5 Best Finger Tapes for BJJ

BJJ is one of the toughest martial arts forms across the world. Although the combat sport prides itself on being a ‘gentle art’, you should know that this martial art form is intense—right from the training to the fights. Usage of hands for defense and the attack stance is key in BJJ, which is why, along with other joints in your body, your fingers are also prone to a lot of injuries.

Specialized finger tapes for BJJ are the best way to keep your hands safe from injuries. With these tapes, the joints and tendons of your fingers also get additional support. This makes finding the right product in the market just as important, and that’s exactly why we have compiled a list of the best finger tapes for BJJ. While putting this list together, we took into consideration products that have been used and vouched for by BJJ players, experts, and sports physiotherapists alike! So read ahead to find out more. 

Our Top 3 Picks:

Hampton Adams Sports Medical Athletic Tape Kinesiology Tape for Physical Therapy Meister StickElite Professional Porous Athletic Tape
Pros Super Adhesive
Non-Slip Texture
Easy to Use
Water and Sweat-Resistant
Zig-Zag, Easy Tear Design
Porous Design


5 Best Finger Tapes for BJJ Reviewed

#1. Hampton Adams Sports Medical Athletic Tape

Sweat is an unavoidable part of any intense physical activity, and BJJ is no exception. Quite a lot of players complain of tapes slipping off their fingers because of profuse sweating. But with the White Sports Medical Athletic Tape, you no longer need to worry about this. This super sticky tape is the answer to your sweaty-finger woes. It not only sticks well on fingers but on other surfaces as well, such as hockey and lacrosse sticks.


  • Despite the stickiness of the finger tape, the adhesive does not stick to your fingers after removal. It consists of a special formula that allows you to put on and take off the tape easily. It also has good tensile strength and a constant unwinding tension. This makes the tape perfect for rock climbers, weightlifters and boxers. The tape also offers a firm grip, which is critical in every sport and adventurous activity.
  • The best part about this tape is its easy-tear feature. You don’t need to carry a tape cutter wherever you go—simply tear off the tape with your bare fingers. Wrap, pinch, tear and you are good to go! The tape is made of a comfortable cotton material, which makes it sweat absorbent. Also, if you aren’t happy with the product you receive, Hampton Adams also offers a 60-day money-back policy.


  •  Super adhesive
  •  Non-slip texture
  • Easy-tear
  • Offers perfect grip


  • May lead to stress on joints if not used properly


Everything about this tape makes it perfect for your intense BJJ practice and fight sessions. Experts suggest that this tape will also protect your fingers from injuries and blisters caused by friction with surfaces you come in touch with during your sports activities. All you need to do is learn how to wrap it properly around your fingers—not too tight, but not too loose.

Why is This Product our #1 Choice?

What’s not to love about this product? It has the perfect tensile strength, excellent adhesive properties, and an easy-tear design. All in all, it has been crafted keeping in mind the needs of every sportsperson out there—and that’s precisely why it’s right at the top!

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 #2. Kinesiology Tape for Physical Therapy Sports Athletes

Trusted by physiotherapists and sports medicine practitioners across the world, this finger tape is super elastic and water-resistant. Irrespective of which surface you put the tape on, it stays put. The water-resistant feature makes sure the tape doesn’t slip off during intense practice sessions when you are bound to sweat a lot.


  • With an easy-to-use design that allows you to put it on and take it off easily, this finger tape provides just enough adhesive to stay put on your fingers without leaving behind unwanted stickiness. It has been made in a medical-grade facility, specially designed to suit all skin types. Thanks to this feature, the tape is well-suited for those who are prone to suffering from rashes or blisters.
  • Not only does this tape protect you from injuries, but it also provides support to different parts of your body. The tape helps prevent and treat common sports injuries—whether an injured ankle, shoulder, elbow, knee, or finger, this tape is great for injuries of all types. It also works wonders for sore backs, cellulite, plantar fasciitis, and other types of prolonged injuries.
  • In a single pack, you get two rolls of tape. Each of them is 2 inches wide and 16 feet long. You can easily cut the strips with a tape cutter. The product comes with a money-back policy, so if you’re not happy with it within 60 days of usage, you can simply return it.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of injuries
  • Easy to use
  • Water and sweat-resistant


  • May peel off with excess exposure to water


According to rave reviews, this tape is the go-to product for professionals. The tape is super easy to put on and comfortable—you can work out, perform intense physical tasks, run, swim and do all you want with this tape, and you won’t sense an iota of discomfort. If you are into sports or adventurous activities, this tape will be a significant investment for you.

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#3. Meister StickElite Professional Porous Athletic Tape

One of the strongest adhesive finger tapes out there, this product from Meister is a must-have in every athlete, sports person, or adventure enthusiasts’ kit. The tape is ideal for bracing and taping fingers and toes, making it perfect for activities like rock climbing, jiu-jitsu, basketball, baseball, handball, volleyball, and a lot more.


  • The unique quality of the Meister athletic tape is its design and structure—it has a porous design, so it comes with micro holes and makes the tape breathable by increasing airflow. You don’t have to worry about excess sweat seeping into your taped fingers and toes and making it soggy. The tape also doubles up as a bandage and can be used for emergency equipment fixes too.
  • Way better than the generic white tape available out there, this tape has a zig-zag patterned easy tear design. With this feature, you wouldn’t have to carry cutting equipment everywhere you go. The tape unrolls evenly and has a latex-free composition.
  • This tape has a narrow width, making it well-suited for smaller body parts such as toes and fingers. The tape is tough and holds up well against humidity, heat, or movement. When it’s time to take it off, it comes off easily as well!


  • Zig-zag, easy tear design
  • Porous design
  •  Sweat absorbant
  •  Latex-free


  • Narrow width


Not everyone is fond of tapes that have a narrow width. But if you prefer them over the wider varieties, then Meister’s StickElite Professional Tape is the most affordable product in the market. Experts also recommend this tape for those looking to treat their injuries.

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 #4. Fuji- Jiu-Jitsu and Judo Finger Tape

Crafted keeping the requirements of BJJ players in mind, the Fuji Store athletic tapes are a must-have. Made of sweat-resistant fabric, this tape offers a firm grip and a better hold. The waterproof quality of this tape ensures that it doesn’t slip off your fingers during intense training sessions. Read on to know what other features the brand has to offer.


  • The product has an easy tear mechanism that allows you to tear off the tape when required, and a tough adhesive property that doesn’t leave uncomfortable residue behind. The tape offers increased structural integrity, which keeps your fingers safe from injuries. This feature also helps to prevent any further aggravation of existing injuries.
  • Not only sports persons, but musicians also use this tape to protect their fingers from damage. So if you are a guitarist, a violinist, or a drummer, consider using this finger tape to keep those nimble fingers safe from injuries.
  • It comes in a pack of six rolls, with each roll being 30 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. For those who practice BJJ often, this pack is pocket-friendly as well. No matter how harsh or tough your training sessions or fights are, this tape will ensure your fingers and other joints of the body remain safe and intact.


  • Sweat-proof material
  • Easy-tear design
  • Prevents aggravation of existing injuries


  • May peel off due to excessive sweating or exposure to water


Every feature of this finger tape has been carefully put together, right from its water-proof texture to its easy-tear mechanism. If you’re looking for an excellent quality, budget-friendly tape to protect your fingers during BJJ, this is the product you need to invest in!

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 #5. Armadillo Skin Finger Tape

BJJ training sessions are tough and intense, and injuries are a part of training. To prepare for mishaps, you need to have good quality tape that you can rely on for protection. Armadillo is one such brand that has come up with an excellent skin finger tape. This tape has a peculiar feature, which sets it apart from the rest of the standard tapes. Read on to know what it is!


  • Made of 100% cotton, The Armadillo tape is a latex-free tape and has superior adhesive properties. It is also sweat-resistant. This design of this tape makes it well-suited for wrapping around fingers and toes, but that shouldn’t stop you from using it on other injured body parts as well. The tape helps not only to prevent injuries but also to protect the aggravation of existing ones. It offers support to your fingers, and reduces soreness around your knuckles.
  • This tape is 45 feet long, 0.3-inch in width, and comes in packs of 6 and 8 rolls. It also comes with a ‘replace or refund’ policy if you are not happy with the product delivered to you.


  • 100% cotton tape
  • Sweat-proof
  • Latex-free


  • The ends start peeling off after excess usage


If you are looking for latex-free tape, you can consider opting for this 100% cotton tape. It is not only comfortable to use but is sweat-absorbent as well. This tape is tough, non-flexible for maximum compression, and waterproof, making it the right fit for average and professional BJJ athletes alike.

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Best Finger Tapes for BJJ: Buying Guide

Irrespective of which physical activity you choose to keep yourself fit and fine, you need to ensure you have the proper gear to train with. This helps ensure you can practice safely and stay free of injuries. Only good quality gear will help you protect yourself from these injuries, which is why you need to do your research before buying. We have listed down all the essential factors you need to look for in BJJ finger tapes before making the decision:

Sweat-Proof Material:

This is the most important aspect you need to consider when you are buying finger tapes for BJJ. Most BJJ players and other sports persons complain of their finger tapes slipping off once they start sweating profusely during practice sessions or competitions. To avoid this from happening, you need to make sure you pick a tape that is sweat absorbent.

You have quite a lot of brands out there that offer top-quality, water-resistant tapes that wouldn’t come off even if you swim underwater with them on. So before you buy a tape, check the level of water and sweat resistance the product offers.

Comfortable Material:

Synthetic material tapes lead to friction between the tape and your skin, forming rashes and blisters. To protect yourself from this, it’s best to opt for a tape that is made of a comfortable, 100% cotton material.

Finger tapes made of cotton are not only comfortable to use but are also sweat absorbent. The chances of you ending up with rashes, cuts, and blisters are very minimal if you use 100% cotton tape. Also, this tape is perfect for those who practice for long hours.


Always opt for tapes that offer high compression. That way you get ample protection from injuries and enough support to avoid irritating the existing injuries. Remember, wrapping the tape tighter around your fingers doesn’t ensure comfort—in fact, it will restrict the blood flow, making you uncomfortable. Ensure you wrap the tape too tight, neither too loose, and the compression offered by the tape will manage the rest.


Not all tapes come in a standard size, which is why you need to check the size of the tape you are buying. The tapes with lesser width are well-suited for smaller body parts such as fingers, toes, and wrists. On the other hand, wider tapes are perfect for other body parts as they offer better and larger coverage. Do select your BJJ finger tape based on size – if you want, you can even buy varying widths to use according to your needs.


This depends on the extent of your usage. If you are a serious BJJ player or sports person, you need to have a stock of finger tapes ready for everyday use. Depending on your requirement, you can opt for brands that offer bulk tape rolls that come at a budget-friendly price. Likewise, you can look for smaller packs (which include two, four, or six) if your usage is minimal.

Ease of Removal:

In some tapes, the strong adhesive leaves back a residue on the taped body part. This not only makes it uncomfortable to train or practice with, but also makes it extremely difficult to take the tape off. Always check reviews before you buy a tape, as this is one of the most common issues faced by most BJJ players and sports persons.

Cost and Brand:

If the brand offers top-quality finger tapes, you ideally shouldn’t worry about the cost. Yet, if you are looking for options within a budget, there are plenty available out there. Remember that just because a product costs more or appears fancy does not mean it serves the purpose it is supposed to. Always check the specifications, reviews, and ratings of the products you wish to buy. You could also consider feedback from fellow sportspersons who have already used finger tapes of specific brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Finger Tapes even though I do not have any Injuries Presently?

Yes, of course, you do. The whole idea behind finger tapes is to prevent injuries that are a common occurrence during your practice sessions or competitions. Finger tapes protect your body parts that are extremely susceptible to injuries during such high-intensity physical activities. These tapes offer support and strength to your body parts, allowing you to focus on your performance rather than worrying about injuries.

Do Finger Tapes help prevent Aggravation of Existing Injuries?

Yes, they do. Finger tapes give your injured body parts the support, compression, and strength they require, helping you train without aggravating your present injuries.

How To Protect my Fingers when I use Finger Tape?

Make sure you don’t wrap the tape too tightly around your fingers, as this will cut off your blood circulation. There are different ways of wrapping the tape around your finger; check them out on the internet, learn proper taping techniques and your fingers will be safe and sound.

Taping directly over your knuckles is a big faux pas as well. This restricts your movement and causes constriction in the knuckle ligaments. It will also lead to the tape falling off your finger right in between a session.

Is it Alright to Wear Finger Tapes for Long Hours?

Finger tapes are built to provide comfort and support for long hours. So it is completely alright if you tape your fingers for long practice sessions. If you feel the taping has become soggy, sticky, or uncomfortable, you can always take it off and tape your fingers over again.