10 Best Groin Protectors for MMA, Boxing and BJJ

A groin protector or guard is used for protecting the fighter’s groin region in combat sports like boxing, MMA, BJJ, etc.

Therefore, it is important for the fighter to ensure his safety from any potential accidents. A groin guard is considered as the most important equipment for this purpose.

Sometimes it can get pretty confusing and frustrating to select the most suitable groin guards, especially if you’re not already familiar with its features. Therefore, in order to make this process easier for you, we’ve filtered and listed down the best groin guards available in the market.

In this article, we’re going to review these products.

Diamond MMA Cup Shock Doctor Jock Strap Lo Bloo Professional Cup 2.0 
Pros Very comfortable
Considered one of the best guards
Easily Washed
Great Ventilation
Easily Washed
Great Ventilation

Top 10 Best Groin Guards Reviewed

#1. Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts

Diamond MMA Athletic groin protector is considered to be one of the best products in this range – offering comfort and protection simultaneously.

It comes in black and blue colors and has a number of different sizes available. They are made from military-grade elastics and premium spandex. The fighter is protected by a unique quad strap jock and cup system – specially designed to hold the jock cup from all four sides.

In addition to this, it also makes the fighter move around freely in a comfortable manner. Diamond MMA Athletic cup possesses a co-molded elastomer design coupled with polycarbonate core providing comfort at all times and with promised protection.

This product comes with a warranty and is used by professional athletes worldwide.


  • It is considered to be one of the best MMA and BJJ groin guards.
  • It locks/guards the athlete from all 4 sides.
  • Very comfortable


  • The straps behind the pants are not as good as the buyers would expect. The overall quality of the product could have been improved.

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#2. Shock Doctor Core Jock Strap Supporter

Shock doctor core jockstrap is designed for both adult and young athletes. It comes with a breathable stretch mesh which makes it anti-odor by absorbing the moisture from your skin making the area dry and cool.

The jockstrap provides maximum protection as the athlete can move around in all possible ways and directions without the cup moving from its place.

In addition to this, it also offers are pretty secure fit around the waist. Further, it includes a Carbon Flex up with multi-layer protection which safeguards the area from any kicks while the flex curve design and gel parameter maximize comfort.

It also has a micro knit waistband which makes the fitting and protection comfortable.


  • Mesh cup panel provides maximum airflow and ventilation making the area anti-odor
  • Can be washed easily
  • The Doctor BioFlex Cup, a vented bio-shape cup designed to shield areas where protection is most crucial.


  • The jockstrap stitching isn’t good and it easily wears off after rough use.

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#3. Lo Bloo Professional Thai Cup 2.0 

Lo Bloo Thai cup is a Swedish make with their main focus on providing complete groin protection to the athlete without any kind of discomfort in combat sports like MMA, BJJ, and Kickboxing, etc.

The cup is extremely lightweight making you feel exactly how you would without the guard. This results in making your leg movement easier and more flexible.

The fitting system comprises of a soft lining, making it itch-free. You don’t even need to stress and worry about fitting it to your waist size every time you wear it; as you just need to adjust it once.

Impact forces are distributed evenly and the large vents present make air to easily flow through it – keeping the area dry and cool. Furthermore, It can also be machine washed. On top of these features, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The guard possesses soft linings that provide comfort and to ease the hits and blows.
  • The guard has large pores for air ventilation.
  • Adjust it once and you are done.
  • It can be washed easily.


  • The size of the cup could be small for some men, making it uncomfortable.
  • The thin size rope wears off easily.

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#4. RDX Groin Guard for Boxing, MMA Training, Muay Thai

RDX Abdo protection groin guard is made up of leather with an attachable groin cup option. The cup is made of steel covered with carbon fiber for complete protection against kicks and attacks during MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing etc.

It’s shock absorbent feature makes it stand out from other similar products that are in the same range. The size of the cup is big as compared to the other guards providing protection in from all directions. The guard can be adjusted with a high-quality hook and loop system.

The lining of the guard is made of Vinyl material which is soft, not causing any reaction to the skin. The guard can be hand washed only and not machine washed.


  • The cups’s size is big and wide providing maximum protection.
  • It stays in one position and doesn’t fall off or loosen up while fighting.


  • It can only be hand washed.

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#5. RDX Groin Guard for Boxing and MMA Training

RDX cowhide leather groin guard being CE certified approved is one of the best leather protected guards that survives even the hardest and toughest of the kicks and shots.

It has been designed with high tech gel padding ensuring the highest level of shock absorption. Also, has a tricot lining which provides solid sturdiness making it more durable and strong, giving a soft feeling.

It can be easily worn and removed – thanks to the quick EZ hook and loop system.


  • Has been reviewed as the best groin protector.
  • The guard serves the purpose and is highly shock-absorbent.
  • The leather is of the top-class notch which doesn’t make the cup bendable, unlike other similar products.


  • It’s a bit expensive option as compared to other products with similar features.

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#6. Fairtex GC2 Muay Thai Steel Cup

Fairtex GC2 Thai steel cups are a traditional steel cup design. It is padded from the outside with leather for complete protection against any kick.

It comes in three sizes; medium, large and X-large, so the fighter can choose the most suitable option according to his requirements. It has 3 lace straps that help in adjusting the guard and also for easy wear and fit.


  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Protection guaranteed


  • The guard does not have any openings or holes for air to pass – making the moisture nonabsorbable.

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#7. Pro Impact Boxing MMA Groin Protector

This groin protection guard is made up of high-quality PU leather shell which is highly durable, strong and long-lasting. They come in black and red color and also have different sizes available.

The padded region begins from the abdomen all the way down providing full complete protection. Even though the cushioning begins from the abdomen, it does not restrict the movement of the fighter. He is able to move around and do all his kicks and stunts with no hurdles.

It is just one piece and easy to put on with no additional straps and can be adjusted easily.


  • It is very well padded and protected
  • Mobility isn’t affected
  • Sizes are available


  • It is very bulky because of overprotection which sometimes may result in becoming uncomfortable.

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#8. RDX MMA Thermal Compression Shorts and Groin Cup

The RDX flex 4-way stretch compression shorts are made from high impact polycarbonate and edges are covered with soft polymer. They come in a number of sizes and colors. The fabric is such that it absorbs moisture and sweat immediately and always maintains body temperature.

It also consists of interlocking flat seams, a ventilated inside cup pocket and extra wide comfort fit waistband. The guard doesn’t restrict movement. You may try out any styles and stunts with no hurdle. It features a flexible Grip cup for comfort while rolling and grappling.

The impact of the kick is absorbed by the guard and is not felt by the body.


  • Latex-free built.
  • It provides airflow making it anti-odor.
  • Comfort-fit waistband makes the shorts adjustable.


  • The size of the shorts isn’t right. A person has to buy one size smaller than its original size.
  • Stitching wears off easily.

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#9. Venum Challenger Groinguard and Support

Venum Challenger groin guard has a Venum Dry Tech Supporter for more ventilation and faster evaporation of sweat. It is available in different sizes and has been designed specifically keeping an athlete’s body shape in mind.

It has double layer shock absorbers which protect the groin.

The guard has a rubber gel shield at the sides which minimizes the impact effect and provides flexibility in the movement of the fighter. It also provides total comfort as the rubber gel shield is soft.

The guard can be adjusted with the help of straps which are made of ultra-comfortable dry tech material.


  • The guard provides maximum protection and comfort level.
  • Reasonable and cost-effective
  • Durable and strong


  • The strap size is too big.

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#10. Windy Ringside Traditional Steel Kickboxing Cup

It is a traditional cup-style for Thai. The cup is steel made while the outer cup is compact providing the fighter groin protection. Since it’s a traditional cup, it has three strap designs that can be easily adjusted and removed. They are washable. They come in either red or blue colors.

The straps hold the guard in place without hindering any movement and are strong and sturdy.


  • The cup is bulky as it’s compact.
  • Protects your groin even after facing a hard kick from your opponent.


  • The color of the cup bleeds onto the straps and shorts.

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How to Choose the Best Groin Protector?

Before purchasing a groin protector or a guard you first need to decide on a few things such as; for what gender are you purchasing, what groin guard size do you need and for which particular sport are you willing to buy the groin guard.

When you’ve got answers to these questions, you may start looking for the best groin protectors according to your requirements.

The following are some of the key things that you need to look at when you are purchasing a groin protector.

Comfort and fit

Every sport has its own attire so you need to be comfortable in what you wear. One of the most important factors to consider while buying a groin guard is to check its comfort level and it’s fitting. If any of these features don’t match your needs accordingly, then it’s better to skip this particular groin guard.

The comfort of the guard varies from person to person.

The best way to look for the most comfortable groin protector is by looking up the product reviews. It will give you a better idea of choosing the best brand and design.


The size of the cup depends on your waist size. Each brand has its own size directions so read carefully before buying it. Make sure to choose the right size. The small size would be too tight and highly uncomfortable and a bigger size wouldn’t keep the cup size in its place.

A few groin protectors come with adjustable straps for fitness while some do not have straps.


The main function of the groin protector is to protect and safeguard groin from impact. Most guards are made of steel and guarded by leather from outside which prevents the impact effect.


One of the most important things to be concerned about is money. You can find a lot of cheap quality groin protection guards out there in the market. Since they are cheap, they might give minimum groin protection with zero comfortability levels.

It’s better not to compromise on the quality of the product in order to save a few extra bucks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a groin protector?

A groin protector or a guard is something that is used by a fighter to protect his groin region in combat sports like Karate, MMA, BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai, etc.

Do boxers wear a groin guard?

Yes. In fact, it is necessary for a boxer to wear a groin guard in every training session and fight. It protects the boxer from any potential accidents.

How much does a groin guard cost?

Cheap groin guards are available for around $20. However, it’s best to go for higher quality products, which can go all the way up to $80.

Do the groin guards come in sizes?

A few brands have sizes for guards while a few have adjustable straps.

How do I select the best guard for myself?

It involves a number of factors like comfort, fitness, quality, size, protection, and price (read the above article)


Groin protectors are very important to safeguard the fighters groin region from any fatal accidents or injuries while practicing or during the fight.

Cheap quality products usually offer a minimum amount of protection and comfort. In worse case scenarios, it will damage or fall off when you move around.

Therefore, it’s important to prioritize the quality and features offered by the product instead of its price.

As we all know that cheap products usually don’t last very long. So if you plan to use the groin guard on a regular basis, try to choose one of the higher-end products even if you need to spend a few extra bucks.