

Easy Storage with Quick Fold

Without using any tools, the rower could be flipped and placed. Detach the trapping pin, flip the rower, then re-insert the locked clasp to secure the device in the flipped position. This design is perfect for limited space. From its unfolded dimensions of 90 x 18.5 x 23-inches, it folds down to 34 x 19 x 64-inches (L x W x H) (L x W x H).


  • Design that is long-lasting
  • Rowing experience that is authentic
  • Rowing handle with non-slip grip


  • Very hefty design

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Final Verdict

The Lifespan Rowing Machine is made of sustainable American ash wood and powder-coated aluminum, if you like the dark aesthetic but want something a little more elevated. The model has a sweat-resistant 18.5-inch screen, while the classic model allows you to install your own unit. The bespoke fitness software is included with some rowing machine bundles, and it includes goal-tracking and a library of organized classes to choose from.

Why did we put it in #1 position?

The Lifespan Rowing machine is both a traditional rowing machine and a ski trainer, and one can easily switch between the two within five seconds with a simple foot lever. This is a perfect option for those looking to work up a sweat for dual-action workouts because it comes with Bluetooth and heart rate connectivity foot straps.

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#2. Nordic Track RW Rower

What can we tell, Nordic Track produces excellent workout equipment, and their rowing machine is at the top of our list in terms of features, durability, resistance control, and design. Their rowing machine is pricier than other alternatives, but if you’re looking for a Peloton-style rowing machine, this machine comes close. It has a 22-inch rotating smart HD touchscreen that can stream iFit rowing and strength lessons, allowing you to strengthen your muscles after your cardio workout. The rower has 26 resistance levels and manual air resistance. The rower also collects real-time data that you can review after each workout to see how far you’ve come.


There are Two Types of Resistance:

With your iFit Instructor managing the electromagnetic sensitivity, you’ll get a smooth, quiet workout. By manually changing the extra air resistance, you will increase the speed and strength of your workout.

Touchscreen Smart HD Rotating 22″:

This interactive experience is truly seamless on board, you can follow your favorite iFit Trainers. Follow along with high-intensity cross-training sessions by rotating the phone.

Pedals that Adjust Quickly:

During your fast-paced, trainer-led rowing workouts, trust and stability are provided by the large, steering levers with speedy customizable foot straps.

Design that Saves Space:

The RW900 offers a challenging exercise and a lightweight storage solution for home, featuring the front transport wheels thanks to its revolutionary folding nature.


  • Integration of the fitness routine is excellent.
  • It has a 22-inch touchscreen.
  • Resistant solutions that are flexible


  • Design is very heavy
  • Very expensive

Final Verdict

The NordicTrack RW900 Rower is a feature-rich rowing machine that consistently offers a great workout. The rower has 26 different resistance levels which you can use to adjust the speed of your workout, and your strokes will be quick and quiet, thanks to the machine’s magnetic resistance. The rowing machine also features a padded ergonomic seat and big, comfortable pedals. It also folds in half, making it extremely convenient to store when not in use.

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#3. Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

With a fast, high-calorie-burning motion, the Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine offers a low-impact workout that engages all major muscle groups, works the legs, strengthens the heart, and builds the muscles. Your progress can be tracked with the Model D’s Performance Monitor 5, which uses real-time data, connects wirelessly to heart rate belts and apps, and is designed to suit most users. This rower can also attach to a variety of fitness apps on your smartphone, allowing you to track and evaluate your workouts.


Put the Workout Data to the Test:

On every stroke, monitor your personal progress through accurate, comparable data. Duration and stroke count and cycles are all choices for workouts. The backlit LCD monitor is easy on the eyes. Heart rate tracking or applications are compatible with wireless Bluetooth and ANT+. Make a backup of your workouts on a USB flash drive (not included).

Control the Intensity of Your Workout:

Any stroke is responded to by its flywheel that is resistant to air. With a simple adjustment of your damper, you can control the airflow. The damper levels range from 1 to 10.

It’s Simple to Put Together:

With just 8 screws, it’s easy to put together. While fully assembled, it functions smoothly on rear wheels. For storage, it splits into two bits. A frame lock mechanism allows for fast release without the use of equipment.

Stay Motivated:

It integrates with several well-known fitness applications. On your mobile, the free ErgData app tracks and stores workouts.


  • Noise is kept to a minimum.
  • Feels ultra-smooth.
  • You can compare yourself to others using online rankings.


  • Tall people would find it too small.
  • Very costly

Final Verdict

The Concept2 Model D rowing machine comes with enhanced aerodynamically crafted handles, adjustable footpegs, and a motor crafted for smooth motion. With aluminum for a steady rear slide, use an I-beam subway line and mild and solid steel track, the Model D has a comfortable 14″ (seat) height. It’s designed impressively so that will last a lifespan and is reduced sufficiently to be used in physical activities. It centers therapy while still being intense enough for the world’s most fit athletes.

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#4. Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW 1205

Sunny Health & Fitness’ magnetic rowing machine has everything you need for an intense rowing workout from the comfort of your home. The magnetic tension device provides a smoother, more enjoyable workout when combined with the eight degrees of adjustable tension. Furthermore, even during the most intense rowing workout, the big LCD monitor and completely padded seat provide a convenient and comfortable experience. It has a handy tension knob for quickly controlling resistance, as well as transportation wheels built into the bottom for quick movement. This rowing machine costs a fifth of what the other two choices do, and it’s an impressive addition to a home gym if your rower isn’t working out.


Pedals for the Legs:

Non-slip textured foot pedals and foot braces will help you stay on your feet even during the most intense workouts.

Cushioned Seat:

For extended and intensive exercises, extra padding and cushion are provided to ensure adequate blood flow to the glutes.

Digital Monitor:

Your time, count, total count, calories, and scan are all shown on the digital monitor.

Handlebars with Foam Padding:

The fully cushioned handle allows for a greater range of motion, providing a more rigorous upper-body workout.


  • Ideal for small areas
  • Quiet and easy to use


  • Changing resistance in the middle of a workout isn’t easy

Final Verdict

The Sunny Health and Fitness Full Motion Rowing Machine is a low-cost rowing machine that provides a good workout without taking up too much space. Unlike other rowing machines, this one uses two wide handlebars instead of a pulley. Instead of using your legs to glide forward and back, you use your head, shoulders, and back in this style.

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#5. Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

If you’re short on space, you might not be able to fit a traditional rowing machine in your home. The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine, on the other hand, allows you to get a dynamic workout in a much smaller space. The computer has a one-of-a-kind, upright configuration. You sit upright and row up instead of sitting down and rowing down. This format concentrates your rowing exercises on the lower body while also providing opportunities to test the upper body and heart.


Digital Monitoring:

With the Digital Monitor screen on the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing machine, keeping track of your progress is easy! Time, Count, Calorie, Total Count, or Scan through each metric are shown.

Magnetic Resistance at 8 Levels:

With the handy tension knob, you can adjust the strength of your workouts. You can change resistance with a quick twist to keep your rowing machine workout challenging and successful during your fitness journey.

Foot Pedals Without Slippage:

Big, textured pedals with safety straps are included. Your feet stay in position during your rowing routine, thanks to a non-slip surface and the stability of high-quality straps.

Perfectly Comfortable:

Users will enjoy a relaxing rowing experience thanks to the cushioned seat. Allowing discomfort to impede your fitness goals is a mistake! Exercising for longer periods of time will help you become healthier. Fold the steel rail upright when the rowing machine is not in use to save space. Ideal for storing in small spaces.

Handlebars With Anti-Slip Protection:

Slip-resistant handlebars with a soft padded foam grip offer comfort and support during your workout, allowing you to maintain your results.

Stabilizers for the Floor:

For carpets and hardwood floors alike, to avoid tipping, rocking, and swaying on uneven surfaces. Simply turn until the surface is even.


  • Silent usage.
  • The footprint is extremely thin.
  • Design that is safe.


  • Doesn’t have the same feel as conventional rowing.

Final Verdict

Instead of a conventional resistance system, this rower has three resistance bands that can be adjusted. Connect this to your system to increase the strength of your workouts to a maximum of 22 pounds of resistance. The rower’s textured pedals provide excellent traction, and the non-slip handlebars are comfortable to hold. Adjust the seat and handlebar heights until the machine is just right for you, and take advantage of the machine’s ability to fold in half for easy storage between uses.

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Best Indoor Rowing Machine: Buying Guide

While buying your rowing machine, it’s important to see what your requirements are. Whether you are just taking your first step towards your fitness goal, or you are a fitness expert already, a good rowing machine is a splendid piece of equipment to add to your home gym to burn calories and to improve fitness. Here, we have listed out a few important points that you should keep in mind while buying your rowing machine:

Resistance Mechanism: 

There are different types of rowing machines offering some resistance, but the source can vary from one to another. These are air, magnetic, water, and hydraulic, although the hydraulic is obsolete now and is not preferred as others. All of them offer a variety of advantages and some disadvantages too. For example, if you like your machines to be silent, then a water-based or magnetic model will work the best for you as they are quieter than the air ones. 

Noise Level:

If you’re searching for a rower for your home gym, then the noise level can be a significant factor affecting your choices. If you live in an apartment with close neighbors, then in such a scenario, a noisy machine will not be an appropriate pick. It’s better to choose a water model so that it does not hamper other’s peace and you can concentrate on your workout routine with no outside disturbance. 

Easy Maintenance:

Undoubtedly, gym equipments are pricey. And if we talk about rowing machines in particular, then they can take a toll on the buyer’s pocket. Therefore, it’s extremely important to do considerable research before you pick the right one for yourself. Rowing machines require little maintenance, but only when they are kept properly. It’s necessary to wipe them after every workout so that they are completely dry and clean. With a water-based model, you have to change water regularly, but it’s easier to maintain the fan-based rowers.  

Storage and Portability:

Rowing machines are large and bulky; therefore, storage is an important factor that you should keep in mind while looking for rowing machines for your home gym. Some rowers are foldable and some come with built-in transport wheels that allow the user to move it from one place to another easily. Make sure after every use you are folding your rowers to store them more conveniently. 


Before buying anything, the first and the foremost thing that we all look for is comfort. When you’re looking for your dream rowing machine, make sure to see that it is comfortable enough to spend hours on it during intense workouts. It’s extremely important to make sure that the seat fits your body well without any discomfort. The other important part of rowers are the foot straps. It is the most important part if your feet are bigger or smaller than the average feet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

What should I look for in a Home Rowing Machine? 

There are different factors that one should keep in mind while buying rowing machines for a home gym. Easy storage, portable, noise levels, and maintenance are some of the most important factors the user considers before making the purchase. In case you live in a small house or an apartment, then an air-based rowing machine will not be the best one for you, but in place, you can go for water models. Similarly, a foldable machine that requires minimum space to be stored would be the best suited for your home gym. 

Are Budget Rowing Machines Great? 

There are plenty of affordable options available in the market that are as good as the expensive ones. Though there will be some differences in both, each one can do its job efficiently. Generally, the magnetic resistance ones are more on the affordable side and require less maintenance too. Do check our list, we have listed the best options for different budgets to meet your major requirements at best. Read our article on the best rowing machine under $1000 if you have a higher budget.

Can you Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine? 

Rowing is popularly known for its ability to burn extra calories from the user’s body. Therefore, if you are on a way to look for machines that will take your fitness to another level by toning your body, then rowing machines are great to invest in. It gives you a full-body workout, targeting 85% of your core muscles. 

Is Rowing better than Running? 

Different studies suggest that rowing is better than running as it tones your body much faster and helps to kick out the extra fat. It not only strengthens your muscles but builds you from head to toe.