5 Best Elliptical Under $2000

Working out is a necessity for everyone. However, some forms of cardio such as running, jumping, or HIIT can have a negative impact on the lower body. Here is where elliptical machines help you achieve your fitness goals without causing severe stress to your joints. 

With the help of expert reviews and multiple trials and testings, we’ve curated a list of the best elliptical under $2000. We have chosen the best products with features unmatching others, such as spacious stride length, compact design, sturdy and durable builds, advanced console systems, and a variety of comfort enhancing features.

Top 3 Picks:

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Body Solid Elliptical Trainer FUNMILY Magnetic Elliptical Machine
Pros Compatible with Multiple Apps
Heart Rate Controlled Workouts
Manual Turn Knob
Height can be Adjusted Vertically or Horizontally
Extra Large Pedal
Heart Sensor


5 Best Elliptical Under $2000 for your Home Gym

#1. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical machine keeps you motivated and energetic. It’s a technologically advanced device and has quite a number of workout options and apps to maintain a track of your schedule. It will help you achieve your goals of strength, stamina, and weight loss with ease.


 It features Bluetooth connectivity and you can sync your workout with different apps such as the Schwinn Trainer App or the MyFitnessPal. You can use these apps to set, track, and monitor the progress of your regime.

Alternatively, you can use the Explore the World and Run Social App to experience real-time running through 19 locations with 27 routes from the comfort of your home. It also lets you connect with people from across the world.

Schwinn 470 provides a varied range of workout programs, including 12 profiles, 9 heart rate controls, 4 customs, 2 fitness tests, and 1 quick start.

Handle the intensity of your workout session by choosing one amongst 25 levels of resistance.

The 470 has incorporated dual-track LCD, media shelf, media options like in-console MP3 speakers, and USB charging. It even comes with an adjustable fan that maintains air circulation.

Can be used for Exercise and Fitness sports.


  •  Has an extensive range of resistance levels
  • High-end connectivity and technological options
  •  Comes with wheels that make it easier to move
  • Sturdy and smooth design
  •  Has power-adjustable incline
  •  Smooth striding
  •  Moving handlebars
  • Heart rate controlled workouts
  • High-quality display and sound player
  • Compatible with multiple apps


  • Assembling the elliptical can be complicated
  • Slightly heavy
  • Needs to be plugged into work

Review: The Schwinn 470 Elliptical comes with a range of services that makes it easier to remain motivated and keep up with the exercise sessions. The mp3 player, display screen, heart rate monitor, connectivity facilities, and many more features make it worth the price.

Why did we decide to put this boxing glove on the #1 position?

Amongst all the products on this list, the 470 elliptical has the most sturdy and high-end features. It provides a smooth and quiet ride, high-resistance, and syncing options that increase the quality of your sessions. If you want the best at-home elliptical, go for this equipment from Schwinn.

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#2. Body-Solid E300 Elliptical Trainer

With an elliptical motion design technology, this elliptical trainer from Body-Solid has a lot to offer to users. The Endurance by Body-Solid E300 Elliptical Trainer is programmable with six preset programs, manual mode, and two user profiles. Moreover, you can adjust the seating as per your comfort that is vertically or horizontally.


The easy-to-read and use display of the trainer shows the duration of the workout, the distance covered, the calories burned, and speed. 

The vertical and horizontal adjustment of seats lets users of different heights get comfortable according to their needs. It is paired with stabilizers on the front and the back. This gives the users stability. 

The fan resistance has high momentum and is a smooth glide. 

This Accommodates users up to 300 pounds.

The transportation wheels let the user move the machine around freely.


  • Height can be adjusted vertically and horizontally
  • Compact construction and space efficiency
  • Transportation wheels
  • Manual turn knob for adjustment
  • Six preset programs, manual mode, and two user profiles


  • Some users have complained about its noise

Review: This elliptical is one of the best options in our top 5 list. It’s a bit pricy but has a smooth and quiet motion, compact construction, space efficiency, and stability. If you are a beginner, it will prove very helpful, as the seat adjustment feature lets you alternate between sitting and standing during a workout. 

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#3. FUNMILY Portable Magnetic Elliptical Exercise Machine

The FUNMILY Portable Magnetic Elliptical Exercise Machine comes with a LCD digital monitor, and 8-level magnetic resistance to make your workout session productive. With its smooth and noiseless running, it becomes the best elliptical for home and apartment use. The dual handlebars and a portable design make it stand out from the crowd.


The elliptical comes with a unique electronic display pulse mode that lets you monitor your heart rate and its frequency. 

Through the multi-functional digital monitor you can keep a tab of the time, calories burned, speed, distance covered, etc. 

The elliptical has a silent flywheel, hence it makes your workout sessions noiseless and smooth. This feature makes it perfect for home use. 

With the 8-level magnetic resistance, you can choose any level. The level can be adjusted through a knob.

For easy transportation, the machine comes with transportation wheels. Hence, making easy movement possible.

With its extra large pedal, it easily meets the need of different foot sizes. These pedals increase the friction on the shoes, and hence a good balance is maintained.


  • 8-levels magnetic resistance
  • Dual handlebars
  • Portable design and quiet machine
  • LCD display
  • Heart sensor
  • Silent flywheel
  • Transportation wheels
  • Extra large pedal
  • Detailed manual
  • Easy to assemble


  • Only two colors available: black and gray

Review: This is the best elliptical option for noiseless usage at home, office, and gym . The dual handlebars let you workout on your upper body and you can either rest your legs or pedal during your sessions. It also has an inner handle that is suitable for children. Through the display monitor, you can keep a tab on various statistics. Overall, if you are looking for a noiseless elliptical with amazing features, then this is the best option for you.

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#4. Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn A40 elliptical machine combines the most streamlined designs with the best performance, at a very affordable price. It comes with features convenient to use, and a console that provides the best fitness technology and a unique design. With its electromagnetic Quiet ECB resistance system, the machines produce minimal noise. Get an amazing workout session with this elliptical machine, with its seven exercise programs and eight resistance levels.


This elliptical comes with 7 preset programs that include 6 profile and 1 quick start programs.

It is Compact and lightweight, with wheels for transportation convenience. Because of its battery-operated service, you don’t need a place with an electric board to use it.

The handlebars are ergonomically placed for flexibility of hand placement.

The ECB resistance system makes the operation smooth and noiseless.

High inertia perimeter with 8 levels of resistance increases resistance with increased intensity.

Advanced LCD screen that displays time, RPM, running distance, heart rate and pulse, calories, Watts, and speed.


  •  Affordable price
  •  Large display and multi-functional console
  •  Adjustable height
  •  Easily movable 
  •  Battery operated
  •  Strong and sturdy
  •  Easy to assemble
  • Thickly ridged pedals minimize the risk of slipping during extremely energetic exercises
  •  Friction-free resistance
  •  A varied range of programs and easy-to-use features


  •  Stride length is small, therefore not comfortable for tall users
  •  Poor warranty coverage
  • Non-lit display

Review: The Schwinn A40 elliptical machine has a relatively short stride, and will suit people shorter than 170 cm. Although it has an affordable price, the machine is of high quality. This is best suitable for older people or light workout sessions.

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#5. Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn 411 Elliptical trainer is a simple, basic, and affordable trainer from a popular brand that is best suited for beginners. It’s a front-drive machine that offers you both stationary and moving handlebars. With its streamlined console, 16 levels of resistance and handy media rack, the 411 elliptical is quite light and extra-compact. It will adjust well in less spacious places. 


The Schwinn 411 is a very compact elliptical trainer with a small footprint in contrast to other front drives elliptical, despite that it offers a 18’’ stride which is a feature of a large trainer.

It provides you with 16 levels of resistance with a motorized magnetic resistance system. This means the machine needs to be connected to an electric board to work, and the resistance can be easily adjusted by pressing a button on the console.

The machine is compatible with Run Social and other fitness apps; consist of 13 workout programs.

The 411 features a mid-range streamlined console that shows workout metrics like time, running distance, RPM, heart rate and pulse, calories, Watts, and speed.

The assembly process is quite easy to understand and execute with the help of the manual.

It has a built-in media track and water bottle holding space.

The handlebars are stationary and movable; consisting of a heart rate sensor.


  • Strong, sturdy and reliable
  • Compact design that requires minimal spaces
  • Fixed and mobile handlebars
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compatible with Run Social app
  • Media device handler and bottle holder provided
  • 16 ranges of resistance levels


  •  No backlight on the console
  • Noisy

Review: Schwinn 411 is suited for both light and intense cardio workouts, interval training, stamina building, and weight loss. Although the LCD and other features could have been better, the elliptical still is an excellent trainer within this price range. 

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Best Elliptical under $2000 for Home Use: Buying Guide

Elliptical machines are an excellent form of cardio that doesn’t pressurize your joints much. However, to select an elliptical that best suits your budget, space, and training would need a well-thought and researched decision. There are multiple aspects to consider. The variety of options available in the market can make your choice overwhelming.

To help you with a decision, we have come up with this guide, which lists down the different factors to be considered before making a purchase.

Based on Configuration:    

While the elliptical machine is made in numerous varieties, it comes in three different basic configurations. The distinction is done based on the placement of the flywheel in relation to the footpads. But why does this placement matter? This subject has been in debate for quite some time. Let’s read about the three configurations to have a better understanding about placement:

Front-Drive Elliptical:

As the name suggests, the flywheel in this type is situated in front of the exerciser. Due to this, you get an incline towards the front of the machine, much like while climbing stairs or walking uphill. These machines are usually less expensive than other configurations and are more compact. However, due to the multiple moving parts required to create the elliptical motion, they need more maintenance and can also get noisier.

Rear-Drive Elliptical:

Under this type, the wheel is placed behind the exerciser. It provides a more flat or level ground for working out, which can feel like running or jogging. Unlike the front-drive elliptical where the user leans forward, running on a rear-drive elliptical needs you to keep your back straight. This makes some users feel more comfortable, while some find this method awkward. This type is more expensive and requires large space, but is quieter and needs less maintenance than front-drive configurations.

Center-Drive Elliptical:

The flywheel in this type is located in the middle of the machine. It is the most compact and takes the least floor-space. However, the pedal arms extend beyond the body of the elliptical and ultimately the area occupied becomes similar to the other types. This is a relatively new form and isn’t found on many varieties of elliptical.

Based on the Resistance System:

Paying attention to the resistance mechanism before buying an elliptical is important. Elliptical machines use resistance and the force required for footwork to determine the intensity of your run. When you exercise on your elliptical, the resistance works against the muscles of your body. This consumes energy, burns calories and helps in muscle-building.

Here are the resistance mechanisms you can choose from:

Manual friction Brake System:

This is the most simple and affordable type of resistance system. You can set the resistance level by simply turning a knob which tightens down a brake pad on the running-wheel. However, this system has become rare because of the maintenance it requires. Newer technologies have now replaced this system. 

Manual Magnetic Brake System:

This manual resistance system works by turning a knob, but on magnets instead of friction. This is easier to maintain than the friction brake system and lasts longer. But you need to be careful before buying the magnetic system because all magnets aren’t of the same quality.

Eddy Current Resistance:

Eddy current also uses magnets to increase resistance. However, it is controlled electrically and can be applied by pushing a button. It provides more resistance than manual systems. Because of the gap between flywheel and magnet, it doesn’t have any friction and so lasts longer than others.

Electromagnetic Induction Resistance System:

This is the latest, most sophisticated, and strongest system available nowadays. It has fixated magnets instead of movable ones and uses a higher electrical current to increase resistance. So it also provides instantaneous resistance, which isn’t possible for the other systems. However, it’s also the most expensive resistance system.

Other Factors to Consider:

Size: The average elliptical is about 6 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. However, this size may sometimes vary. Before you buy an elliptical, keep in mind that the pedals and hand grips are in a comfortable range during your exercise. Since elliptical trainers are more elevated than treadmills, you also need to consider the height of your ceiling before making the purchase.

Intensity: Elliptical trainers come with a varied range of exercise intensity. Depending upon your age and workout goals, go for the machine that suits your purpose while leaving room for growth. The key is to select an elliptical with easy to pedal intensity at the lowest level and challenging intensity at higher ones.

Connectivity: Nowadays, almost all elliptical trainers have wireless connectivity. This provides an opportunity to access multiple programs, keeping track, competitive milieu, and social networks. Buy an elliptical that fits your objective and keeps you motivated.

Ergonomics: Being comfortable is a necessity during your cardio. Since elliptical constraints your movements, ensure that it allows you to maintain a straight posture when holding on to the moving hand grips. For most people, the closer the pedals, the better. Exercising on your elliptical trainer should not twist your muscles or joints in an awkward position.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does an Elliptical Machine help Lose Fat?

Elliptical machines help burn calories. This in turn helps you lose body fat and gain toned muscles.

What is the best Cheap Elliptical?

The best elliptical for home use in an affordable price range is the Body Rider Elliptical Trainer.

Can I workout on an Elliptical Daily?

You can use Elliptical regularly to work out your muscles. However, just like any other form of cardio, it is necessary to take one day’s break from working out every 7 or 10 days.

Is an Elliptical better than Walking?

If your goal is to burn as many calories as possible, an elliptical is better than walking. But if you want to tone the muscles of your hamstrings and calves, biomechanical studies find walking to be a better alternative.

Are Elliptical Machines bad for Knees?

No, elliptical machines are designed to provide a low-impact activity that doesn’t put much stress on your knees. They are better alternatives for people with joint pains than walking, jogging or treadmills running.

Will the Elliptical slim my legs?

Yes, elliptical machines burn fat all over your body, including your legs.

Does the Elliptical tone your Arms?

Yes, by increasing the resistance level of your elliptical trainer, you put more workload on your arms and legs. This results in the toning of your arm muscles.

How many miles are 2000 Strides on an Elliptical?

2000 strides on an elliptical add up to a mile. This is because elliptical strides are shorter than normal walking or running stride length.

Is the Elliptical better than the Treadmill?

If you’re someone who wants to burn quite a good amount of calories and gain strength and speed, treadmills provide better results. However, they also stress out your knees, which may cause joint-ache. Elliptical trainers reduce the strain on your joints and are a better option if you have joint pains.

Is Elliptical Harder than Running?

Elliptical machines provide a lower impact than running. So they are an easier workout.

How long should you Workout on an Elliptical?

If you’re a starter or just warming up your muscles on the elliptical, five to twenty minutes is enough. For intense cardio training sessions, you can work out on an elliptical for up to an hour. 

Does Elliptical burn Hip Fat?

To lose the fat on your hips, you need to burn calories from your body. Elliptical trainers burn calories for your entire body. So they reduce hip fat as well.

Which is more Effective in Burning Calories: Elliptical or Treadmills?

Treadmills burn more calories than elliptical but can also cause joint pain.