Top 5 Best Cheap BJJ Gi’s For Beginners [Reviewed]

Tatami Nova Sanabul Essentials V.2 Fuji BJJ Uniform
Pros Hybrid weave
Well made design
Poly-cotton mix
Heavy reinforcements
Stiffened rubberized collar
Durable material
Treated fabric
Hybrid weave
Great for competitions

Clothing may not seem to be too important when it comes to learning martial arts, however, having proper equipment is necessary in order to prevent accidents and to speed up the learning process.

This is especially important when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu due to the fact that these two require a large degree of mobility.

This having been said, BJJ Gi’s can be extremely expensive and spending a lot of money when just starting out with a new sport doesn’t seem like a great idea. Luckily, there are several affordable options that are just as durable as their deluxe counterparts.

Below you will find some of the best cheap BJJ Gis that are commercially available.


These are suited for any level of training and even look good enough to wear at competitions.

Best Cheap BJJ Gi’s Reviews

#1 Sanabul Essentials BJJ Gi Review

An affordable, preshrunk single weave Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi that is both light and durable.

This is a cheap jiu jitsu gi that offers an impressive number of features considering its small price tag.

The outfit is made from single weave preshrunk fabric and comes in four sizes, ranging from A0 to A2.

While it is durable, the Gi is not designed for competitions.

This having been said, it does have a stiffened rubberized collar that helps keep sweat buildup to a minimum, and tapered sleeves.

The fabric has also been treated with antimicrobial and anti-odor compounds that are designed to help it stay clean for longer than other products.

Also, the fact that the material is preshrunk means that you don’t have to worry about washing and drying it at home.


  • Stiffened Rubberized collar – The rubberized collar feels great and does its job during long gym sessions;
  • Treated fabric – The compounds that the fabric has been treated with will not cancel out body odor completely. However, it will lower it to the point where sweating profusely won’t mean that you cause it to stink in the middle of a training session;


  • May still shrink – the Gi does still shrink a bit after multiple washes, but the difference is not enough to cause it to not fit anymore;

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#2 Tatami Fightwear Men’s Nova BJJ Gi Review

A hybrid-weave Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi that has heavy cotton reinforcements.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi from Tatami Fightwear has a more classic design but offers more in terms of weave type and fabric. The outfit is made almost entirely out of cotton and has heavy reinforcements in areas that see the most stress during workouts.

When it comes to structuring, the Nova model features a 425 GSM Hybrid weave that offers enhanced durability without increasing weight or rigidity. Also, the pants are made from a poly-cotton blend that makes them heavier and more durable than the regular twill ones.

The jacket of the Gi has the Tatami logo embroidered across the shoulders and at the lower frontal edge.


  • Hybrid weave – The hybrid weave makes the Gi as durable as a double weave one while keeping it extremely light;
  • Poly-cotton mix – The poly-cotton mix does make the pants heavier, but it also makes them impossible to tear by hand;
  • Heavy reinforcements – The cotton reinforcements offer great support even for professionals who require more durable Gis;


  • No rubberized collar – The collar absorbs a lot of sweat and this can make long gym sessions difficult;
  • Not pre-shrunk – The Gi will shrink if not dry-washed

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#3 Fuji BJJ All-Round Uniform Review

A high-quality durable Gi that can be used by beginners and professionals.

The All-Round model offered by Fuji is considered to be one of the best Jiu-Jitsu Gis on the market. It is made from a patented FUJI Special Weave and is suited form men, women, and children, regardless of training level.

Both the jacket and the pants are made from a premium cotton blend and all possible stress points are heavily reinforced. The entire outfit is classified as “mid-weight”, so wearing it will not limit your mobility.

Also, the Gi is IBJJF Competition Certified, making it ideal for professionals as well. In terms of features, the collar is soft, made from twill, and the pants have a cotton drawstring.


  • Hybrid weave – The special weave used by Fuji makes the Gi as durable as a double weave on without increasing weight by much;
  • Great for competitions – The Gi has few seams and all of them are heavily reinforced, making it great for competitions and intense training sessions;


  • Soft collar – While it may be a matter of preference, the Gi does not have a rubberized stiff collar. Individuals who sweat a lot may find that it is difficult to wear it in hot climates or for long periods of time;

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#4 Elite Sports Preshrunk BJJ Gi Review

An ultra-light Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi that is designed to disperse sweat faster.

Great for individuals who are looking for a light BJJ Gi, the model offered by Elite Sports is made from a durable, light cotton weave that makes the entire outfit as light as a single weave one.

The collar is padded with EVA foam and the entire Gi has been treated with anti-microbial compounds that are designed to stop the development of bacteria that generate bad smell when sweating. As a bonus, the Gi comes with a free white belt with a stripe bar.

The model is tapered and reinforced and does not look like a cheap gi. The jacket has Elite Sports logos on the shoulders and the front.


  • Anti-microbial treatment – The fabric does not smell of sweat even after long training sessions;
  • Free white belt – The addition of a free white belt with a stripe bar makes the model a great gift for someone who wants to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu;
  • Does not shrink – The Gi can be washed and dried at home without worrying that it may shrink;


  • Odd-fitting sizes – The size scale used by the manufacturer is different than that of other companies;

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#5 Hypnotik Vortex IBJJ Gi Review

A simple yet durable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi that’s great for beginners.

The BJJ Gi from Hypnotic is a no-frills model that offers exceptional durability and even comes with a free belt. The outfit comes in either white or black and is monochrome with the exception of the Hypnotic logo that is embroidered on the arms.

The Gi’s 425 GSM Hi-Tech Weave jacket and the 10 oz pants are both made from twill and are extremely durable. The jacket is made from a single piece of material and the pants have woven patches that enhance mobility.


  • Rubberized Lapel – The jacket’s lapel is made from rubberized fabric that prevents sweat and bacteria buildups;
  • Triple stitch on all main seams – The seams that have to withstand the most pressure is reinforced;
  • Included belt – The white belt that comes with the Gi is made from the same material and is extremely durable;
  • Single-piece jacket – The jacket does not have any seams that may break during gym sessions or competitions;


  • Confusing sizes – The measurements from Hypnotik do not match those from other manufacturers when it comes to sizes

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How To Choose The Best Cheap BJJ Gi?

Choosing the Best BJJ Gi is essential when it comes to learning a new type of martial arts. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires a high degree of mobility and poor-quality equipment can easily break during an exercise routine.

However, there are so many BJJ Gi’s to choose from that it can be difficult to decide which one will fit you best.

Also, manufacturers tend to parade their products’ features without actually explaining how they can help you.

This having been said, here are the two most important things to look for when shopping for a new BJJ Gi:

Pay Attention to Sizing Differences Between Manufacturers

All BJJ Gis follow a simple sizing formula where A0 is the smallest and A6 is the largest. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers follow the measurements required for each size, so an A0 from Elite Sports may be different from one produced by Fuji.

An easy way to get around this is to either ask the manufacturer for more information or to go online and look at reviews. Most people who are aware of this issue usually post the exact measurements once they get the product.

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Type of Weave

BJJ Gis can have different types of weaves. The most affordable one is the Single Weave. This is usually a good choice for training as it is lightweight, but it is also durable enough to be used in competitions.

Next is the Double Weave. This one has twice the weave, making it much more durable, but it is also considerably heavier, and this may impact your speed.

The third is the Golden Weave which integrates both the Single and the Double Weave into its structure. In other words, the Gi is just as light as the single weave one, but twice as durable without the added weight.

Finally, we have the Pearl Weave, which integrates the Single and Golden Weaves in order to offer increased levels of durability. This one is also the lightest of them all and wearing one usually seems like you don’t have anything on, in terms of weight.


Having a durable Gi to wear to gym and competitions is extremely important and, luckily, finding one that is also affordable isn’t too difficult.

Remember to do a bit of research when looking at the various models that are available online and remember that cheap Brazilian jiu-jitsu gis are not always made from poor-quality materials.

Look at the reviews, ask for more information, and choose the one that you like most.

And if you are unsure of what to buy then check out our best choice below.