5 Best Cardio Machines for Boxing

Boxing as a sport requires good stamina and strength. If you’re looking to train for boxing, a good cardio machine should be your first investment for your body.

While the market is replete with choices for the same, keep in mind that this investment is for long-term health benefits. Therefore, it’s all the more important to make a well-informed decision, as your body becomes the beneficiary of this choice.

We’ve compiled a list of the best cardio machines in the market which are worth investing your time and money into. Read on to know more!

5 Best Cardio Machines for Boxers

With time, the intensity and style of the physical activities we carry out changes. This became all the more apparent after the pandemic lockdowns came into practice. One needs to be mindful of these changes as consistency is a major factor in the journey of boxing.

A prudent decision for consistent training would be to invest in a good cardio machine according to your requirements. Read on to know more about the 5 Best Cardio Machines for Boxers in 2021 that involve full-body workout.

1. Treadmill:

Walking or running is the most basic form of exercise. What’s an advanced and yet not so strenuous tool for this exercise? A treadmill.
Treadmills are a good option if you wish to perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Furthermore, a study published in the Obes. Rev. Journal concludes that HIIT is immensely effective to burn calories and achieve cardiovascular fitness in a short period.

As a boxer, you need to include running in your workout routine. The key to being a good boxer is strengthening your core techniTreadmill Cardio Machineques such as speed.  With the current global health concerns the outside world doesn’t seem like a good option to train so. You might prefer outdoor running for its obvious benefits, but caution suggests that a treadmill will prove to be the best long term investment you’ll make for your body.

Why is a treadmill preferred? The answer is simple- constant health check along with the ability to practice come rain, hail, or sunshine. Treadmills have inbuilt programs to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Canelo Alvarez, Lineal Middleweight World, uses it in his daily workout regimen.

It is a versatile and suitable option for anyone trying to become fit by walking and running!

2. Rowing Machine:

The Rowing Machine is a versatile form of workout. It mimics the motion of rowing a boat in water.

The Rowing Machine equipment is super easy to use within a confined space using a single machine element.
According to a study published in Med Sci Sports Exerc. Journal, the rowing exercise workout uses up to 86% of your body muscles. Each rowing stroke generally involves 25-35% upper bodywork and 65-75% lower bodywork.

Thus, it provides you better body coordination as it works both parts of your body.

Rowing Machine

It is used to strengthen your core muscles. Besides, it engages all the important muscle families of the back, legs and arms. Muscle engagement is especially important because it will help in burning more calories.

Additionally, the rowing trainer works on your posture to make it better.

Boxers can improve on their key skills- flexibility, muscle strengthening, and endurance with the help of a rowing machine.

It comes in several variations, depending on the resistance. If you are a home workout connoisseur, you should try the magnetic resistance and the wind flywheel.

Connor McGregor, former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion, is a big fan of it.

However, you must learn to use the machine properly if you want any cardio success with it!

3. Elliptical Trainer:

Most suitable for beginners and intermediates, an elliptical trainer is an easy cardio machine. These machines are best suited for low-impact cardio workout, for someone who wishes to have enough cardio exercise without the challenging bits that usually come with such machines.

It is especially popular because it doesn’t put pressure on your joints. Its regular use is also effective in improving arm strength.

You can either use it with or without your hands resting on the hand bars. If you let go, the inner core boosts up and if you don’t, your arms become stronger.Elliptical Trainer

When used correctly, it targets all the primary muscles of your core, legs and arms.Furthermore, a study published in J Phys Med Rehabil. journal shows that an elliptical regimen works well to reduce back pain.

Exercising on an Elliptical Trainer and a Treadmill has similar effects on oxygen consumption, calories burnt and heart rate according to a study published in the National Institutes of Health. But if you know how to use it efficiently, an elliptical trainer can surely replace that Treadmill!

4. Vertical Climber:

The Vertical Climber is a machine that incorporates the movements of rock climbing. However, this is much safer and more challenging for your body. In fact, a Med Sci Sports Exer. Journal research study claims it to be a better alternative than both treadmill and a rowing machine.Vertical Climber

It engages major muscles in your body viz. upper back, abdomen, quadriceps, calves, forearms, biceps and anterior deltoids to boost your heart rate and tones your muscles.

It has multiple benefits over other machines. A vertical climber is a space-saving, slim, light-weight, and easy-to-use machine. It burns more calories as compared to the treadmill and rowing machine.

You can work out on it for 20 to 45 minutes every day and achieve the best results.

It can be used by anyone, but especially boxers to increase their arm strength.

5. Exercise Bikes:

Boxing involves a combination of high as well as low impact moves. To keep up with these moves, it’s important to condition your heart muscles. 

Cycling is one the best and easiest non-weight-bearing exercises that improve your cardiovascular health and strengthens your core muscles. With a better heart, you can perform for longer hours without getting tired.exercise bike

Indoor cycling improves your aerobic capacity according to a 2019 research article published in the Medicina journal. It also helps strengthen the muscles in the lower half of your body while creating less stress on your joints in the process. 

With cycling, your body will experience a combination of conditioning and strengthening while creating minimal stress on your knees, ankle, back, and hips. The risk of overuse injury is much lesser with cycling cross-training.

Exercising bikes are a low-impact workout form, allowing you to quickly recover, which leaves you enough time to concentrate on your core skill, i.e., boxing.

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The machines mentioned above have given great results to their users based on buyer sentiments and physical transformations. However, if you only wish to make an initial commitment, start with the most basic ones, upgrading to intermediate and advanced levels later on.

One could get spoilt for choices, but considering all factors our winner would be the Rowing Machine. It’s an easy-to-use, versatile workout option that improves your body coordination and stamina. Moreover, one of the best boxers in the world- Conor McGregor is a big fan of it. So make an informed decision and get going.