Top 7 Best Focus Mitts [Buying Guide]

Ringside Pro Panther Sanabul Punching Mitts Fairtex Contoured Focus Mitts
Pros Thick leather padding
Fits snuggly on hands
Helps in preventing injuries
Absorbs strong punches
High-quality leather
Molds with your hands' natural curvature
Feels great and contoured for hands
Very comfortable
Exceptionally soft padded hand compartment

Do you know how you can achieve precision and rhythm properly in contact sports? Focus mitt training is a way to master it.

Focus mitts are not only versatile and portable but also assist in developing excellent punching and defensive skills quickly.

With overwhelming options available on the market, choosing the best focus mitts become a daunting task. But don’t worry, we have already done the necessary homework to save your research time.

Read the top 7 focus mitts reviews that would help you in making an informed decision.


Best Focus Mitts for Boxing Muay Thai, and MMA Review

#1 Sanabul Punching Mitts

Sanabul brand won’t disappoint you when it comes to durability and high quality of their items. This Curved Boxing mitt is tested and proven by numerous users that include professional UFC fighters too.

These mitts are great for those who are tired of waiting to get done with the break-in period. These mitts give a perfect fit. They are hand molded and fit well with the natural sizes of the hand.

Here’s more… It contains Sentec Light Foam. It helps in absorbing even the hardest of the punches easily. Using this feature, it lets you feel impact instead of pain.

Also, it is made up of fibers and leather. So, you can trust it to endure thousands of hits without cracking. It comes with half-ball palm grips. In this way, they stay secure on your hands and feel comfortable.


  • Absorbs strong punches without giving pain.
  • Made up of high-quality leather.
  • Molds with your hands’ natural curvature.
  • Easily fits on all sizes due to its loop and strap adjuster.


  • The punching pad might feel a bit firm.

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#2 Fairtex Contoured Boxing MMA Focus Mitts

Fairtex is another renowned brand if you are looking for Muay Thai or MMA accessories. This focus mitt snugly fits with the natural shape of your hands. Thus, it aids in providing a better grip that, in return, makes you receive punches in a better way.

Regarding construction, it is made up of top quality leather. So, we can trust these mitts for their durability and high quality. Furthermore, it has an extra soft padded hand compartment. It is designed in a way to give remarkable comfort.

Also, as it comes with protective finger hood, it assists in preventing jammed fingers. It possesses an ultra-light and shock-absorbing layer that minimizes the impact. These mitts are handmade in Thailand.


  • Feels great and contoured for hands.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Exceptionally soft padded hand compartment.
  • Made up of high-quality material.


  • Not suitable for large hands.

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#3 Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts

These Mantis Punch Mitts have a curved design. It helps in improving the ability to absorb punches in a naturally correct hand position. So, it can make things comfortable for the trainer.

As it has a small surface area, it assists in developing precision timing. Moreover, it improves the speed combination for the trainer and boxer. It is constructed using super-dense shock-absorbing foam. It assists in protecting the hands and wrists.

What’s more?

It comes equipped with moisture absorbing and anti-microbial lining. This mitt retains freshness while fighting against bacterial growth. These leads to enhance the lifetime of the equipment.

Further ensures your comfort by providing mesh back that offers breathability.  Constructed using 100% vinyl along with three-layer foam. It thus provides great support, protection, and longevity.


  • Lightweight and spongy.
  • Mesh back gives breathability.
  • Provides comfort and protection.


  • It doesn’t come with an adjustable hand strap for various hand sizes.

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#4 Ringside Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitts

Ringside is a reliable brand when it comes to boxing gloves, as this equipment is their specialty. This MMA Punch Mitt has an exclusive contoured shape. It assists in providing better control and support to both coach and the trainer.

Regarding construction material, it is made up of durable leather. Do we need to mention about durability and high quality of leather material here? Another important trait is its ability to slip on and off your hand easily. This feature helps when you need to wear them repeatedly throughout the day.

Also, its contour fit gives adequate alignment of your various parts. It includes your wrist, arms, and shoulders. In this way, this mitt disperses the impact from the punches naturally instead of letting them absorbed by joints.

So, with the help of these features, this item assists you in performing longer workouts. Consequently, it builds your endurance and stamina. And we know that’s important to make a strong foundation of your career.

Moreover, it ensures the boxer’s safety. It decreases the chance of having a sprained wrist of the wounded knuckle that can happen because of poor delivery of punches.

These snug-fit mitts, along with their thick padded leather and strap, would sit perfectly on your hands. So, you can concentrate on boxing without any worry.


  • Thick leather padding.
  • Fits snuggly on hands.
  • Helps in preventing injuries.
  • Gives proper alignment.


  • Bulky hands might have some trouble getting them on at the start.

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#5 RDX Boxing Pads Focus Mitts

RDX is a brand whose products are used by millions of customers worldwide. It aims to deliver good quality accessories in an affordable price range. It contains EVA-LUTION foam along with Supremo-Shock foam. Both of these layers assist in absorbing shocks in a highly efficient way.

In order to provide maximum comfort to users, it contains aerated holes at its back. Thus, it keeps you dry and sweat-free. Also, it prevents overheating that might cause slippage.

These mitts also contain durable Nylon stitching. It enhances the resilience and performance of the product by resisting wear and tear. Their design is unique with a curved surface. It helps in absorbing impact while providing efficient hand alignment.

RDX focus mitts comes equipped with Quick EZ Hook –and –Loop Closure, which helps you in tuning the mitts perfectly according to your hands’ shape and also contains Maya Hide Leather Material. It will provide longevity to these mitts.


  • Prevents overheating while keeping your hands dry.
  • Easily fits well with your hands.
  •  Allows to an adjustable fit.


  • There could be additional ventilation on its sides.

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#6 Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts

Starting from its construction material, it is made up of genuine leather. So, this item is trustworthy for its durability and scratch resistance.

Moving forward, it has a curved design. So, it gives comfort and support to both the trainer and the one who is punching. These mitts ensure rebounding with 35% additional padding.

Thus, they are capable of providing better shock absorbance. Moreover, regardless of the punch intensity, it is going to make things comfortable on both sides.

Because of their versatility, these mitts will assist in acquiring amazing defensive and punching skills within no time. These gloves fit on most of the hands. They have hook-and-loop closure that helps in keeping them securely on the place.

It also has a sweat-resistant lining. It would only keep you comfortable and dry but prevents slippage as well.


  • Better gripping because of the ball in the center.
  • It prevents sweating.
  • Additional cushioning gives better shock absorbance.
  • Possess a longer lifespan.


  • It might need a bit breaking in.

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#7 Elite Sports Boxing Mitts

Elite Sports is another renowned brand that meets the requirements of top athletes. This decades-old brand is to provide high-performance goods to its customers.

The construction material used in these mitts is PU leather. This leather is not only durable and lightweight, but it also makes the mitts easy to clean and maintain.

It contains a pre-curved concave design. Thus, it goes well with the natural shape of the hand and provides an outstanding punch mitts surface. It also protects hands and wrist.

These mitts come equipped with high-density shock absorbent foam. In this way, it reduces the impact. These mitts are adequately ventilated by using mesh panels. It will assist in keeping your hands dry regardless of the weather.

The adjustable Velcro lets you make requisite adjustments. Its hook and loop strap would make it fit perfectly on almost all hand sizes.


  • It allows proper ventilation.
  • Construction material gives longevity.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • It allows an adjustable fit.


  • There is a slight lack of wrist support inside of the mitt.

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How to Choose the Best Focus Mitts? [Buying Guide]

Here are a few things that you need to consider before choosing the best focus mitts pair for you:


It is one of the most crucial things that you should look for before choosing any mitts. Your mitts should have the ability to absorb shocks. This aspect is important for both learner and trainer.

The padding is located beneath the exterior layer. It provides rebounding effects to your fists. Usually, you will see numerous mitts with foam padding. But, there are also high-quality items that contain gel as well.

It not only absorbs shock but disperses it. Thus, it decreases the impact while retaining the mitts’ shape. It is also important to remember that padding shouldn’t be very firm or hard. It needs to have a cushioning effect. Otherwise, it can cause serious injury to both.


You also need to evaluate the mitts concerning their weight. Any gloves under 1 lb. weight isn’t worth trying at all. It is because; very lightweight mitt can injure you.

Meanwhile, too heavy mitts, above 3 lbs. might cause your hand to ache badly even after the starting hits.


This aspect is important in many other sports goods too. The fatter stitching means the product is durable. So, you should search for a focus mitt with thicker threads. So, it can protect your tool for a longer time. If that is not the case, you can face stitch breakage even during early sessions. And we know nobody would like it in any way.


How would it feel having all wet and sweaty hands while training? It not only causes discomfort but ends up in slippage as well.

Thus, it is crucial to look for mitts with a proper ventilation system. A few brands add perforation for this purpose. While others go for meshes or big holes options, whatever the method is, you should make sure that your chosen mitts provide ventilation.

Moisture Absorption

We all know a few fellows who sweat a lot. Even though mitts provide adequate ventilation, many people still have perspiration.

Therefore, to get rid of the wet feel inside, a few brands add moisture-wicking lining inside the mitts. These linings add a lot to the comfort of the wearer. Thus, we believe, you must also look for this attribute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Right and Left Specific for Focus Mitts?

Yes, in most cases. These mitts come in pairs. Just like any other glove, they have specific pieces for the left and right hands that don’t fit otherwise.

However, you may also see a few gloves that have mitts that fit on both hands.

Should I Select Laces or Velcro as a Beginner?

Laces give tighter fit and better support to your wrist. However, this isn’t a very practical option too. You can’t tie your laces on your own. It will make you dependent on your partner before every session.

On the other hand, Velcro also secures properly, and you can tie them without any help.

Should I Select too Large Mitts for Training Purposes?

Your focus mitts are supposed to have just the right size. It is because; they are your focus mitts. They are meant to improve accuracy. Your training won’t end up improving accuracy if the size isn’t correct.


Focus mitts are an important accessory if you are a sports coach, training partner, or just a boxing lover. In all cases, you need to buy the best focus mitts for yourself.

However, at times it gets difficult to choose the right option. For this reason, we have reviewed the top 7 focus mitts. A brief buying guide is also provided. We hope it’d help you in choosing the most suitable mitts pairs.