5 Best Exercise Bikes Under $1000

The body is your temple within which the soul lives. It’s our responsibility to keep our bodies as fit as possible. There are various forms of exercising. And one such form is the exercise bike that lets you achieve your fitness goals comfortably. To choose the right kind of exercise bikes is as crucial as choosing the right exercises for your body according to your suitability and need. 

To help you out, we did an extensive research following which we have curated the best five products for you. 

Our Top 3 Picks:

Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike
Pros Has Punching Pads
Keeps you Cool
Has Infinite Resistance
Needs Less Space


5 Best Exercise Bikes Reviews:  

You know that a healthy life is a way to success. Life knocks us down now and then. A weak body is the epicenter of all health problems. And next, when you search the internet about which exercise bike to buy, it shows you many options available. Don’t take this extra toil. Check the list we created for you.

#1. Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer

The product is from ‘cycle boxer.’ This fitness machine is a perfect fit for your home, mainly when you cannot go to the gym. The machine helps to attain hand or eye coordination. It is the best of all listed below, the perfect need if you are a cardio person.


  • The machine has an LCD followed by an interactive touchscreen.
  • The exercise bike shows you the program you are performing, exercise time, date and time, your break time during workouts, speed, calorie count, cycle revolutions, cycling distance, and the cycle’s velocity.
  • You can change your program to easy, medium, and hard, as and when needed.
  • A chest strap is there, and you can monitor your heart rate.
  • The flywheel of the machine controls the inertia and resistance of the bike. A heavy flywheel provides comfortable pedaling motion. Mostly, a stationary bike has a flywheel that ranges between 13 to 40 lb. This one has a 13.2 lb wheel.
  • The flywheel has sixteen resistance levels. 
  • The machine has a well-defined and contoured seat. It lessens your pain in the lower body.
  • The bike has bi-directional pedals. You can cycle forward and backward.
  • The pedal straps are adjustable.
  • The boxing panel is there in the bike with five boxing sensors. Each punch level shows a higher percentage of difficulty. The punching area upgrades your hand-eye coordination.
  • The handlebars provided have rubberized grips for the comfort of your hands.
  • A metal black steel is used to make the frame. The machine can accommodate up to 300 lb.
  • The weight of the static bike is 121 lb.

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  • The bike is easy to assemble.
  • Most parts of the bike are pre-assembled.
  • The frame has a lifetime warranty.
  • The product has a wireless heart rate monitor.
  • The bike has a Bluetooth facility for easy sync.
  • There are hand gloves included with the machine.


  • The parts of the machine have only a year warranty.
  • The weight capacity of the machine is restricted to 300 lb.


The Cycle Boxer is unique. The punching pads attached to the machine are an extra gift to yourself while you buy the machine. Overall, the product will be an enchanting treasure to your fitness regime.

Why Have We Decided to Put this Product in #1 Position? 

Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer stands out because of its quality.

Second, you get to use a fitness bike whose technology is hybrid. You get a mix of different needs in this package, which makes the product commendable. 

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#2. Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series

This Schwinn product is easy to use and durable. For general fitness and low-impact exercises, this is the one you need. It is also suitable for cycling beginners. The product helps you to stay fit and blast extra unwanted calories. The best feature of the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike is the heart rate monitoring capability. This feature allows you to train in your target heart zone.


  • RPM gauge of the product is just for the interval training.
  • A bottle holder is available as a part of the product.
  • Convenient transport wheel location.
  • The style is a perfect fit for today’s home environment.
  • There are foot straps on pedals for better motion control.
  • For book lovers, reading has been provided.
  • The single-stage belt drive embedded in it keeps the machine running smoothly.
  • The airdyne has a progressive wind resistance system.
  • A frictionless fan keeps you cool.
  • Easy to use LCD with RPM, distance, time, and calories measurement doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Telemetric heart rate is enabled.


  • The resistance level of the product is infinite.
  • The company gives you a sufficient time warranty period, that is fifteen years for the frame, three years for the parts, and six months for the labor.


  • The machine requires 2 AA Batteries, not included along with the product.
  • The maximum weight holding capacity of the product is 300 lb.


The amount of warranty you get from the company talks about the quality itself. If something goes wrong, you always get to use the warranty option to fix your product. Second, the product’s resistance is infinite, which is yet another reason that adds up to its features. Even though they claim a warranty that seems to lure, the product may cause problems. On the other hand, you won’t have to buy the batteries separately. 

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#3. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic makes several models of folding exercise bikes.We researched it against the best reasonable stationary bikes on the market to see how it stacks up to the competition.

The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright is the exercise bike that folds conveniently for storage. 


  • People of height up to 6 feet one inch can easily use the seat. 
  • The weight carrying capacity of the product is up to 300 lb.
  • The wide cushion seat is suitable for most riders.
  • The product is battery-powered.
  • The console has an LCD screen and a single button to control all its functions.
  • The user interface is user-friendly.
  • The product has a folding design and needs less space.
  • The machine has an auto start/stop feature; it turns on when the pedals start and shuts itself off after you stop.
  • The bike has two large padded handles that encircle the display and help to  mount, dismount, rest your hands. 
  • We found its eight levels of magnetic resistance to be best for light intensity workouts. It has fewer features but has a heart rate sensor integrated into it. 


  • The product is light.
  • Easy to use.
  • The product is space-friendly.
  • The static bike is comfortable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The user interface is pretty basic.
  • It does have goal workout features such as time, distance, and check the number of calories burned.
  • The pedals have adjustable straps to prevent you from sleeping.


  • Not a good choice for pro users. 
  • The display screen is relatively small.
  • The bike lacks a backrest pad.
  • A single button is available to switch between modes.


The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright is a product for popular users that can be easily folded. When folded, it takes up less space. If you want to add an exercise bike to your home workout routine, we feel this is an excellent option.

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#4. Yosuda Indoor Cycling

Yosuda has been the concept of fashion fitness. The R&D team carefully designs their product to control the manufacturing process. The bike is smooth, durable, and easy to maintain the cycle. If you are wondering: Is there an exercise bike available that gives both warranty and guarantee? Yes, it does. We have found one for you. 


  • It has a 35 lbs flywheel.
  • An LCD monitor provided helps you to monitor speed, distance, and time.
  • A bottle holder. The holder keeps your trustworthy beverages near you.
  • The frame is of heavy steel and is rust-proof.
  • The bike is best driven and makes no noise.
  • You can adjust the handles of the cycle in two ways.
  • 270 lbs are the maximum support you get.
  • The bike provides infinite resistance, and there is an adjustable pad to control the resistance.
  • An odometer is there on the bike.
  • The assemblage system of the bike is easy and hassle-free.
  • The padded seat is comfortable with four adjusting positions.


  • One and a half-hour ride will be comfortable and easy.
  • The bike is easy for portability.
  • You get to use anti-skid pedals.
  • The company provides you a thirty days money-back guarantee.
  • You get one year of free parts replacement warranty.
  • Transportation wheels are embedded for fast displacement within the house.
  • An extra replacement brake pad is there with the package.


  • The adjustment of the seat is painfully difficult.
  • The foam on the handlebars is of lesser quality.


The best part about the product is that it provides a guarantee and warranty at the same time. If you are a person above 270 lbs, then you should check out the other products on the list.The color of the product is rather soothing to the eyes. It is classic gray. Grab the product and start your health session.

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#5. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

You can get a full-body workout, burn more calories with Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike. 


  • The bike has an LCD monitor.
  • The moveable handlebars transform the bike into a low-impact fitness bike. Handlebars can be moved while pedaling that increases the effort during the exercise, resulting in increased calories burned.
  • Pulse sensors are used to read heartbeats per minute.
  • The machine has eight levels of magnetic resistance that allow users from all different fitness levels to achieve effective workout.
  • The large seat supports the hips. The seat back ensures correct posture and increases your comfort.
  • The non-slip adjustable pedals have a large surface area to push hard, keeping users’ feet stable. 
  • The seat is movable to find the optimal distance to the pedals and handlebars.
  • The heavy frame can accommodate up to 350 lbs.
  • Built-in wheels make portability convenient.
  • The belt drive mechanism makes the bike virtually silent during the pedal stroke for a smoother ride. Transportation wheels make moving straightforward and convenient.


  • Batteries come along with the product.
  • There are eight levels of resistance used for upgraded users.
  • Transportation wheels have been provided for easy shifting of the bike.
  • The frame comes with a three years warranty.


  • The arms are high and are not adjustable.
  • The other parts have a 180 days warranty.


The motion of the bike is smooth and doesn’t make noise. The back resting pad is oversized but is comfortable. The adjustments needed in the product are user friendly. The product is a superb choice for beginners. In contrast, short people may find it difficult to use the bike. 

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Buying Guide For Exercise Bikes

It’s better to think about your needs and aspects before you click the purchase button in your shopping app, especially when you will use a product for years. Giving a few moments to your queries will ease your buying without unwanted haste and hurry or post-buying regrets. We have selected the highest asked queries and have tried to answer them for you. Scroll down to check the list.

Watch For the Warranty:  

The first thing you must look for is the warranty or guarantee or both about the product. If anything goes wrong, you can always have the chance to retrieve the product. Survey data showed that extended warranties are not a good deal. 


Buying an exercise bike randomly will never help you because you don’t know your priorities about what you need and what you are going to do about it. That’s why it is necessary for you to find out and make a list of features you need in your exercise bike before you proceed to buy one.


A clear display is a next priority. You don’t want your physical classes to be boring and improper without proper display to show you the details. A better one will show you resistance levels, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned.


Exercise bikes have moving parts and can be dangerous. Ensure that your exercise bike is locked and is out of child’s reach. Keep young children away from equipment without safety locks. Make sure children are kept away from your exercise bike while it is in use.


Before buying a bike, figure out your exercise goals. How often are you going to use it? How hard do you want to push yourself? Some overestimate their abilities. They presume that they will manage the workout plan they have in mind. This leads to buying the most expensive spinning bike.

Optional Accessories:

If several stationary bikes you have your eyes on, then look for extras that set them apart. A feature you might want to consider is the water bottle holder. You wouldn’t have to interrupt your workout to have a drink of water.

Weight Limit:

Checking the weight limit of the bike is the necessity. You should also check the weight of the machine. Too much heavy or bulky product will make it difficult for you to displace it when needed. Check out our article on the best recumbent bikes for heavy persons.


You don’t need noise pollution to be an unwanted distraction while using your exercise machine. Bikes that have fans tend to be noisy and loud.

Types of Exercise Bikes:

There are four different types of stationary exercise bikes which are as follows: upright, recumbent, inter-active and dual-action. Each has their own action and benefits that you can get.

Reasons to Buy Indoor Static Bike:

They increase physical and sports performance and physical health. Your priority remains intensity workout. Some users find indoor cycling bikes easier to stand up and pedal on for higher intensity and replicating uphill riding. The bikes can be used with an iPad or tablet to connect to apps, and you can complete your home-based classes easily.


 Resistance is the feeling of tension, occurs when you are pedaling. This can be controlled with a knob or buttons. Resistance mechanisms can be of three types:

Lower-end bikes use a strap-based resistance. The strap attached to the flywheel causes more resistance. It is not the durable one. 

The next is mechanical or friction resistance. Wool or rubber pads are used on top or on either side of the flywheel.The pads clamp down on the flywheel, increasing the resistance. This is the perfect example of excellent resistance. But is known for the degradation of the pads over time; it can be noisy.

Some bikes that use electromagnetic resistance. Two magnets are placed close to the flywheel. With the increase of tension on the knob, the magnets move closer together and increase the electrical current between them, using the flywheel as a conductor. This creates resistance. 

Need of Clip-In Pedals:

There’s one accessory worth your consideration, and that is the specialized footwear that contains a cleat that clips into the pedal. The pedals may be compatible with both SPD or LOOK Delta cleats, the most common types, but they could require another kind of shoe or you may need to swap out the pedals. This way, you will feel connected to the bike more. You will feel more stable. It’s not a necessity, in any case.

Choosing The Best Exercise Bike:

Before you buy an exercise bike, you must consider its features and space. You can find exercise bikes with varying levels of resistance according to the pace you need. Floor space is crucial. Trying to squeeze in a large exercise bike into a small room will hinder your exercise routine. If you’re tall or short, you must check the seat and handle if they can be adjusted to suit your height. Our experts focus on the best exercise bikes for home use. You may not get the same features you would work on a bulky machine at the gym, but you can still stay fit and burn calories with our list of alternatives.

Bikes Require Power

Bikes are primarily self-driven. You can use a bike for six hours a day. These models of bikes last the longest. If more people use the same bike, then purchase a model that needs more power to drive.

Buying of an Exercise Bike:

You can buy the listed exercise bikes above from Lifespan and Amazon. With the presence of the internet, everything is one click away. Why take worries?

Monitor Your Workouts:

Many exercise bikes provide information on speed, distance traveled, and length of your workout. You want to check the total calories you burnt, the program mode, or the resistance level? Advanced models give you this information along with your pulse and heart rate. Sophisticated exercise bikes only offer pre-programmed workouts and information storage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For How Many Minutes Should I Ride a Bike?

You can use 30 to 40 minutes of your time. And to three to five days per week. People use their bikes for up to 60 minutes or up to one hour daily. If you want to lose weight faster, you can add more time to your cardio exercise.

What are the Features to Look for in a Bike?

The best bike for weight loss should retain:

  • A good exercise program includes interval training.
  • Must include heart rate training programs.
  • Should include explicit warranties.
  •  Returns policies and independent reviews.
  • A comfortable seat.
  • A large flywheel for a smooth ride.

Is a Magnetic Exercise Bike Better?

Bikes that have magnetic resistance provide more resistance. They offer a more remarkable ability to adjust resistance. Magnetic resistance is ideal for high-speed workouts. They may be costly, but the durability and lack of maintenance required means a better investment.

Does Cycling Give You a Flat Stomach?

Cycling can help you burn your belly fat. If you cycle daily, the calories that cycling burns can add up to pounds of fat, but only if you ride regularly.

Are Our Indoor Cycling Bikes Worth it?

An indoor cycling bike is the greatest investment, says John Thornhill, a cycling instructor. “It’s a great ride, it’s great for anybody who’s looking for a lower impact but higher intensity cardio workout.”

Why Try Indoor Cycling?

There are many reasons to try home cycling. Regular cycling sculpts major muscle groups. Your arms get into action and bring stability to your body. 

Working with your core keeps you upright and solid during your workout. Your glutes burn on high resistance. Your quads and hamstrings get covered, regular cycling will leave you with nice toned legs! A real head-to-toe workout, cycling will strengthen your lower leg muscles to help stabilize your ankles and feet.

Can You Use a Bike With Bad Knees?

Mostly low-impact, joint-friendly cycling is suitable for people with knee injuries. If correctly done, indoor cycling is a dream come true for people with nightmare knees. Avoid common usage mistakes to keep your knees happy.

Is Indoor Cycling Suitable For Me?

Only you will decide which workout is the best for you. Indoor biking is an excellent way to ride your way to better health and a better body without outside hassles. Want to burn fat? Do the indoor cycling for an intense and invigorating workout. 

What is the Proper Way to Sit on a Stationary Bike?

Sit on the seat. Keep your feet on the pedals. With one pedal in the lowest position, you should have a slight bend in your knee, about a 25 to 30 degree angle. If you have too brief space, adjust the seat.

How to Measure Your Progress?

If you can perform the 20-minutes workout, then move ahead by adding another five-minutes. Do this for a week. Then you add another three minutes more complex interval to bring your total time up to 30 minutes.

When you are doing a half an hour workout, you achieve the minimum recommended amount of exercise per day. Build from there.

You don’t have to use a stationary bike. It’s good to multiply activities to work your body in different ways and avoid overuse injuries.