5 Best Exercise Bikes for Home

Cycling is known as one of the best forms of cardio. However, because of our busy lifestyles, adults can’t go out and enjoy a bike ride every day. This is where exercise bikes for home come into play. It helps us lose weight and maintain fitness without straining our muscles, all from the comfort of one’s home.

By considering hundreds of customer reviews and conducting multiple trials and testings, we’ve come up with a list of the best exercise bikes for your home you can buy for your workout sessions. Keep reading and make the best choices.

Our Top 3 Picks:

Pooboo Exercise Bike for Home Workout Ovicx Indoor Cycling Bike Techmoo Home Exercise Bikes
Pros Multi-Purpose Holder
Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
Full-Covered Flywheel
Advanced Connectivity Options
Foldable and Easy-to-Carry Around
Anti-Slip Mechanism


5 Best Exercise Bikes for Home 

#1. Pooboo Exercise Bike for Home Workout

This indoor exercise bike provides users with multiple physical activity options, ranging from moderate to intense. Built with an adjustable seat and movable handlebars, multifunctional LCD screen, and a quick-working brake system, the Pooboo exercise bike guarantees the ultimate user experience. Various features of this bike are designed to offer a customizable insight in terms of comfort and fitness goals.


  • The frame is manufactured from premium quality and highly durable steel, ensuring a long-lasting experience. 
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance can be used to alter your workout intensity, making it well-suited for beginners and professionals. The emergency brakes can stop the machine instantly.
  • The belt drive system and magnetic resistance mechanism ensure noiselessness during operation.
  • This bike comes with an LCD monitor that keeps track of all your workout data, including time, distance covered, speed, calories burned. It also has an in-built odometer and pulse signal detector. 
  • The multi-purpose holder can be used to support mobile phones or tablets, water bottles, pads, towels, and much more.
  • The seat can be adjusted in four different ways, and the non-slip handlebar is adjustable too. 
  • Equipped with two wheels in the front for easy transportation and relocation.
  • Multiple exercise modes provide different workout options.
  • Anti-slip pedals with cages to prevent any accidents during your workout session.


  • Transportation wheels
  • Noiseless
  • Multi-purpose holder
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Anti-slip handlebars and pedals
  • Emergency brakes
  • Heavy-duty construction 


  • The pedal screws can get loose easily
  • The display doesn’t track resistance level


The bike is easy to assemble and feels sturdy. Because of the customizable features of this bike, i.e., adjustable handles and seat, multiple intensity, and workout options, this bike can be used by people of every age and body size. The noiseless operations ensure that it doesn’t disturb neighbors or housemates, making it perfect for apartment use.

Why did we decide to put this exercise bike in the #1 position?

This is a high-quality indoor exercise bike with multiple advanced features. Its compactness and no-noise operation make it the best exercise equipment for home. At the price range it comes in, this bike is a steal.

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#2. Ovicx Indoor Cycling Bike

Integrated with an upgraded version of Bluetooth, the Ovicx exercise bike lets you connect with the Reborn app and enjoy its various benefits for three months for free. This bike is well-suited for high-intensity workouts with its increased speed, generation stability, and powerful build.


  • Manufactured from commercial steel, the frame of this cycling bike is 3.82 inches wide. To endure strenuous movements without breaking down, it has a bottom with bracing bars. 
  • The indoor bike comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a three months free family subscription to the Reborn app. With keeping track of speed, calories, time, and distance, this app also lets you measure the resistance level of your workout in real time.
  • It comes integrated with live online cycling courses that help you access multiple varieties of expert training. Make your exercise sessions fun by connecting with your friends and recording workout data in real-time.
  • The flywheel is fully solid and has a maximum movement intensity of 35Lbs that generates increased power over an extended period. 
  • The magnetic resistance mechanism has 3 in-built magnets for varying resistance by simply turning a knob. Set your resistance level to suit your workout goals. 
  • The belt drive system and magnetic resistance mechanism ensure noiselessness during operation, making it a good fit for apartment use.
  • Flywheels with full-coverage to maintain safety from any harm that could occur due to exposed wheels.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Silent operation
  • Full-covered flywheel
  • Advanced connectivity options
  • 3 months free subscription of the Reborn app
  • Front wheels for easy relocation
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Variable resistance


  • The bike is too light and hence unstable.
  • Can’t measure resistance without the app subscription


The quick setup and quiet operation, along with adjustable seats and handlebars, make this bike rightly suitable for home and apartment use. Ovicx indoor cycle provides ultimate comfort and amenities during exercise and is loved by users widely. 

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#3. Techmoo Home Exercise Bikes

TECHMOO exerciser is a foldable exercise bike that can be stored in compact spaces when not being used. The bike lets you exercise your arm muscles separately by placing it on a tabletop, or you can place it on the floor to utilize it for a regular bike. It’s a budget friendly product, best suitable for people looking to work on specific body muscles at a time.


  • The foldable exercise bike is manufactured from top-quality steel and plastic materials.
  • Alterable resistance level by simply turning a knob. This pedal exerciser is designed with very low resistance levels that provide leg or knee recovery exercise from light injuries. 
  • This bike has an LCD screen displaying time, RPM, revolution, calories burned, and other workout-related data. You also have a button that resets all previously saved data and lets you begin anew.
  • Because of its foldable feature, the bike is compact enough to carry around and can be used as an under the desk exerciser.
  • The pedals come with adjustable foot straps to provide a customized fit for any foot. 
  • The anti-slip technology at the bike’s base prevents any accidents that a slippery smooth surface might cause.


  • Foldable and easy-to-carry around
  • Anti-slip mechanism
  • Adjustable pedal straps
  • Can be used as an under the desk bike
  • Enhances muscle flexibility
  • LCD screen to display workout data
  • Built from excellent quality material 
  • Helps recovery of light injuries
  • Can be used by elderly 
  • Affordable price


  • Not for intense exercise or sports professional 
  • Friction resistance mechanism, not magnetic 
  • The shaft can get hot because of friction


Designed keeping in mind the requirements of elderly or injured, even younger fit people can use it for the low-impact exercise of their muscles. The multi-functionality and compactness of this bike make it a bargain in this price range.

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#4. Aecojoy Indoor Exercise Bike 

This exercise bike by Aecojoy provides users with the ultimate experience of at-home cardio. It comes with customizable aspects like adjustable seat and handlebar tubes, and comfortable features like a cup-holder, portable wheels, and padded seat. Best suitable for low-intensity workout sessions for people with knee or joint issues. 


  • The frame of this upright bike is robustly built with heavy-duty material to support a maximum weight of up to 280 pounds and finished with powder coating to prevent any scratches. 
  • The display monitor has LED backlights and displays all variables required to monitor your exercise, i.e., speed, heart rate, time, distance, and calories. 
  • Adjustable resistance in a range of 8 levels to control your workout intensity that can be easily altered by turning a knob. You can begin at a low-level resistance and move in to challenge yourself with high intensity.
  • Incorporates holder on the monitor to hold tablets and mobile phones and a water bottle holder as well.
  • The upright bike can be easily transported and relocated from one place to another using dual front wheels.
  • Handlebars have an integrated heart-rate monitor to track your heartbeat and use the information for motivation or leveling your exercise.
  • The seats can be adjusted in four different ways: Forward, backward, up, and down to fit different body sizes and types. Handlebars are also adjustable to provide maximum comfort during sessions.


  • Solid and sturdy design
  • Comfortable seat
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Monitor with LED backlights
  • Mobile devices holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Easy on knees and joints


  • Only suitable for low-level intensity, not for intense workout or professionals


This upright bike from Aecojoy has advanced features to meet every requirement of the user. Although the range of intensity level is low, this is the best choice for light and simple workouts that don’t cause any knee injury.

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#5. Vigbody Stationary Workout Bike

The Vigbody stationary bike, with its red and black style, is a great workout equipment for home use. It comes with all the required features of an exercise bike, including a real-time monitor, belt drive system, variable resistance level, comfortable seats, bottle holder, and also looks good enough to be a decor item.


  • Because of its unique construction, the see-through protection cover lets you see the working on the inside of this machine during operation. The laser bonding in different parts of the cycle ensures sturdiness and durability.
  • The pedals on this bike come with an anti-slip mechanism and have adjustable foot cages and straps to ensure safety and comfort during rides.
  • Transportation of this product from one location to another is made easy because of the bottom wheels.
  • The transport system has a belt-drive, meaning a smooth and noiseless run.
  • Adjust resistance simply by turning a knob to provide variety and challenge to the user.
  • The seats can be adjusted in four different ways, and the pedals can also be shifted to accommodate different foot sizes.


  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Adjustable seats
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Noiseless operation
  • Transportation wheels 
  • Easy assembly
  • Multi-functional display
  • Brake cover makes it safe for kids
  • Anti-skid pedal cages


  • Unstable seat
  • Not high enough resistance level
  • Monitor looks cheap


If you are looking for a starter bike with advanced features to workout at home, this is the right choice for you. With its sturdy built and good looks, it helps you keep active, build muscles and burn calories at a budget price.

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Best Exercise Bikes: Buying Guide

Buying an exercise bike for the home shouldn’t be a spur-of-moment decision. To ensure that you’re investing your money in the right place and you get to enjoy long-term benefits, there are multiple aspects you need to decide upon. For example, a bike with a too-high resistance level might discourage you from working out, or maybe you simply want an exercise bike with a mobile-device holder.

This guide aims to help you decide which features of a home exercise bike are important to you.

Type of Exercise Bikes:

Based on their operation mechanism, exercise bikes for home are generally categorized into these types:

Upright Bikes: Riding on upright bikes is quite similar to that on a regular bicycle. As the name suggests, this exercise bike requires you to sit in an upright position to engage your core muscles in the cardio. Their operation is silent, and therefore a perfect fit for apartments.

Spinning or Cycling Bikes: These bikes also provide a similar experience to road bikes, along with the spinning flywheel experience. Spinning bikes provide more resistance and therefore burn more calories than upright bikes. You can also ride them while sitting instead of sitting upright or slouched.

Recumbent Bikes: Recumbent bikes have comfortable seats and backrest support for a more relaxed workout session. Because of the low pressure, it puts on the posterior, it’s good for people with back problems. People recovering from injuries can go for these low-intensity bikes.

Mini-Exercise Bikes: Mini-exercise bikes are the most compact and portable option. If you spend a lot of time working on a desk, you can easily place it on the ground and keep exercising while working. These are low-cost bikes, but burn much fewer calories than other types. Most suitable for older people or people recovering from injuries.

Resistance Type:

Resistance is the tension your muscles work against when you pedal on the bike. Exercise bikes generally have a button or knob to alter resistance according to your need. There are various types of resistance systems that can be found in exercise bikes, which can be mainly categorized into three:

Strap-Based Resistance System: This is the most simple and affordable type of resistance system. Usually found in low-end bikes, this system relies on a strap joined to the flywheel to tighten to increase resistance, and loosen when lower resistance is needed. However, its durability is less than other resistance types. Beginners who don’t want to invest too much in their bikes can go for this. 

Friction-based Resistance System: As evident from the name, this system uses resistance created by a rubber or woolen pad placed in contact with the flywheel to alter resistance levels. It’s another affordable alternative. Because of the friction, however, the pads may degrade over time and the bike can also get noisy.

Electromagnetic Induction Resistance System: This is the most advanced and powerful system available, usually found in high-end bikes. Here, magnets placed near the flywheel move closer by the turn of a knob and create an electromagnetic current. The flywheel acts as a conductor of this current and creates resistance as a result. Its smooth working creates no noise or friction, but is comparatively expensive.

Fan-based Resistance System: Not as popular as the other types of resistance, this resistance system has a fan instead of a flywheel which operates with your pedaling. With an increase in speed, the air exerts a force upon the fan blades and thus creates resistance. Faster pedaling leads to increased resistance. An added benefit of this type is the cool breeze generated from the fan. 

Other Factors to Consider:

Connectivity: Connectivity options like Bluetooth or cloud connectivity are found in high-end bikes. They allow you to sync your workout data with various apps like the Schwinn Trainer App or MyFitnessPal. These apps, in turn, track and store information regarding your exercise, and help you set and achieve goals. Other features like access to a library of exercise programs, an environment for connecting and competing with other people and social networking are some added benefits of having advanced connectivity options. If you love technology, and money is no issue for you, go for ultramodern home exercise bikes.

Console: These are the displays present in front of exercise bikes. This is generally where you have the resistance button (in electromagnetic resistance types) options to select workout programs and display exercise data. Generally, in budget option bikes, the console only has minimal functions whereas, on high-end bikes, you get sophisticated features like LCD screens, LED backlights, audio inputs, odometers, and more. People who like to keep a close eye on their performance generally prefer state-of-the-art consoles.

Foldable Design: For people who want a home exercise bike but don’t have the luxury of spare places in their house for a large bike, foldable bikes are the solution. They are portable and light, making it easier to use them whenever and wherever required and then folding them up to store in compact places. These folding bikes can be quite affordable, but it’s difficult to find bikes with high-intensity amongst foldable ones. 

Adjustable Features: If you’re planning to buy a bike that would be put into use by multiple people of different heights and body sizes, then it’s wise to go for an exercise bike with adjustable features like seats, handlebars, and foot straps. This also adds to the comfort factor of your workout. An adjustable seat can be reclined for a more relaxed position or set upright for a serious session. Similarly, adjustable handlebar positions make it easier for people with different heights to reach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Minutes a Day Should you Ride an Exercise Bike?

The time you spend on your exercise bike depends on your goal. If you just want to lead an active life, then 2030 minutes of riding a bike are enough. However, if you’re aiming to burn calories fast or build up muscles, then you can spend up to 60 minutes working out.

Can you Lose Belly fat by Riding a Stationary Bike?

Stationary bikes let you follow your cardio routines from the comfort of your house. They are very efficient in losing body fat from your stomach, leg, and calves.

How do I Choose an Exercise Bike?

Depending on your workout goal, your requirements, and budget, consider factors like resistant techniques and the type of exercise bike to make a decision. You can consult our buying guide for home exercise bikes for more information.

Is it worth Buying a Stationary Bike?

Indoor exercise bikes are a substantial investment for everyone wanting to have a fit lifestyle. Whether you want to burn calories, tone muscles, or just be active regularly, buy an exercise bike for a low-impact and high-intensity cardio workout.

Is it OK to ride an Exercise Bike Every Day?

Exercise bikes are a low-impact cardio workout option. They are safe to be used every day as part of an exercise routine. It’s the safest option for people with joint issues.

Is a Magnetic Exercise Bike better?

Magnetic exercise bikes provide a higher resistance intensity than all other resistance systems. They are also smooth running and noiseless and have a longer lifetime. Although their cost may be a bit much, it’s the ideal bike for a high-speed workout.

What is the difference between a Spin Bike and an Upright Exercise Bike?

Although both spin bike and upright bike are modeled similarly, spin bikes provide resistance through the actual pedaling experience of a regular bike and have stationary flywheels instead of real-wheels. Upright bikes, on the contrary, run on a magnetic or electromagnetic resistance system or fan-air resistance. 

Which are the Most Affordable Exercise Bikes for Home?

Minibikes, along with their compact size and portability, are the cheapest kinds of exercise bikes.

Is an Exercise Bike Better than Walking?

Working out on an exercise bike burns more calories than walking does and is more time-efficient. It also has the added benefit of being accessible at home.

Is an Upright Exercise Bike Better?

Upright exercise bikes demand you to sit upright so that you can work on your abdominal muscles along with legs, glutes, and hamstrings. Overall, upright bikes work on total body muscles and are a good form of cardio.

Can I lose Weight on a Spin Bike?

Yes, spin bikes are an effective way of burning calories and losing weight as a result. 

Is Riding a Stationary Bike Bad for Knees?

Exercise bikes help you get a full-body workout, putting no strain on your knees. Therefore, they are good for people with joint aches or recovering injuries.

Which is Better, an Upright or a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

Recumbent bikes are easier on the lower body and good for people with backaches. However, if the goal is to burn maximum calories, upright bikes are better.

Is Biking Bad for Your Back?

Biking, when done right, is a good exercise for backache. However, people with backaches should stay away from upright bikes and go for a spin or recumbent exercise equipment.