5 Best Exercise Bike Under $500

Have you tried losing weight from all possible workout equipment? 

Have you tried an exercise bike yet? An exercise bike is the most reasonable, yet useful equipment that burns off calories from your body. It is your best friend to lose weight quickly and simply. It can be used by everyone, no matter what level of fitness expertise.

Scientific studies show the numerous benefits of cycling. You will feel better physically with the constant use of an exercise bike.

To make things better for you, we have reviewed the best exercise bikes under 500, custom-made to your approach, including budget, ratings, and quality. The very best of the category has been chosen. 

To know more, read on!

Our Top 3 Picks:

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708
Pros Easy Comfortable Seat
iPad Mount Holder
Folds for Storage
LCD Monitor
Premium Steel Construction
Continuous Manual Adjustable Resistance


5 Best Indoor Exercise Bike Under $500 Reviewed

Let’s read the in-depth review of each exercise bike, customized to suit all of your problems and needs. 

#1.Yosuda Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

This exercise bike has unique features like no other, including a heavy steel frame. The Brake Pad feature is especially attractive, and the safety precautions like the cage pedals included make it the best of the lot in this category. With a reasonable price tag, cycling healthily is now achievable.


Some of the best features associated with this exercise bike are:

Adjustable Seat:

The Yosuda exercise bike has an ergonomic seat. Its dimensions are 10 x 8.6 x 2.3 inches, and it also supports longer rides. Moreover, you can adjust the seat in all four directions: Front, down, up, and back. 

Brake Pad:

This exercise bike has a specialty a brake pad made of pure wool. Now, you can stop your workout seamlessly with reduced noise and better durability. An extra brake pad is also given along with the cycle.  

Easy Transportation Wheel:

You can easily transport this exercise bike from one place to another with the help of the attached wheels. This is an important feature for those living in small spaces. You can simply tilt and roll your cycle. 

Adjustable Resistance:

The Yosuda exercise bike allows you to exercise continuous infinite resistance adjustment which is like cycling on different terrains. You can change the settings easily, and stop it, just use the emergency brake lever. 

Digital Screen:

With a digital LCD screen, you can easily check your workout factors like time, distance, calories, pulse, and speed. These are helpful for keeping a good track. Moreover, a flat bracket is also provided to watch your entertainment easily. 


  • Brake Pad
  • Transportation wheels
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Digital Screen
  • Adjustable Seat
  • 35 lbs flywheels


  • Loud noise while changing resistance
  • Assembling is a bit challenging

Final Thoughts

With its affordable price tag and various benefits, it is safe to say that the Yosuda exercise bike will provide you with the best possible experience. You will get the most of your exercise bike.

Through our comprehensive research and studies, we have found the best product for you, so that you can enjoy your experience properly. 

Why did we decide to put this Exercise Bike in the #1 Position?

The Yosuda Exercise Bike is at the number one position in our review as it meets all requirements in the best way: outstanding features, inexpensive price tag, excellent reviews, and the like.

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#2. Xterra Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike, Silver

With a folding property and special features like heart rate pulse grip, this exercise bike cannot get any better! It has excellent reviews on its Amazon page, with many happy people posting their happy testimonies. It is another great choice for people who wish to buy a good exercise bike. The best part is that no electrical output is needed. It is charged by 2AA batteries, which are included with the bike.


Some of the best features associated with this exercise bike are:

Folding Ability:

This exercise bike has a solid X frame design, which enables convenient folding and storage. You can easily store it when not in use, as its folding dimensions are 20.5” x 20” of floor space.

Transport Wheels:

Nobody likes stationary workout equipment at home. However, this Xterra exercise bike has attached transportation wheels, which make it very easy to move it from one place to another. 

8 Levels of Resistance:

This exercise bike has 8 levels of resistance, which can be easily controlled with the large dial knob. Moreover, you can adjust the workout level setting according to your own needs. 

Comfortable Seating:

You can easily avoid pain as this Xterra exercise bike comes with a padded back, a large designed seat, and gripped padded handlebars. You can reduce strain on your body during these challenging workout exercises. 

Easy to Use Console:

It also comes with a digital monitor. You get access to the time elapsed, speed, distance, and pulse through the means of the LCD screen measuring 2” x 1”. It also measures your heartbeat.


  • Folds for storage
  • Transport wheels
  • Easy to use Console
  • Comfortable seats
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Smooth feel
  • Heart rate pulse grip


  • Loud noise while exercising
  • Self-assembly will take time

Final Thoughts

With amazing benefits and prominent features, this Xterra exercise bike captured our full attention. You don’t need a gym membership anymore, as this will give you the best workouts from home. The best feature of this exercise bike is its power level and usage. 

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#3. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

Usually, home workout exercise bikes are heavy and large, making it difficult to store them. However, you can now enjoy the pleasure of running at home, without the usual challenges that are involved. Introducing the Marcy exercise bike, which is extremely compact and is number 3 on our list! 


Some of the best features associated with this exercise bike are:

Computer Screen:

Marcy comes with a computer screen that is easy to read. It allows you to read your speed, heart rate, time, calories, and distance covered in real-time.

Adjustable Seat:

This exercise bike has an adjustable seat which allows anyone, no matter what their height, to use this Marcy product efficiently. 

Smooth Magnetic Adjustable Resistance:

You can easily change the intensity of your workout ride with the knob. There are 8 levels of resistance that can be achieved by a simple turn, allowing you to customize your workout. 

Counter Balanced Pedals:

Unlike other exercise bikes, this one has adjustable straps which allow your feet to remain in place. Moreover, you will not feel anxious to lose the placement of your feet while working out.

Premium Steel Construction:

This Marcy exercise bike has a quality frame of 14-gauge steel tubing, along with a final powder coating. It ensures good design and performance, ensuring functionality, and durability.


  • Computer screen
  • Premium steel construction
  • Smooth magnetic adjustable resistance
  • Counterbalanced pedals
  • Adjustable seat
  • Compact


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Tension setting is not very helpful

Final Thoughts

Marcy exercise bike has numerous features associated with it. This is also the most affordable exercise bike on the list in this category. 

This is a budget-friendly, premium exercise bike that you might want to invest in, keeping in mind its compact size and appeal. 

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#4. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Do you want to experience high-quality workouts on a budget? Then, the Marcy exercise bike is your perfect fit! With a comfortable design and counterbalanced pedals, this is the bike to own.

Let us read further to know more.


Some of the best features associated with this exercise bike are:

Adjustable Seat:

Marcy exercise bike comes with an adjustable seat. You can pedal properly now, depending on your leg length and stride. 

Safety Straps:

It comes with large textured pedals to ensure safety. This will ensure the safe placement of your feet as you pedal. Moreover, the pedal straps make sure that your feet won’t slip off the pedals during workout rides.

Adjustable knobs:

You can easily adjust the level of resistance depending on your workout skill and expertise. The total levels of resistance are 8 in number. 

LCD Screen:

This Marcy exercise bike comes with an LCD screen, designed for easy reading. The screen shows you real-time displays of calories, speed, and distance.   

Transport Wheels:

You can easily transport this Marcy bike, with the help of the attached wheels. You just have to tilt and push it to the desired place.


  • Transport Wheels
  • Safety Straps
  • LCD Screen
  • Adjustable seat
  • Levels of resistance
  • Recumbent Handlebars


  • Adjusting the tension may be a problem
  • Internal assembly is not very strong

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an exercise bike within a good budget, and with great reviews

This is the one for you. You get outstanding features like transport wheels, adjustable seats, and safety straps, all within a few hundred dollars. 

It meets our requirement of excellent features, affordability, and reviews!

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#5. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Keeping yourself healthy, even while working from home, is possible now! Introducing the Sunny exercise bike. With its caged pedals and micro-adjustable resistance, this might be your perfect bike.

Let us know more about it.


Some of the best features associated with this exercise bike are:

Caged Pedal:

This exercise bike comes with caged pedals, which are convenient for a safe cycling experience. It also comes with straps to keep your feet sturdy, and to keep them in place while exercising.

Felt Pad Resistance:

Sunny comes with a felt pad resistance, which makes it extremely easy to reduce the noise while working out. It is already pre-attached, so you don’t need to add anything additional.

Adjustable Handlebars:

This exercise bike has adjustable handlebars, which make it extremely easy to operate in multiple hand positions. It has been designed ergonomically to provide comfort.

40 lb Flywheels:

Sunny has a heavy flywheel to ensure a smooth ride. This will ensure better momentum,and keep the distance well.

Adjustable Seat:

No matter what your size is, you can easily adjust the seat of this exercise bike. It will give more comfort and ensure better posture. Moreover, you can change it in 4 directions. 


  • Felt pad resistance 
  • Adjustable seat
  • Caged pedal
  • LCD Monitor
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Assembly may be an issue
  • Noisy while working out

Final Thoughts

Who would’ve thought of an exercise bike that is so customizable and easy to use? The Sunny exercise bike has made it possible with the best design and technology. It is a superb choice for home workouts.

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Best Indoor Exercise Bikes: Buying Guide

There are several things to be considered before buying an exercise bike. Let us go through the buying guide and consider the factors that need to be incorporated before buying one!

Sliding Availability

One of the most important features of an exercise bike is its ability to slide and adjust. You should choose a bike with easy sliding so that you can adjust your leg length and seat size accordingly. This is especially important for people of varying heights, who might not fit in the average or standard size of an exercise bike.  

A bike that has a sliding ability also enables you to access to reach your various console features, like the LCD display and bottle holder with no effort. If you have not been adjusted to your seat properly, you will have problems regarding your safety, exposing you to danger. 

This feature is so important that if you don’t fall in the average height system, you will not benefit from the exercise bike, at all. The seat, pedals, handlebar grips should have this adjustability feature. The straps in your pedals can also be adjustable.

Weight Capacity

Many exercise bikes have a certain bar on the weights that they handle. A few bikes handle people of different sizes. However, other bikes may not be able to hold such varying weights. Moreover, some bikes are specifically tailored for people of specific weight and height, in lieu of the general ones, which may not suit everyone.

It is suggested that you read the description of the exercise bike before investing in it, as it may not suit your weight or height. You should be able to use the caged pedals of the bike efficiently.


There are several features that come attached to an exercise bike. Some of them include a device holder, a bottle holder, and an LCD screen. These will surely influence your buying decisions.

An exercise bike with so many features is definitely the best investment you can make, for your body. However, there may be instances where you might find that the features are not up to the mark. For example, the digital monitor screen may not give results in real-time.

Thus, it is best suggested to not be overcome by such various benefits until you check them for yourself. Make sure that the features actually help you and suit your needs. Moreover, they should be customizable you should be able to change them according to your needs. It is advised to check the bike and then purchase it afterward.


Good quality exercise bikes usually have resistance levels in their knobs. These are supposed to be adjustable and have various levels of resistance. The ones which are not so good in quality have lesser knobs, or even worse, not work at all. You can check this in the reviews of the product on its Amazon page to actually know which ones work. 

The best thing to remember the more the levels, the better the quality of the bike. For example, bikes with 5+ knobs are usually considered to be of the best quality in the resistance levels.

There are different producers of exercise bikes, and each differs in its resistance levels. Therefore, it is advised to check your prospective exercise bike’s levels before buying it. 


Living in a small space is tough. However, wanting to be fit while living in a small space is even tougher. That is why you should always check the size of the exercise bike before buying it.

Ideally, you should go for a folding exercise bike that can be neatly folded, and stored away when not in use. However, even if that is not an option, you might wish to invest in a compact-sized exercise bike. These have small dimensions and can be easily carried from one place to another. 

Storage is a very important issue that should be thought of before buying an exercise bike.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Q. How do I pick the Right Exercise Bike?

There are several factors that make an exercise bike good. As someone who wishes to cycle on these exercise bikes, it all depends upon what your particular wants are. Some of these wants can be the display screen, resistance levels, various features, design, and sliding adjustability. 

Check the comparison table on the top and find out the best exercise bike that meets your needs!

Q. How good is an Exercise Bike for Working Out?

One of the most important functions of an exercise bike is to make sure that you work out properly and lose weight. Our list mentions some amazing bikes that have been designed to ensure good workouts, or simply exercise well.

Cycling has also scientifically been proven to improve your health, as mentioned above in the article. Moreover, if you pair this bike with a good overall schedule, you can lose weight quickly, and feel good, mentally and physically.

You need not pay for a gym membership anymore as an exercise bike will help you to achieve your fitness goals. 

How can I choose an easy transportation exercise bike?

Exercise bike size is an important factor for home exercise. You need an exercise bike with a compact size that suits your home exercises. The dimensions need to be small.

However, a special, important factor is the transportation wheels. This is an indispensable factor for easy relocation, allowing you to transfer your bike from one place to another easily. You just have to tilt the bike and roll it!

Q. How do I know I’m Burning Fat on my Exercise Bike?

Most of the exercise bikes come with a digital monitor. This can be extremely useful when you are trying to lose weight and keep a real-time check on your calories, speed, distance, and heart rate. You will get an accurate report of the number of calories burned. Moreover, some of these screens act as an odometer.

Some exercise bikes also come with a heart rate grip sensor. These are mostly placed in the handgrip of the exercise bike. These make it extremely convenient to check your heart rate too. 

We have mentioned the best exercise bikes in the list above so that you can exercise on them well, and feel healthy.