5 Best Ellipticals Under $1000

Elliptical trainers are a marvelous form of exercising at home and for aerobics. For the joints, they provide more comfort than any other cardio exercise. 

They also help in building leg and arm strength.

Keeping all the requirements and necessities in mind, our team did an extensive research.

We skimmed through multiple websites, had one-on-one conversations with fitness experts, and came up with this list of ellipticals that cost under $1000. 

We present to you our informative list with everything you would want to know about ellipticals in this article.

Bowflex Max Trainer Series Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer
Pros Very compact equipment
No adverse impact on back, joints, and knees
20 resistance levels
22 preset workout programs
Reclining backrest with three positions
8 magnetic resistance levels


5 Best Ellipticals Under $1000 Reviews

#1. Bowflex Max Trainer Series

The Bowflex Max Trainer Series helps you burn calories without impacting your joints. The M3 is a higher-level alternative to other expensive ellipticals. This equipment definitely achieves the goals that other ellipticals in this range might not.

If you want a good and low-impact workout session at your home, then you should go for Bowflex M3 Max Trainer.


2 Workout Programs: This elliptical comes with 2 workout programs, i.e., Max Interval and Manual Interval. These are the most popular programs you will find in almost every elliptical.

8 Resistant Levels: The equipment has the option to opt from 8 resistance levels according to the difficulty of the workout.

Display: The display is designed keeping in mind the easiness to read the indicators while working out.

Chest Strap: The chest strap helps you monitor the heart rate accurately.

Upper Body Workout: With this equipment, you can do arms’ exercise during the cardio workout.


  • Effectively burns calories
  • Very compact equipment 
  • The gauge present on the display is helpful and easy to read
  • Have an appropriate tablet/media holder
  • Includes chest strap which monitors heart rate
  • No impact on back, joints, and knees
  • Finer workout of upper body


  • No built-in speakers
  • Only 2 workout programs


The M3 Max Trainer is one of the best compact ellipticals as per its specs, performance, and price range. 

Also, the equipment leverages the same premium technology that the higher and expensive versions of this product series do.

The Bluetooth heart rate monitor feature is unique and is not present in other ellipticals of this range. Thus, an elliptical with such premium features is one to go for.

Why did we decide this to be on #1?

After talking with many fitness experts and trainers and skimming through different websites, we came to the opinion that this elliptical is best based on the functions, which stand unique. Also, the reviews by customers made us more confident that the Bowflex Max Trainer Series is the best choice under $1000.

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#2. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

If you are looking for a multi-featured elliptical, then your search is over with the Schwinn 430 Elliptical. It has some breath-taking features like many preset programs and resistance levels, which you will hardly find in other ellipticals of this range. Also, this equipment is less robust.


Moving Handlebars: The Schwinn 430 Elliptical has moving handlebars that are curvy to give you better hand placement and flexibility.

20-Inch Long Footpath: Unlike other ellipticals of this range, this equipment has a 20-inch long footpath, which does not feel choppy at all.

Magnetic Braking: Schwinn 430 Elliptical has a resistance that calibrates precisely along with magnetic braking.

Adjustable Incline: This unit supports a manually adjustable incline, which gives you muscle toning and extra resistance. It has six such settings, with a maximum slope of nine degrees.


  • The size of the equipment is suitable for home use
  • Have resistance, i.e., it is controlled digitally
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Have a backlit LCD
  • Assists 22 preset workout programs
  • Can export data from Bluetooth
  • Supports MP3 player sound system
  • Comes with a charging port and cell phone shelf
  • Holder for water bottle


  • Less adjustable angles in pedals
  • Don’t support automatic incline
  • Didn’t have a wireless monitor for heart rate measurement


If you want premium features without paying an extra penny, Schwinn 430 Elliptical is the right equipment for you. With so many remarkable features such as backlit LCD, Bluetooth features, multiple resistance levels, and trustworthy positive customer reviews, it seems impossible to ignore this equipment while thinking of buying an elliptical.

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#3. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

The flag holder of the brand Teeter, this recumbent is liked by all alike, including the ones suffering from knee problems or surgeries.

The Teeter brand is approved by FDA for making fitness equipment that is first class for knee-pain free and for back pain relief.


Magnetic and Adjustable Resistance: This Teeter Recumbent cross trainer has eight different levels of resistance along with one manual magnetic resistance, i.e., you can adjust the resistance level by using the magnetic brake which is connected with a tension knob on the right of the seat.

Seat: The equipment has a three reclined adjustable seat, which helps in keeping the posture straight while working out. Also, different people with different heights and weights can adjust the seat according to their comfort. 

Ergonomic Pedals: The elliptical has patented stride technology, which protects the knees with the help of pedals designed specifically to follow the straight path of the legs. The legs in the equipment do not move in a circular motion, but in a downward and upward movement.

The adjustability of handlebars: Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical have adjustable and stationary handlebars through which you can work on specific groups of muscles.


  • Reclining backrest with three positions
  • Adjustable seat
  • Stationary and movable handlebars
  • 8 magnetic resistance levels
  • Smooth operating
  • Large-sized pedals


  • No cooling fan
  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Do not have a provision of sound system
  • Cannot connect wirelessly


Teeter Recumbent Cross Trainer provides workout sessions that are low in impact, along with most comfort and no stress on joints, hips, and back.

It is one of the best ellipticals because of its magnetic resistance and sturdy frames. Also, it is compact and thus can fit any place without giving much thought.

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#4. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 470 Elliptical is one of the best equipment for at-home use. Schwinn is a brand that has gained its trust in America because of manufacturing equipment that fulfills your needs on a limited budget.


Movable handlebars: Generally, ellipticals have straight handlebars, which do not give any flexibility for placing the hands, but this elliptical has moveable handlebars that are also slightly curved.

Adjustable incline: With incline, you are able to burn calories more quickly. The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine has a power-adjustable incline, and you have chives from 6 settings, which can give you a maximum slope of 10%.

20-inch long footpath: With a 20-inch long footpath, you have more than enough space for a comfortable workout. Such a long footpath is difficult to find in ellipticals with this price range.

Magnetic resistance: This elliptical has magnetic resistance with a 20-pound flywheel. Not only this, you can opt from 25 choices of ability levels.


  • Supports 4 user profiles
  • 25 resistance settings
  • Movable handlebars
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Have controlled workouts for heart rate
  • Adaptable home-size equipment
  • Supports MP3 sound system
  • Provision for keeping a water bottle
  • Mobile charging port and shelf support
  • Programmed with 29 items


  • Pedals are not adjustable
  • Does not have a wireless receiver for heart rate


The Schwinn 470 Elliptical is a high end, features loaded, and sturdy equipment. The high resistance, quiet ride, and smooth functioning increase both the quantity and quality of workouts.

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#5. Nautilus Elliptical Trainer Series

The Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer is most suited for beginners and mid-level trainers. It has many amazing specs and features, which are best for this price range. The elliptical has a variety of accessories, entertaining features, and programs for working out.


Variety of workout programs: The Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer comes with 29 programs for a workout which includes 12 standard programs (fat burn, hill, etc.), 4 custom programs, 9 heart rate option programs, 1 quick start program (manual), and 2 fitness tests. 

This variety of workout programs are hard to find in ellipticals within this price range.

Chest strap: The Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer includes 1 chest strap through which you can monitor your heart rate.

RunSocial app: This elliptical is compatible with an amazing workout app, i.e., the RunSocial app. Through this app, you can enjoy virtually viewing different scenic locations across the world while you run. You need to sync Bluetooth from your smartphone (which has this app) to the Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer.


  • Supports Bluetooth
  • 25 magnetic resistance
  • 29 workout programs
  • Includes chest strap heart rate monitor
  • Provision for USB charging


  • Heavy
  • Space consuming


The Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer has a variety of features that make it suitable elliptical for home use. This elliptical is good, but for people who are into beginner and medium fitness training sessions.

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Best Ellipticals Under $1000: Buying Guide 


With incline, you can have the experience of climbing an uphill road. Also, when you adjust the incline of the equipment, you can give more attention to particular groups of muscles. 

The incline in ellipticals is of 2 types: manual and automatic. While buying, you should always consider automatic inclination unless you are comfortable adjusting it manually.


While buying, always look for equipment’s sturdiness and design. This helps you make a long-term investment that you will not regret in near future. Consider models that come within the frame of the lifetime warranty.

Performance track

If you are into regular fitness, then you will definitely want this feature to be present in your elliptical. The tracking device in your equipment will maintain a record of the calories you have burnt.

You can also go for ellipticals, which provide USB and Bluetooth connectivity options so that data can be downloaded on your smartphone.

Heavy flywheel

The flywheel is the drive system that is connected to the elliptical. The flywheel moves when the pressure is applied to the pedals, and it also manages the resistance levels.

The flywheel tells how much noise is your equipment going to make in between a workout session. The heavier the flywheel, the lesser is the noise.

Adjustable Stride

You can adjust the stride both automatically and manually. Always go for the elliptical that makes resistance change easier and make sure you are also comfortable with that mode of changing the stride.


Always look upon your budget while purchasing an elliptical. Don’t go hard on your money. There is always good equipment in the market if you decide to go on a particular budget. You can also check out our list of the Best Budget Ellipticals Under $500.


Ellipticals may vary from 2 feet wide and 5 feet high dimensions to 6 feet long. Before buying, always consider the height of your ceiling and also the space you can dedicate to the equipment. 

If you are going to place elliptical in your basement or any low ceiling floor, then you need to consider both your and equipment height before making any final decision.


Always look for the features that are essential for you. Generally, while deciding as to which elliptical to buy, people generally get attracted to the features that they may not require and, in return, spend more money than their budget.

Who Should Indulge in a Workout?

People on the heavier side of the weighing scale need ellipticals that can carry more weight load in comparison to not so heavy people.

So, always keep in mind the weight of the person who would workout on the particular equipment and then purchase accordingly.

Usage by the buyer

If you are planning to use the elliptical daily or if multiple people will workout on the equipment regularly, then always go for the elliptical that is sturdier because sturdier the equipment would translate into more hours of workout sessions and is also long lasting.

Fitness goals

If you are a light exerciser who wants to workout 2 to 3 times a week, then you may go for a medium-quality machine.

But if you wish to have an intense workout regularly or plan to lose weight by working out extremely hard, even for a few days, you need equipment that has the maximum level of resistance for muscles and strength building.

Elliptical motion

Elliptical motion is responsible for giving us the stimulation of running or walking without even us realizing it.

That is why go for the ellipticals that have smooth elliptical motion. Some ellipticals may give you a jerk in the motion, which you don’t want to feel. 

A machine that has smooth elliptical motion in both backward and forward motions is the one you should buy.


Before buying, exercise on the elliptical for some time to make sure that you are not feeling any stress or jerk on your hips or knees. Also, make sure that you are able to exercise in a constant position, without having any difficulty reaching the handlebars.

Electronic features

Ellipticals have a vast variety of features that may confuse you while deciding. You should always go for the elliptical that not only comes within your budget but also has features that are both challenging and motivating for you.

Easy usage

Not every person likes electronic gadgets with multiple features, which they might not use. Or if you have purchased an elliptical with a variety of features that are of no use to you, you may get irritated in the future while seeing so many options.

So, the best solution to this is to keep things simple. Your equipment should just have 2 to 3 steps to start a workout session or better, an option of ‘quick start,’ and you are good to go. Simpler electronic equipment goes well in the long run and does not even require much management and services.


Safety is necessary while buying any electronic equipment. Check for the safety features that ellipticals have when not in use. These features might be locking features that may prevent your equipment from starting on its own or the locking of pedals.


Less maintenance equipment is what we all need. Generally, a well-designed elliptical just goes through normal wear and tear in the long run, which is not a major concern.


Warranty is a must while buying any equipment. It ensures that the equipment, if not working properly or any other issue, will go to the official seller or manufacturer without you paying much.

Most ellipticals come with a lifetime warranty on the equipment’s frame. Other components may have a warranty of at least 1 to 3 years on parts’ coverage and 1 year of labor. These may depend from brand to brand. So, buy the elliptical only after going through a variety of options.

Make sure that you ask what components or parts of the elliptical are covered under the warranty.


Is Stride Length Important?

Yes. Stride length helps in determining how you feel about the workout. Like shorter strides make you feel that you are climbing the stairs.

Whereas longer strides, which are preferable for taller people, make them feel that they are leaping.

Should I use a Surge Protector?

Yes. Many people don’t use surge protectors, but they should. Until and unless you are not using self-generating equipment, you should use it.

Is the Heavy Flywheel in the Equipment Good?

If you want a smoother workout, then a heavy flywheel should be your priority. Heavy flywheels generate higher inertia, which determines your workout’s smoothness.

Does it need Maintenance Regularly?

Yes, all fitness equipment needs regular maintenance in order to function properly. All the maintenance rules are generally written in the manual that comes along with the equipment and needs to be followed as per the instructions.

Although most of the ellipticals do not require regular maintenance, there is no harm in regular servicing.

Can I Lose Weight with an Elliptical?

Yes. You can surely lose weight with the help of the elliptical. A 30 minutes workout session on the elliptical helps in losing about 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Not only working out, but you also need to focus on diet. Training on the elliptical doesn’t mean that you can snack extra. If doing so, you will see all your sweat and efforts go in vain.

Can I Build Muscle with an Elliptical?

No. Ellipticals are designed in such a way that they only burn calories. But yes, the elliptical strengthens many muscle areas.

If your main aim is building muscles, then you should opt for rowing equipment and not elliptical.

Can I Reduce Belly Fat with an Elliptical?

Ellipticals are good for the workout of the full body and are not that effective in reducing belly fat. But with constant routine and workout, with burning a lot of calories, you can reduce belly fat over a period.

Can a Fitbit Track an Elliptical?

Yes, but the model needs to be of charge 2 or higher.

What is an Elliptical Cross-trainer?

Earlier, the ellipticals that used to have handlebars for the body were called cross-trainers as they worked on both the lower and upper body. 

Nowadays, almost all the ellipticals have handlebars and thus work as a cross-trainer too. The handlebars help in strengthening the muscles exercise of arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

Which is Better: Rear-Drive or Front-Drive?

Generally, it depends on the buyer’s preference and the budget. The rear-drive is a bit on the expensive ellipticals gives a smooth feeling because the drive axle is placed in the back of the machine. Also, the rear-drive gives a smoother feeling on the pedals.

The front-drive, on the other hand, feels a little rough, but the price is less than compared to the rear-drive ellipticals.