Top 5 Best Home Mats for BJJ [Reviewed]

Dollamur Flexi-Roll Z Athletic Folding Gym Mat IncStores Tatami Foam Tiles Mat
Pros Germ-resistance coating
Rigid and repels water
Easy to store and portable
Easy to fold and store.
Right thickness to offer firmness and comfort
Suitable for multiple activities
Safe for both kids and adults
Simple to set up and store
EVA foam gives durability and resistance
It offers versatility regarding design and size
Effortless to clean

Are you planning to start BJJ training at home? After all, it feels so great to make things go your way. So, what do you need to buy?

Along with other accessories, one most important item is a mat for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Yeah, it is usually overlooked, but the mat is your crucial safety equipment.

That’s why you need to put adequate efforts to purchase the high-quality one. Your selected mat should be able to provide maximum protection and padding.

In this post, we are going to highlight how you can purchase the best home mats for BJJ. It surely is going to make the decision-making process easier for you.

Read the top 5 BJJ mats reviews to know which mat could be perfect for you:


Best BJJ Mats for Home Reviewed

#1. Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat

This Dollamur Flexi-Roll mat is a high-quality competition level mat. You can use it in your home and enjoy professional-level BJJ. This item is sturdy and durable. You can expect it to withstand repeated pressure and long term use.

This roll-out mat offers huge convenience. It is not only easy to set up but also becomes compact once rolled out. It means you can store and carry it anywhere you want without any trouble.

Also, cleanliness is easier for its type, because you can move it easily. It is available in two 5’ x 10’ mats. Each of them weighs 20 lbs. only. It means even a child can roll and store it effortlessly. You can even stick these mats together with a mat tape to make a large training area.

Regarding material, it has athletic grade closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. The closed-cell structure makes it more rigid, stable, and enhances shock absorption. Also, it makes the mat capable of repelling water.

It also contains a 24oz vinyl surface as its outer material. It will prevent the mat from cracking or peeling while retaining its freshness for long.

Moreover, as the surface is textured, it will prevent slippage. Besides, it also contains special cloth backing. It makes the vinyl heat laminated and attached closely to the foam. As a result, it makes the mat resilient and shock absorbing even during high performance.

In order to make the mat germs-free, it possesses Bio-PrufTM treatment. It is hygienic and germ-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about any infections or diseases.

This mat is available with a thickness of 1.25”. It makes it just suitable for both low and high impact workout. Though it is not thick enough like other mats, it is good for people who need a firm mat with nominal cushioning.


  • Prevents diseases with its germ-resistance coating.
  • Rigid and repels water.
  • Easy to store and portable.
  • Its durable material makes it work for a prolonged time.


  • Not good for those looking for significant cushioning.

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#2. Z Athletic Gymnastics Folding Gym Mat

This Folding Gym Mat is made up of high-quality materials from professional manufacturers. The company Z Athletic gives two years warranty for this mat.

It is a folding gym mat with four panels. Guess what? You can fold them up conveniently to store them or to reduce their space consumption.

Moreover, it has hook and loop closure on all its four sides. These connections would let you enjoy side to side and end to end connection with other mats too. In short, you are free to manage your mat in whatever way you want.

This mat is constructed using high-density cross-linked Polyethylene foam. It means you are going to attain stability and rigidity out of this mat. Also, its closed-cell foam will make it even more durable.

As its foam is cross-linked, it will prevent sinking while providing adequate firmness. However, it would still be soft enough to feel comfortable.

Furthermore, its Polyethylene foam is covered with a powerful cloth shell made up of 18 oz Vinyl. So now, this sturdy mat will be easier to clean as well.

The nonporous vinyl will keep it protected against mildew and puncture. You can use this mat for rough and tough training without worrying about longevity.

The 2-inch thickness makes it suitable for a low-impact workout. This rug would provide firmness and cushion simultaneously.

This product meets all CPSIA standards and is Lead-free. So, Z Athletic not only cares about your training but safety as well.


  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Right thickness to offer firmness and comfort both.
  • Suitable for multiple activities.
  • Safe for both kids and adults.


  • It might feel a bit sticky at the start.

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#3. IncStores Tatami Foam Tiles Mat

This IncStores Tiles professional standard mat can be a great option for both gym and home. This durable product is backed with a 1-year limited warranty from its manufacturers.

This mat comes in foam tiles that interlock together from all its sides. It is like a jigsaw puzzle that you need to connect for setting it up. It even allows you to purchase beveled edges so you can attain seamless edges.

Furthermore, these detachable edges let you put any tiles on the corner, border, or edge. This product gives you great versatility. It also allows you to choose the number of tiles according to your requirements. However, purchasing the 4 number of tiles is the minimum order requirement.

It gives you the freedom to choose the size exactly as you want. The mat will tightly fit in your space without having any odd-looking missing spaces.

Moreover, you can choose the design according to your choice. It comes in a blue-red and black-grey reversible design. You can select the pattern on your own while interlocking the tiles. However, you can mix and match tiles to make your customized design.

Also, this mat comes with significant thickness. It not only makes your training session additionally comfortable but also prevents you from injuries.

This mat is manufactured using non-recycled, non-toxic, and closed-cell EVA foam material. It is a high-density material that is definitely durable, comfortable, and lightweight. It is also great to absorb shock. Moreover, you can also expect it to give easy cleaning and waterproof benefits.

Because of its shock-absorbing and comfortable attributes, you can use it for a variety of activities.


  • Simple to set up and store.
  • EVA foam gives durability and resistance.
  • It offers versatility regarding design and size.
  • Effortless to clean.


  • It can damage from scratching or heavy objects.

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 #4. IncStores Rollout Mats

Another entry from IncStores makes into our list of best home BJJ. As it is a roll-out mat type, it is super easy to store and carry it anywhere.

This attribute is exactly what a home gym should have. As we all can’t afford a dedicated place for the gym at our houses, this lightweight mat solves the problem. You can lay it for your training session. Once you are done, just roll it and store it at any small available space.

It is 5’ x 10’ mat with 23 pounds weight. Well, there is a flexible option available as well. You can take two or more of these mats and attach using Velcro strips. You can break your setup down once done with a training session.

As we are discussing its versatility, this mat is available in 9 different colors and three different sizes. So, you have 27 different combinations. It means this mat can greatly fulfill the requirements of most of the users.

This mat is constructed using the popular crosslink Polyethylene foam along with durable 24 oz. Vinyl covering. Thus, this rug is capable of absorbing shock while providing stability and sturdiness.

Overall, this mat is safe and comfortable to perform varieties of physical activities. The vinyl coating also makes it easier to clean or sanitize the surface.

It is available in two different thicknesses. One is 1-1/4”, and the other is 1-5/8”. Both of these foams are capable of providing an adequate combination of firmness and comfort.


  • Comes in great color varieties.
  • Highly portable.
  • Lightweight makes it easier to transport.
  • Polyethylene foam absorbs shock and makes it comfortable.
  • Suitable for both temporary and permanent use.


  • Its straps are slightly flimsy.

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#5. Everlast 2X6 Folding Mat

This Everlast Folding Mat is not good just for its good quality. It is just perfect for traveling as well. It is basically a 2’ x 6’ mat that you can simply fold into half to save the space. Well, it doesn’t just stop here.

It also comes with handles that are sewn on its sides. So, it makes carrying it anywhere super easier.

You can use it at any place you want and effortlessly fold it after completing your training. It could be the best option for wrestlers who travel a lot and prefer training at any available time.

This mat is manufactured using 1 5/8” thick bonded foam. Thus, it is capable of absorbing enough shock and giving your required cushioning.

The outside of this mat contains a resilient, non-absorbent shell. So, it becomes easier to clean it up. Also, as it doesn’t absorb sweat, it stays free of unpleasant smell.

You can even attach more of these mats to make one large training area. In this way, you won’t face much trouble in setting or breaking one large bulky mat. The small folding mats would be painless to manage.


  • Great for traveling.
  • The folding mat is easier to manage.
  • The handles make it easier to carry it.
  • It doesn’t absorb sweat and stays free of smell.


  • The top cover could be tighter.

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How to choose the Best BJJ Mat for your Home or Gym?

This section will help you in identifying the right type of BJJ mat for your requirements. There are a few following factors that you consider before purchasing it:


The thing that makes BJJ mats different from others is its construction material. They are usually made up of either EVA foam or cross-linked polyethylene foam. The point common among both is their great quality and amazing shock absorbency. So here is what exactly these foams are:

EVA Foam

This foam material contains ethylene and vinyl acetate. Both these materials contribute their part to make it durable and soft. It thus helps in great impact workout and other sports. If there is enough cushioning, EVA would feel very soft and comfortable.

Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam

The name cross-linked refers to its grid-like material. The good thing about this foam is its outstanding flexibility. It is also highly shock-absorbent, making it suitable for heavy hitters. This material is capable of retaining shape even after facing excessive pressure.

Besides being firm, it is flexible, and you can easily fold it to store conveniently.

Types of Mats

Basically, the purpose of these mats is to provide shock absorbency and safety. However, they are available in different types. The type depends on the place you are going to place them, and how you are going to use them.

Interlocking foam tiles

It is one of the popular foam padding choices. These mats come in the forms of tiles that you need to attach to attain the desired size.

These foams are easier to store and set up as well. Another good thing is you can choose the exact size you want. If you have a small space, a small number of tiles would be enough for your gym.

You can even transform it into a larger gym by adding more tiles. However, the drawback is, these tiles might get separated as a result of any advanced move.

Roll out mats

It is another type that is very easy to use. These are flexible mats that you can store by rolling when not in use. They are made up of polyethylene foam and the vinyl coating.

Both these materials make these mats flexible, durable, and shock absorbent. They are also painless to clean because of the non-porous vinyl surface. Moreover, you can also extend their size by attaching more mats using mat tape.

The drawback, however, is they might not be suitable for heavier weights.

Folding mats

These mats, just like roll-out, are easier to store. The difference is, you fold them instead of rolling. These mats allow you to make customized mats for your gyms. You can even extend the area by attaching more mats using tape.

However, on connecting multiple mats, you might see them separating after heavy use.


The size of the mat you choose depends on the space you have. However, you have the benefit of managing size in these mats as you can attach more to them.

But, it is not a great option, after all. It is because it would create a lot of seams that can cause cracks. These cracks can end up in finger and toes injuries.

So, it’s better to choose one large mat instead of attaching two or more mats together.


Is it necessary to buy an underlay for BJJ mats?

First, it is important to understand the purpose of underlay. It is a mat that sits between the floor and your training mat. No, it is not compulsory to buy an underlay. However, if you want to add more cushioning, you can add it.

Also, as for the safety of your jiu-jitsu mat, it is crucial to have a leveled surface. If you feel you can’t get a smooth surface, you can use an underlay to protect your BJJ mat.

How can we maintain the BJJ mat’s hygiene?

Regardless of the mat type, use, and model, you need to clean it regularly. You need to maintain them. Only then you can expect to get the maximum benefit out of them.

For cleaning, you should do regular vacuuming. It is something you need to do after every session.

However, this is not full-term cleaning. You’d need to perform one more step to thoroughly clean it against germs. It goes even for those mats with antimicrobial surfaces.

Yet, you shouldn’t choose any harsh chemical for cleaning purposes. It can even damage the surface. A dilute bleach solution can be enough, or a simple soap and water solution can do the job well.

You would simply need to spray the solution on a mat while wiping it up. Performing these simple steps can greatly enhance the lifetime of your mat.


It is important to choose your BJJ home mat wisely and carefully because it has the potential to impact the way your home training goes.

What good you’re going to obtain if the mat keeps slipping? Or if it feels uncomfortable? You definitely won’t prefer ending up in trouble with the mat.

Thus, it is better to spend time searching for the best mat for BJJ. Luckily, we have numerous types and options available. You only need to choose the right one.