5 Best Boxing Shorts and Trunks

Motivation is vital in any sport, no matter if it’s boxing, BJJ, or wrestling. If you own the right gear for your preferred sport, you will do the best. Boxing shorts and trunks are essential to keep you relaxed, comfortable, and motivated while training. 

Boxing shorts are available in various varieties, colors, sizes, and quality. But when it comes to selecting the right shorts, things can become overwhelming. To help our readers, we have curated a list of the best boxing shorts and trunks. We did a thorough research about the features required in boxing shorts and reviewed numerous options. 

Read on to find the Best Boxing Shorts for yourself in our final list!

Hayabusa Hexagon MMA Fight Shorts Title American Flag Boxing Trunks LAFROI MMA Cross Training Boxing Shorts
Pros Provides maximum comfort
Made with cutting edge textile
Does not tear off easily
Allows easy movement
Has sublimated prints
Made with tear-resistant fabric


5 Best Boxing Shorts and Trunks Reviews

#1. Hayabusa Hexagon MMA Fight Shorts

The Hayabusa Hexagon shorts are ideal for athletes, and you can use them as boxing shorts, MMA shorts, fight shorts, and CrossFit shorts. They are available in black, navy, green, burgundy, grey, and white. 

The Hayabusa shorts aim to provide maximum comfort and an unimpeded range of motion. Whether you are grappling or striking, lifting or doing cardio, these shorts will let you do all! 


Provides Maximum Comfort 

These shorts provide maximum comfort and durability with rugged textiles and hardware, stretch panels, reinforced seams, and silicone waistbands.


The shorts are ideal to go anywhere your interests take you. It exceeds the standards of the world’s most demanding athletes, and you can use them for boxing, wrestling, MMA, or any other sport. 


These shorts are outstanding in terms of looks. It has a nice texture, and the overall look is smart and stylish. 


There is no need to compromise on your favorite color. You’ll find these shorts in black, burgundy, green, grey, navy, and white. Indeed, there’s something for everyone here! 

Strong and Secure

The shorts feature an inner grip waistband, which guarantees a secure and robust fit. 


  • It can be used for various sports 
  • Designed for maximum comfort 
  • Made with cutting edge textile 
  • Has an inner grip waistband 


  • It runs small on size


All in all, the Hayabusa shorts are highly durable and comfortable. They look incredibly cool, and all the colors look vibrant. Plus, they are quite versatile and serve various purposes. You’ll find these shorts comfortable to wear and train in. The only thing to look for is the correct size, as users often complain about the size running small. 

Why did we decide to put it on the #1 position?

The reason for making these shorts our top pick is its versatile nature. These are not only used as boxing shorts but also as MMA shorts, wrestling shorts, and other sports. In addition, its design and material highly impressed us. 

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#2. Title American Flag Boxing Trunks

The next on our list is the American Flag boxing trunk by Title Boxing. Crafted with 100% satin nylon, it has extra-long slits, providing complete comfort. 

We can’t stop praising the style and overall look of these shorts. It is stylish, comfortable as well as durable. It has a baggy style with hemmed buttons and a roomier crotch. Plus, the material makes it extremely stretchable. 



This boxing trunk by Title Boxing is very comfortable and offers enough room to accommodate a groin protector without appearing baggy. 

Air Flow

Its satin texture allows easy airflow, thus preventing sweat and overheating even in the most intense conditions. 

Premium Quality Material 

It is made with premium quality material and can be machine washed. It also provides a secure fit around the hips. 


It features stitches that are durable and will not tear or wear off. With a stylish look and durability, these shorts never fail to impress. 


  • Made from premium quality material
  • It does not wear or tear off easily 
  • Has side slits that allow easy movement 


  • Only available in one color variant 


These shorts are ideal if you want to look like a true American. It comes in the USA flag’s color and style, having a blue waistband with red and white stripes. It adds style to your performance and makes you feel comfortable during the training sessions. Made with high-quality material and allowing easy airflow, these shorts are ideal for athletes.

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#3. LAFROI Mens MMA Cross Training Boxing Shorts

These boxing shorts by LAFROI are made with polyester. It has a velcro plus drawstring closure. Undoubtedly, these shorts help to give confidence to athletes and to everyone who wears it. 

It is so versatile that it provides both performance and comfort simultaneously. What we really like are the prints and colors of the product. With more than 5 color options, there is no need to compromise on the color choice. Plus, you will nowhere feel burdened by the product as it is lightweight and dries fast. 



Unlike other boxing shorts and trunks, these shorts are doubly secured. Thanks to the velcro and drawstrings that keep it secure on your waist. It comes in a design to provide maximum comfort to the wearer. 


This product is not just limited to boxing! You can use it for a variety of martial arts as well as sports like non-traditional BJJ, Muay Thai, kickboxing, etc. Some users wear it even for water sports. 


Gone are the days when sports gear makes the wearer feel heavy. These shorts dry fast and gradually bring the sweat out. 


We really love the prints, and since the product has sublimated prints, you won’t experience any color or logo peeling. It is fully embedded into the fabric to ensure fastness. 


It is engineered with tear-resistant microfiber fabric, which provides a stronghold on the product. 


  • Made with tear-resistant microfiber fabric 
  • Suitable for both martial arts and sports
  • Has velcro plus drawstring closure
  • Available in various colors 
  • Sublimated prints to ensure fastness


  • Size may run small 


Overall, we are in love with this product. It is not only made of premium quality tear-resistant fabric, but offers both comfort and durability. You can use it for a variety of sports and choose your favorite color.

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#4. Anthem Athletics Infinity Shorts

The boxing shorts by Anthem Athletics are one of the most popular products in the market at present. The brand believes in making constant improvements in its products to provide the best quality to its customers. Since the launch of their original Infinity Shorts in 2016, Anthem Athletics has improved the fit and form function. 

It is made with high grade, lightweight, and tear-resistant microfiber. Besides, it is fully machine washable. We also liked that wearers can use it for various sports such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and boxing. 

Plus, there is no need to worry about the sizing as you can look at the product specific sizing chart and take guidance for the right fit. 


  • Premium Quality Material 

The shorts are made with high-grade microfiber. The material is lightweight, tear-resistant, and machine washable. 

  • Colors 

No more compromise on colors as you get these shorts in more than 5 colors, including army and black, black and white, and red and black. 


These shorts are not just limited to boxing. You can use them for Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, and many other sports. 


The shorts feature high-grade embroidery that is built to last. Plus, the material is tear-resistant. 


  • Made with lightweight fabric 
  • It is machine washable 
  • Suitable for people of all ages and genders 
  • Not too flashy 


  • Does not have very long slits 


Overall, these shorts are extremely comfortable and sit well on your body. It’s hard for any other product to beat it when it comes to pricing. They are easy to wash and have a stylish appearance. Since they are durable, you can wear them constantly without any worries. Lastly, it allows plenty of movement for kicks.

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#5. Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

The last on our list of best boxing shorts and trunks is Anthem Athletics. Made with a tear-resistant and fast-drying fabric, this product can surely get you motivated for your boxing sessions. It features a two-fold velcro waistband with a drawstring and a non-chaff front. 

Plus, you will find them in various color options. Take them for your boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, or Krav Maga sessions. It is suitable for all! 


Tear Resistant 

The shorts are made with a tear-resistant fabric, which makes them durable and long-lasting. It can surely handle your kicks and other movements. 


It features aggressive side slits and a 4-way stretch cord to allow optimal movement. 


There is no need to worry about peeling or cracking logos as you get sublimation printing with these shorts. 


  • Made with tear-resistant fabric 
  • Has sublimation printing 
  • Features a velcro waistband with drawstring 
  • Available in various colors 


  • Some buyers complain of poor print quality 


This product is a good companion for your boxing sessions. Both the style and construction of the product are excellent. Besides, the velcro closure is comfortable and won’t scrape your abdomen while doing squats.

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Best Boxing Shorts: Buying Guide

No two boxing shorts are the same. All of them have certain features, pros, and cons. When selecting the best boxing shorts and trunk, make sure to keep the following things in mind: 


The last thing you want to experience is the early wear and tear of your favorite boxing shorts. It’s always good to buy durable stuff as they last longer. 

This is especially important in boxing, as it is a rough sport, and your shorts may have to take a beating! Therefore, your boxing trunk should be able to withstand all the punches. 


Whether you are punching, dodging, throwing the opponent, or doing cardio, you need to move well. So, buy a pair of shorts that allows you to move freely. 

The right pair of shorts will help you perform better with minimal restrictions. Prioritize comfort over anything else when buying boxing gear


This is one of the primary things that we look for when buying any garment. The type of material you choose will impact both the durability and movement along with comfort and performance. 

We recommend you to look for tear-resistant, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and quick-drying material. 


The most eye-popping feature of boxing shorts is its waistband. The reason it is so big is to benefit from the ‘can’t hit below the belt rule.’ 

So, having a bigger and higher waistband in your shorts can minimize the target zone for body shots. Also, do not opt for too high or too low as it can become restricting and uncomfortable. 


If you are training with a partner, protection is paramount. Make sure that the boxing trunks have enough room to place the groin protector. At the same time, make sure that it is not too loose and fits you correctly. 


When you check all the above boxes, it’s time to focus on the trunk’s look and appearance. Who doesn’t want to look good, right?

Besides, stylish looking shorts can boost your confidence, which is always good for boxing and other martial arts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do Boxers opt for Bigger Shorts?

One of the significant reasons for selecting bigger shorts is to allow easy airflow. Besides, the shorts should have ample space to fit a groin protector. 

What Materials are Boxing Shorts made of?

Boxing shorts are made with various types of materials, including cotton, polyester, sating, blends, jersey knits, and silk. 

Can you wear Boxing Shorts as Shorts?

Yes, most boxing shorts are made with lightweight and durable fabric that can be worn in daily life. These can be easily worn in public places such as at the gas station, shopping, or in the neighborhood. 

What are other Shorts that Boxers can Wear?

Boxers can choose from boxing shorts, grappling shorts, kickboxing shorts, Vale Tudo shorts, and Muay Thai shorts. 

What do Boxers wear Besides Boxing Shorts?

As a boxer, you need to wear boxing shoes, socks, sweats, shirt, headgear, gloves, groin protector, and hand wraps.