Top 5 Best Double End Bags [Buying Guide]

Punching power is great, but what use does it have if it doesn’t land at your opponent? To deliver your shots, you would need to be not only strong but also accurate.

If that’s your goal right now, then a double-end bag would be the right tool to add to your training routine. Double-ended bags are perfect for training coordination, accuracy, and speed because they require plenty of concentration.

To help you with getting the best double-end bag, we are going to showcase 5 great models from various price categories. Each of the bags is unique, so you should be able to find the one that is right for you.

Ringside Leather Double End Bag RDX Double End Speed Bag TITLE Mexican Style 2-n-1
Pros 3 size options
Premium quality
Great durability
Extra bladder
Mimics upper body
Mounting attachments included

Let’s now see what those 5 double-end bags have to offer!


Top 5 Best Double End Bags For Boxing Reviewed

1. Ringside Leather BagRingside Leather Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness Workout Training Punching Speed Double End Bag

Ringside leather bag appears to be more durable than Title Classic double-end punching bag. But we think that it still isn’t good enough for commercial use.

The outer shell of this double end striking bag is again made from genuine leather. However, its bladder is made from latex, which should actually make this bag lighter and quicker.

Ringside also triple reinforced the top and bottom loops on this bag to prevent them from ripping. So overall, in terms of durability, this bag looks superior to Title’s bag.

This bag comes in 3 sizes – 5 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches. The smaller sizes will be better for advanced fighters who look to improve their accuracy and speed.

Ringside also includes double-end bag cables to help you get started quicker. But you’ll still need to get floor and ceiling mounts separately.

The one downside of this bag is that its latex bladder tends to leak air. If you won’t be okay with frequently inflating it, you may need to look for another bladder should you encounter this problem.


  • 3 size options.
  • Bag cables included.


  • The stock bladder doesn’t hold air very well.

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2. RDX Double End Speed BallRDX Double End Speed Ball

RDX speedball bag is also a rather unique bag. This is due to its shape that makes it very different from the bags we examined.

With its more elongated shape, RDX bag appears to provide more punching area. In its turn, this means that you’ll have a wider range of angles to punch this bag at.

And notice how the shape of this bag allows you to use the areas around the top and bottom loops. With ball-shaped bags, these spots are nearly unusable because they aren’t that easy to reach.

This is another thing that contributes to this bag’s versatility.

When it comes to material quality, this double-end bag is decent. It is made from Maya hide leather, which sounds like genuine leather, but it’s actually not. The material choice will put certain limits to its longevity.

RDX includes all the attachments you’d need to mount this bag. However, the included rubber cords are flimsy, so you should look for some good bungee cords to use with this bag instead.


  • The shape allows a wider variety of punches.
  • Comes with all the required mounting gear.


  • The included rubber cords are flimsy.

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3. TITLE Mexican Style 2-n-1 Double End bagTITLE Mexican Style 2-n-1 Double End bag

Yet another double-end bag by Title, but this one is a whole another deal. Not only it has better quality, but it also adds more versatility to the training.

Being a Mexican style double-end bag, this bag is designed to somewhat mimic the upper torso of an opponent, namely, their head and neck. This would allow you to practice more punch variations at more real-life angles.

On the other hand, this bag is heavier, so it will be less suitable for speed training. You could still train your speed with this bag, but it isn’t its strongest suit.

This bag is great in terms of material quality, mainly because its outer shell is made of genuine leather. And the build quality of this bag is also good.

We can’t really say the same about the bladder though. The stock one tends to leak air sometimes, so you may need to replace it.

Title included all mounting attachments required for setup, which may help you initially. But you should probably switch to better mounts because the ones included aren’t very durable.

In the end, this double-end bag is a great choice of a bag for both home and gym use.


  • Mimics the upper torso of the opponent.
  • Mounting attachments included.


  • The bladder tends to leak air.

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4. Cleto Reyes Double End BagCleto Reyes Double End Bag for Boxing Training

And the last double-ended bag on our reviews is a model by Cleto Reyes. This bag is a great choice if you are ready to pay for quality and durability.

As it is usually with Cleto Reyes’s products, this double-end bag has some spectacular build quality to boast. Tightly and precisely built, this bag is designed to respond to your punches just as you would expect.

Made from genuine leather and reinforced with nylon lining, this bag has enough oomph in it to allow you to train for the years to come. But, as you’d expect, you’ll have to have the budget to pay for it: this bag is pretty expensive.

And you will also need to spend money on mounting equipment because Cleto Reyes bag comes with none! It comes with a spare bladder though, which is a really nice thing to have.


  • Great quality and durability.
  • Comes with an extra bladder.


  • Expensive

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5. TITLE Classic Double End BagClassic Double End Bag

If you’ve been looking for a double-ended bag for home use, then Title Classic bag may be the right pick for you. This bag has the right combination of price and quality for individual training.

And yeah, Title also markets this bag an individual-use bag.

In terms of materials, this bag looks rather good. Its outer shell is all made of leather, while the bladder is made of heavy-duty rubber.

But wait a minute.

These are all things that can be seen in more expensive bags. But why is this bag not as good for gym use?

It’s because of the bag’s build. It is far behind that of pricier bags in terms of durability.

The build of the Title Classic bag is by no means bad. But it is the main thing in this bag that limits its use to just home training.

And for the price, it’s fair.

Now that we are done with this bag’s positioning, there is one thing that should also be mentioned.

This bag has annoying plastic Title logos on its sides. These can harm your hands or damage your boxing gloves, so you’ll probably need to remove them.


  • Durable rubber bladder.
  • Suitable for home use.


  • The plastic logos on the sides may hurt your hands.

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What double end bag should I get?

We’ve reviewed 5 great double-ended bags, but how do you pick the right one from them? Well, you’ll need to know what to look for in double-end striking bags!

Types of double-ended bags

Let’s begin with the types of double-end punching bags.

There are two kinds of double-ended bags – traditional and Mexican-style. As you could have noticed, we reviewed 4 traditional and 1 Mexican-style punching bags.

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional bags consist of just a single ball. Because of this, they are lighter, which makes them more suitable for training speed.

Mexican-style bags consist of 2 balls, which makes such bags look like the number 8. The shape of Mexican-style double-end bags allows you to train a wider range of punching angles.

On the other hand, Mexican-style bags are heavier and thus slower. This makes them less good for speed training than traditional double-end bags.

In the end, if your goal is speed, then a regular double-end bag would be the better choice for you. If your accent is on punching variations, then a Mexican-style bag would definitely be the better choice.

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Size & weight

The size & weight of the double-end bag are things that need to be considered carefully. They significantly affect how the bag will perform.

Smaller and lighter bags obviously move quicker, so they are more suitable for training speed. In addition, a smaller bag is a harder target to hit, so it will require more accuracy from you.

For beginners, a smaller double-end bag would be an overkill. If you are inexperienced, you most likely will have neither the accuracy nor the speed to be able to train on a small bag.

Beginners would gain much more from larger and heavier bags. They are slower and also easier to hit.

Needless to say, experienced fighters should get a smaller double-ended punching bag to further improve their accuracy and speed with. And beginners should go for a more convenient and easy to hit large bag.


The bladder is the inflated ball inside a double-end speed bag. This ball maintains the shape of the bag and also make the bag rebound.

Bladders are many made from either rubber or latex. Rubber bladders are more durable, heavy, and tend to keep the air in better.

On the other hand, latex bladders are lighter, but they usually leak air quicker.

Obviously, heavy rubber bladders make the bag slower, while bags with latex bladders are quicker.

If you don’t really care how quick the bladder will lose air, then you should look at your speed requirements. If your primary goal is to increase your speed, then you would need to go for a bag with a latex bladder.

Manufacturers usually produce different kinds of bladders for their double-end bags, so you could get a bag with a rubber bladder and then switch to a latex bladder. But before doing such a maneuver, you’d need to make sure that the manufacturer of your bag does indeed offer the required bladders.


And the last important feature to look for in double-end striking bags is the material of its outer shell. Double-end bags’ shells are mostly made from either synthetic or genuine leather.

Synthetic leather is the cheaper option, but it is far less durable than genuine leather. On the other hand, synthetic leather tends to be more moisture-resistant.

Genuine leather is superior in terms of durability, so shells made from it usually serve much longer. Genuine leather would make a bag more expensive though.

If you are on a budget, then you would probably want to go for a double-end bag with a synthetic leather shell. If your main requirement is durability, then genuine leather would be the better choice for you.

Keep in mind that the build quality plays a huge role in the bag’s durability. A cheap bag made from genuine leather will be less durable than a pricey bag made from genuine leather.


Do you have to install mounts on the floor for a double-end bag?

You don’t need to do that. Some people just attach a weight to the lower cord to keep the bag in place.

This is the most convenient way of fixing the double-end bag from below. However, it would be less stable than if you installed a mount on the floor.

Should be a beginner train on a double-ended bag?

Beginners definitely should use double-end punching bags. However, you should realize that it is much more difficult to train with a double-end bag than with a heavy bag.

Even larger double-end bags require some coordination and speed from you. In the beginning, you will have to learn to feel the bag and catch the rhythm of its movements.

So while training on a double-end bag may be difficult and even frustrating at first, you should definitely incorporate it into your training routine.

Can you train kicks with a double-end bag?

You definitely can, but you’d need to have the flexibility for that. Double-end bags are usually installed quite high above the ground, so not everyone will be able to train kicks on them.


That’s it for our reviews of top 5 best double-end bags.

We’ve showcased 5 great boxing bags, as well as provide you with everything that you should know about them. Now, picking the right bag should be easy for you

In the end, did you find what you have been looking for? If so, go and get that double-end bag and start training with it!