Top 5 Best Cheap Boxing Gloves [Buying Guide]

Are you looking for cheap boxing gloves to start training as soon as possible?

We wrote this guide to help you chose the right gloves by giving you an unbiased review of some of the top brands so you can fish out brands that are more into marketing but lack the bite in their bark and ones that deliver quality and at a cheaper price…

Here are some of the best affordable boxing gloves that are uniquely made to give you the best experience in your sport.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Sanabul Essential Gloves Title Pro Style
Pros Great design
Great fit
Good comfort
Good fit
Great design
Good quality


Best Affordable Boxing Gloves Reviewed


#1 Sanabul Essential Boxing Training Gel Gloves

These gloves offer excellent protection for your hands. No matter what you want to do with it – hitting a heavy bag or trying to spar with your training partner, these gloves will fit firmly in your hands and make working hard in the gym a joy.

Sparring with your partner every day or hitting the bag every day can affect the feel of your gloves over time, and only a stellar pair of gloves like the Sanabul essential boxing gloves will help you accomplish the task.

The gloves fit securely and are comfortable to wear, made with quality materials with excellent finishing. The inside is padded with synthetic materials and they come with a unique design that is comfortable and easy to use.

They are also are sold in different sizes… small, medium, large, and extra-large.

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#2 Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

The Everlast Pro Style training gloves is one that serves for various sports. It can be used in varieties of combat sport, and it’s made to last for a long time.

The Pro-style training gloves are specially made to provide comfort, durability, and the ability to increase the strength of the fists with cutting edge technologies of C4 foams, which include anatomical fit, the tri-collar panel, and the stabilization system.

This boxing glove is naturally contoured to the shape of the fist and thumb to provide users with greater control and maneuverability. The glove wrist is specially padded on both sides to keep the hand in the right position while also punching with the thumb lock feature, and the full wrap-around velcro strap is easy to adjust and provides a secure and comfortable fit.

The warranty on these boxing gloves indicates that users can use these gloves for 120 days without material defects.

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#3 TITLE Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

If you are new to fighting and you are looking for a pair of boxing gloves for cheap, you will appreciate TITLE boxing pro-style leather training gloves.

The reason is that the gloves are specially built with comfort and style, making them a perfect instrument for a new boxer who wants quality without burning a hole in his pocket.

The superior level of comfort you get from using TITLE puts it at a reasonably priced level.

Every boxer knows the importance of using the hand in any combat sport and also how important it is to take care of the hands carefully.

No matter what you are doing in the gym – hitting the bag or just doing a regular workout routine – a dislocation of your finger or thumb, or a bruise on your knuckle, which are always a result of poorly made boxing gloves can be a painful experience and put a hold to your fitness goals.

This glove offers the perfect protection for your hands and wrists so you can have injury-free sparring.

Title Pro Style gloves are durable and, if well maintained, can last a long time. Reviews from users said there is very little wear and tear when used for periods of 1 year and above

They are great if you are starting with boxing, or you are already a pro fighting in the MMA. The gloves are highly recommended and are reasonably priced.

You won’t be disappointed with what you paid for.

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#4 Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

The challenger 2.0 is a lightweight boxing glove designed in Thailand for both professional and amateur users.

The boxing glove is made with quality leather made to deliver more exceptional durability for high performance and long term usage.

This glove is made to withstand heavy use day after day against both human opponents and again, your heavy bag.

The triple-density gloves protect the user’s hand with its superb shock-absorbent foam so users can have a good time during training and real match. The inner material used in making the gloves keeps the hand dry while the other parts of the body remain sweaty.

Challenger 2.0 is anatomically designed with the attached thumb and reinforced palms made for the safer striking of the bag and opponent. The elastic enclosure makes a secure fit for intense training while the large Velcro band gives the gloves a firm holds without compromising your comfort.

The Venum Challenger 2.0 offers exceptional value for all users at all levels.

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#5 Ringside Apex Gloves

This boxing glove comes with IMF technology, which comes with padding tor super shock absorbing. And the synthetic material makes it a candidate for long term use as it helps with your strength and cardio training.

It is effortless to clean and maintain with the wrap-around hook and loop delivers a user convenience and is specially made with an anti-microbial liner for drying your hands when in a workout.

Ringside Apex Boxing is best for Muay Thai. And its superior layered form provides better protection and durability, making it comfortable and breathable for the hands.

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How to Choose the Best Cheap Boxing Gloves?

Like every other thing in this world, some things come to mind when trying out a new product. The same also applies to buy a pair of boxing gloves. Whether you are a competitive combat fighter or you love training with heavy bags or you are only one of those guys that love shadowboxing to relieve some stress, there are specific things that you need to look out for when buying your pair of boxing gloves.

However, choosing the right boxing gloves for your everyday usage is more complicated, and it’s safer to know what to look out for than walking into any sports store and just picking any random boxing gloves. This is the reason this guide is made to help you choose the best boxing gloves under $50 to serve both a beginner and an experienced fighter.

How to pick the Right Size

The best boxing gloves for anybody is the glove that fits. Fit gloves determine the right size for what you need them for, and they are displays in oz.

Here are some of the most common boxing glove sizes that are readily available in the market.

10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz.

For bag/pad workout, the 10 oz is the most preferable and the most popular of them all. While 14, 16, 18, and 20 oz gloves are specially designed gloves for sparring.

Most people starting most of the time chooses to use a bigger glove size to be on the safe side. However, as they continue training regularly, they work their way to competitive weight every time their skill improves. Also, the type of boxing gloves and the size will significantly dependent on your body weight and purpose.

A good glove should make a comfortable fit with your fingertip, and when you are buying, you can try using your hand wraps so that the gloves could snug comfortably to the wraps and should be made to fit.

If you will be ordering your gloves online and might likely not able to try the gloves first, the best way to find your size is to wrap a tape around to measure the circumference of your hand. Excluding the thumb and also take into consideration your body weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best material for boxing gloves?

Some boxing gloves are made with costly and quality material, but this is not to say that there aren’t some gloves that are not too expensive but are made with quality fabrics.

So when it comes down to buying the best boxing gloves in the market, it somehow depends on how much you are willing to pay for a pair of boxing gloves. Cheaper gloves will come in more inexpensive materials such as Vinyl.


In conclusion, If the thought of searching for a new pair of gloves crossed your mind, it means your old pair is about needing a change or probably you just needed a change from the ones that your gym presently offers.

If your aim is to find boxing gloves that will not cost much and will stand the test of time, then you should invest in any of the above-mentioned boxing gloves.