10 Best Boxing Equipment for Home Use in 2021

Boxing is an excellent workout for beginners and a perfect warm-up exercise for professional athletes and MMA players. Boxing workouts have many advantages, owing to which they are gaining importance in the health and fitness field.

A report published in the Journal of Physical Education and Sport, boxing workouts are a great way to improve physical fitness and performance. Another article published by Harvard Health states that fitness boxing has many health benefits such as improved heart health, strengthened bones and muscles, fat burn, and mood improvement.

With so many advantages, boxing is becoming a regular part of fitness routine everywhere. We will be listing down the best boxing equipment for home use in this write-up.

How We Made Our List:

Our team spoke to fitness trainers, professional boxers, athletes, and novice boxers to understand the nitty-gritty behind boxing, such as the basics, the intricacies, and unique requirements. Then we went online to further our research. We went through various websites and readied a list of possible boxing equipment. Then we analyzed reviews, ratings, and customer feedback on multiple review websites and forums. After consolidating all the information at hand, we arrived at our picks for the best boxing equipment for home.

10 Best Boxing Equipment for your Home Gym

Buying fitness equipment requires careful planning and analysis. The gear must be useful for the entire family, take up less space, and prove to be an enjoyable activity for all ages. Let us look at our team’s picks for the best boxing equipment.

#1. Fitven Freestanding Punching Bag

The Fitven Freestanding Punching Bag is an excellent package for those looking to add a complete boxing fitness package to their home gym. The punching bag comes with a pair of punching gloves, so you needn’t look elsewhere to buy them. The most significant advantage of having a free stand punching bag is that it allows for a full-body workout by allowing strikes and punches at various heights. Let us see how this product fares in terms of features and workability.


  • This boxing bag measures 70-inches tall and can be used by the entire  family. At the core, the design features a stainless steel tube stand for strength and durability. Over this, you find multi-layered fabrics, including fabric buffer, high-density EPE foam, and premium leather (2mm thickness). The materials are of high-quality, resist wear and tear, and allow for a quick rebound.
  • An ABS base supports this structure with suction cups to keep the punching bag in place even on smooth surfaces. The shock-absorbing system is well-designed with dual PVC shock absorbers and four springs. The springs, along with the silencing layer, ensure a noise-free boxing experience. The design ensures that the bag stays stable and has the necessary rebound for the perfect workout experience.
  • You can fill the punching bag with either 155 lbs of sand or 110 lbs of water. The makers suggest the use of sand over water for the best results. The accompanying gloves are made of 10mm thick EVA fist padding made of anti-wear leather for comfort and protection. The gloves feature an ergonomic design and a breathable mesh for ventilation.


  • Sturdy, stable, and silent
  • Durable fabric
  • Tear-resistant and breathable materials
  • Includes gloves
  • Great shock absorption
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Great rebound
  • Well-designed glove
  • One-year warranty


  • Equipment requires storage space


The Fitven Punching Bag is an affordably priced boxing equipment for home use. The reviews have been largely positive, with very minimal complaints about the product. If you plan to buy the best free-standing boxing bag for the home, the Fitven free-standing bag is the best product. 

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#2. K Y KANGYUN Weighted Jump Rope

Weighted jump ropes are a great inexpensive way to improve core strength, endurance, and coordination. They are known to help burn almost double the calories compared to other workout forms such as high-intensity training, CrossFit training, interval training, etc., helping with quicker weight loss.

The KY Kangyun jump rope is the perfect way to get your quota of aerobic exercises. It is ergonomically designed with breathable anti-slip material allowing for comfortable long workout sessions. Adjustable rope length means that the whole family can use the rope for warm-ups and working out.


  • The KY Kangyun jump rope can be used as a weighted and non-weighted rope. Without load, the rope weighs about 160 gm with no load and is suitable for beginners. You can add a weight of 170 gm, which comes in the form of steel cylinders, to the handles to make the rope weighted.
  • The PP material handles are processed by heat treatment for strength and durability. The 6-inch PVC memory foam on the handle allows for comfortable handling of the jump rope. The material absorbs sweat and is moisture-proof and durable. The internal rope features PVC coated braided steel cables that can handle high-intensity skipping with ease. It is durable and resists wear and tear.
  • The tangle-free steel ball bearings within the handle prevent tangling and twisting of the rope during workouts. This jump rope’s maximum length is 9 inches, which can be reduced depending on necessity, making this rope suitable for all ages. The rope comes in a pouch for easy and convenient storage after use.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Strong and durable
  • Great option for beginners
  • Length-adjustable
  • Can be used with and without weights


  • Experts may find the weights too less
  • Not suitable for taller people

The Weighted Rope from KY Kangyun is an excellent and inexpensive way to stay fit. The rope incorporates an impressive design, durable material, sweat absorption and is perfect for high-intensity workouts. With features such as height adjustments and the option of skipping with and without the weights, the KYKangyun weighted rope is the best inexpensive rope for home use.

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#3. Bout Master Punching Bag with Stand

Punching bags are a great way to warm up before an intense workout. They improve coordination, build reflexes, and relieve stress and tension. Boxers and MMA fighters frequently use punching bags to warm up before the big game. Punching bags also allow you to train for boxing.

The Bout Master punching bag with stand is a compact workout gear that takes up less space, doesn’t require much setup and installation, and is perfect for the entire family. This boxing bag is height adjustable, making it ideal for kids and adults.


  • The Bout Master punching bag’s basic design has a sturdy base, a height-adjustable stand, and a boxing bag. The base holds a maximum of 100 lbs of sand or 66 lbs of water for complete stability.
  • The stand features a durable spring that helps the punching bag bounce bag after every punch. The punching ball features EVA foam, which ensures durability and longevity. The foam is stress resistant and temperature resistant and can stand long-term wear and tear. The stand’s height can be adjusted between 49 inches and 62 inches, depending on personal requirements. With this feature, the entire family can use the punching bag comfortably.


  • Great for beginners, especially kids
  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Durable
  • Height-adjustable
  • Well-designed punching ball


  • Doesn’t come with gloves
  • Not for professionals

If you have kids and teens at home and are looking for fitness equipment to keep them busy and active while getting some exercise done, the Bout Master Punching Bag with Stand is an excellent option. It is good for adults making it a perfect choice for your home.

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#4. Taco Friedo Double End Punching Ball

The Double End Punching Ball from Taco Friedo is the perfect way to improve your coordination, agility, and reflexes. The product also comes with a reflex ball with headbands that allows you to get extra training for focus and concentration. Both the products feature durable materials and a sturdy design and are fit for use by both kids and adults.


  • The Friedo Double End Speed Bag is made with PU leather, making it durable and resistant to moisture and wear and tear. The speed bag features a reinforced double stitch and triangle seams that add sturdiness to the product. The inner bladder is made with thickened rubber, which ensures that the bag is leak-free. The overall product features a tight-gas nozzle design so that once pumped, the air stays in, and you can enjoy a hassle-free workout session.
  • The punching bag measures 13 inches in length and 37.4 inches in circumference. Two ropes measuring 27 inches each allow you to suspend the speed bag during your workout sessions. An air pump, two inflating needles, and two ring locks complete the set. Filling air into your boxing bag is an easy process, and once you are done with your workout session, you can deflate and store it aside, making this product easy to store and use.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the product also comes with a reflex ball, a headband, and an elastic cord. The reflex ball is made of premium quality foam, making it soft, light, and safe to use. The headband can be adjusted between 19 and 24.5 inches according to your needs.


  • Compact and durable
  • Reinforced stitching and seams for strength
  • Includes air pump
  • Easy to use reflex balls with an adjustable headband


  • Carabiners to hang the speed bag not included, must be bought separately.

The Taco Friedo Double End Punching Ball with reflex ball provides an excellent workout for the whole family at a low price. The kit doesn’t occupy space and needs minimal maintenance, making it a perfect addition to your home gym. Small homes with kids can benefit from using this product to keep kids and adults active and get exercises done.

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#5. Venom Elite Boxing Gloves

It is rare to find a product with five-star ratings and rave reviews, and the Venom Elite Boxing Gloves is one of them. Users laud this product for being comfortable, stylish, breathable, and very functional. One Amazon user mentioned that the product did not lose its design or color even after a year’s use and showed no wear and tear signs either.


  • The Venom Elite Boxing Gloves are handmade and feature Skintex leather, a high-quality imitation leather. The material gives the gloves the perfect grip every time you wear them. The gloves are stylish and available in a multitude of colors. The stitching is strong, and the wearer can experience the much-needed protection and comfort during high-intense long workout sessions.
  • The gloves made from triple-density foam provide the ultimate boxing comfort. The design incorporates strengthened seams for durability and fully attached thumbs for preventing accidents. With reinforced palms and long cuffs, the gloves offer great shock-absorption.
  • Amazon provides a size chart that allows you to select the suitable gloves depending on your weight, making your buying decision easier.


  • Well-designed product
  • Ensures durability and comfort
  • Ventilated mesh for breathability
  • Better padding
  • Great shock absorption
  • Injury-free design
  • Resist wear and tear
  • Available in a multitude of colors and varying sizes
  • Comfortable during long training hours


  • One user mentions that the gloves retained their stiffness even after being used for a lengthy period, which may be problematic for some.

The venom elite punching gloves are your best workout buddies, allowing for the perfect comfort during long and high-intensity sessions. The gloves are breathable, absorb sweat well, are ergonomically designed, efficiently absorb shocks, and are designed to prevent accidents.

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#6. Sanabul Essential Boxing Curved Punching Mitts

Are you on the hunt for affordably priced punching mitts that deliver the goods? Your search ends with the curved punching mitts from Sanabul. Reviewers appreciate this product for being durable and inexpensive. They reduce the stress on your palms, allow for comfortable long boxing sessions, and are excellent for practice. 


  • Sanabul Boxing Curved Punching Mitts are handmade keeping in mind the natural curvature of the palm. The mitts feature Performance Engineered Leather and are filled with Santec Ultra Light foam, both of which ensure comfort and durability. The gloves are lightweight and resist wear and tear.
  • The Suntec foam also protects from impacts and protects your hands during high-impact sparring sessions. Due to their design and build, the mitts efficiently absorb impacts and then disperse them, leading to efficient workouts.
  • For the best workout experience, the company ensures that every design is well-tested. Each design goes through multiple tests and is handmade to give users the best experience when wearing them. Maximum importance is given to the ergonomics, making the Sanabul Curved Mitts the best inexpensive punching mitts for home use.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Ideal for non-professional training
  • Durable and comfortable design
  • Perfect fit for the palms
  • Curved shape for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Snugly fits
  • Affordable
  • Size-adjustable


  • May not be suitable for professional athletes

Sanabul Essential Curved Punching Mitts are an excellent addition to your home gym. They are well-designed, durable, and ensure maximum comfort to the users. With excellent impact absorption, a comfortable fit, and adjustable wrist wraps, these punching mitts are the best-curved punching mitts for home use.

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#7.  Hawk Padded Handwraps

Hand wraps are an essential fitness gear for boxers, especially professionals. While boxing gloves may offer protection to your knuckles, hand wraps offer holistic protection to your hands by saving your bones, thumbs, and knuckles from impact during boxing sessions. These wraps are easy to wear, easy to maintain, and come with a 3-year replacement warranty.


  • The Hawk Padded Handwraps go well under your boxing gloves and can be worn by themselves for a light workout or boxing session. These gel-based wraps fit snugly under your gloves and form a comfortable and protective base. At first, these wraps may look huge, but most users point out that the fit is perfect. The wraps are available in two sizes small/medium and large/extra large.
  • The padding on the knuckles adds an extra layer of protection for your intense boxing workouts and keeps them safe, absorbing any shocks and impact. The winning points for these wraps are their inexpensive pricing and perfect stitching that ensures durability. Over-locked stitching prevents the hand wraps from falling apart despite extensive use. Extra-long wrist wraps provide added protection to the wrists, preventing wrist injuries. The wraps also have a Velcro enclosure which allow you to properly fasten the hand wraps before every use.
  • The Hawk Padded Hand Wraps are easy to wash, can dry quickly, easy to maintain, and last for a long time. These wraps are popular among users due to the stitch, durability, fit and easy maintenance.


  • Perfect for boxing and all types of martial arts
  • Excellent for beginners and experts
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Designed for comfort and protection
  • Can be used by themselves and under boxing gloves
  • 3-year warranty


  • Available in two sizes only

The Hawk Hand Wraps are an inexpensive way to protect your hands through intense workout sessions. Every detail is carefully planned, and the wraps are well-designed to ensure safety and comfort. With these features, Hawk Padded Hand Wraps find a place in our list as the best handwraps for home use.

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#8. Cyfie Boxing Kick Pads

Have kids at home interested in kickboxing? The Cyfie Boxing Kick Pads kit is an ideal place to start. The product comes with a pair of kick pad, hand pads, and a pair of punching mitts, making this the perfect kickboxing training kit. While this kit is good for all ages, kids and beginners will find this product extremely useful.


  • Kick pads are a great way to introduce beginners into the world of boxing and martial arts training. The trainer can use the pads to shield themselves while the trainee throws punches aimed at the pads.
  • The Cyfie boxing kick pads are made with PU leather and filled with thick sponge foam that absorbs any shock impacts from punches and makes them safe and effective when training for boxing. PU leather ensures that the pads stay durable and are wear and tear-resistant.
  • The pads come with adjustable armbands, which means that people of all ages can use them. Careful stitching also adds to the durability factor. High-quality zippers stand the stress of long training hours well.
  • The punching mitts are well-designed, keeping in mind the basic needs of boxing. Incorporating leather and foam similar to the kick pads, the punching mitts are also well-constructed and durable. The gloves fit well, are comfortable, breathable, and keep you going through long workout sessions.
  • The reviews online have mostly been positive, with trainers and parents giving high ratings to the product. The kit is also reasonably priced, another reason for its success and excellent reviews.


  • Includes kick pads and boxing mitts
  • Well-designed with PU leather and foam
  • Affordably priced
  • Adjustable kick pads
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Experts may not find this product useful

As we mentioned earlier, the Cyfie Boxing Kick Pads are an excellent purchase for beginners and intermediate boxing trainees. It is a significant addition to home gyms, and homes with active kids. It is the perfect way to get kids to exercise and learn self-defense techniques. With its affordable pricing and attention to quality, the Cyfie Boxing Kick Pads are our teams’ pick for the best kick pads for home use.

So far, we have seen affordable products that add excellent value to your home gym and make your workout sessions convenient and economical. We will now take a look at a couple of interactive training equipment for next-level fitness enthusiasts.

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#9. Nexersys Cross Body Trainer

The Nexersys trainer system features a double-end punching bag and a free-standing frame on a stable base to support the punching bag. This fitness equipment is an excellent addition to sophisticated home gyms of fitness experts who take their workouts seriously. Features such as interactive training sessions, personalized training programs, and Bluetooth connectivity make the Nexersys Cross body trainer a must-have piece of equipment.


  • At the core, this interactive training system features an 8-inch double-end punching bag that stays suspended with the help of a frame placed on a stable base. The wires that hold the punching bag are height-adjustable, allowing you to fix the punching bag’s height to suit your convenience. The in-built wireless three-axis sensor with Bluetooth in the bag provides real-time feedback to the interactive system in various parameters, including speed, accuracy, and agility.
  • The free-standing frame has a slot for holding your mobile device/tablet while you workout. The system’s sensors connect to your device’s Bluetooth to provide real-time updates to the mobile app. You can also adjust the speed bag’s height and speed from your phone app, which can be downloaded from iOS and Android App Stores.
  • The app provides access to over 10,000 different workouts, introducing you to a whole new world of health and fitness. You can choose from a range of low-impact high intensity (HIIT) workouts. The system trains you in proper striking techniques, core strengthening, and cardio exercises. You can choose between beginner, intermediary, and expert levels. The cross trainer also allows for customizable training programs.


  • Sturdy build and design
  • Durable
  • Proprietary design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mobile app available
  • Height-adjustable speed bag
  • Interactive training programs
  • Occupies relatively less space for the features offered


  • Assembly can be complicated

If you love gadgets and technology and want to incorporate them into your workout routine, the Nexersys Interactive Cross Body Trainer is an excellent choice. This sleek and stylish piece of gym equipment is an excellent trainer in boxing and introduces you to a whole new world of interactive learning. For being feature-friendly and winning positive customer reviews, the Nexersys features in our list for the best boxing equipment for home use.

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#10. Nexersys N3 Personal Boxing Trainer

The makers describe the N3 Personal Boxing Trainer as your personal trainer and sparring partner. True to this description, this interactive training system has strike pads attached to a height-adjustable frame. The Nexersys app gives the trainer access to a wide range of interactive training and gameplay sessions, making this interactive training equipment a must-have for fitness enthusiasts.


  • This interactive training system features two strike pads designed with high-density foam for a durable and comfortable hitting surface. The pads also reduce hit impacts and provide real-time user feedback. With including a third strike area, the system offers a multi-strike zone for a realistic boxing workout session.
  • The frame and stand are made of commercial-grade steel for durability. The large base provides a stable surface to hold the structure, while the in-built wheels allow for easy mobility. The frame holds a touchscreen tablet that connects with the N3 software’s nexersys app using a cloud-based system to stay updated with your training programs and stats.
  • The tablet introduces you to an array of interactive workouts and gameplays/tournaments that give you a real-world experience while breaking the monotony of working out from home. All your stats are stored through the app, allowing you to keep track of your progress and workout results.


  • Multiple strike areas for a realistic workout experience
  • Included tablet for interactive workout sessions
  • Mobile app available
  • Industrial grade materials for durability
  • Wheel base for easy mobility of the equipment
  • Easily trackable progress and stats through the app
  • Personal trainer/gym experience at home


  • Some users have mentioned that the stand sometimes moves while boxing.

The Nexersys N3 Personal Boxing Trainer is a fun way to make your boring workouts more interesting and get much-needed cardio workouts every day. With state-of-the-art design and features, this personal trainer gets our vote for the best interactive boxing trainer.

This brings us to the end of our list of best boxing equipment for home use. Each product was chosen for factors such as reliability, durability, cost-effectiveness, and workability, and user reviews. Every product listed above is a winner in its category.

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So what makes each of these products the best? What factors we must consider when buying each of these products? Let us look at some of the key points to be kept in mind when buying the best boxing equipment for home use:

Best Boxing Equipment for Home Use: Ultimate Buying Guide


To be functional and successful, any product must be well-designed. The same applies to boxing equipment. Boxing gears such as gloves, wraps, mitts, and speed bags must be made of a powerful material that is breathable and durable and resists wear and tear. Stitching and seams of excellent quality will add to the durability factor. Equipment with all-metal construction are reliable and long-lasting.


Ergonomically designed boxing gear ensures maximum comfort throughout your boxing sessions. For example, boxing gloves and wraps are designed keeping the unique curvature of the palm in mind. Equipment designed this way to ensure comfort, while protecting the hands, wrists, and palms from injuries. For example, Hawk’s gel-based hand wraps provide perfect layering under your boxing gloves and ensure a stress-free and comfortable boxing experience.


Boxing gear such as free-standing punching bags and punching bags with stands must have a stable base and features such as suction cups to ensure that the equipment stays in place and doesn’t wobble during high-intense boxing bouts.

Shock Absorption

Every piece of boxing gym equipment you buy must have features such as shock absorption and impact dispersion. Free-standing speed bags and speed bags with stands must stay firm and in place without vibrations, while you practice high-impact boxing.

Adjustable Gear

Boxing gear with adjustments such as height adjustments with speed bag stands, wrist adjustments for boxing gloves and hand wraps, etc., allow more than one person to use the equipment. Such adjustable gym gear is an excellent option for the entire family.

Additional Features

Equipment with features such as personalized training programs, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, etc., though expensive, add an interesting dimension to the whole workout routine and are a must-buy for technology and gadget lovers.

Other Considerations

Having prior knowledge of customer reviews, shipping and returns, warranty policies, setup steps, if any, and after-sales service will help you stay prepared on what to expect after purchasing the product.


When looking to buy the best boxing equipment for home use, you will be spoilt for choice. The market has a wide range of products to choose every purpose and budget. Our list above gives you an idea of the different kinds of boxing gear you can choose from. Whether you are buying equipment for personal use or the entire family, a little care and careful research will help you buy the best boxing equipment for home.


What is the Best Punching Bag for Home?

Our team unanimously picked Fitven Punching Bag as the best free-standing punching bag, while Bout Master won as the best punching bag with the stand.

Is Boxing at Home a Good Workout?

Boxing is a great workout. Shadowboxing is a precursor to professional boxing training. It helps improve concentration, reflexes, coordination, and agility. High-intensity boxing is considered one of the best cardio workouts.

What do I Need to Start Boxing at Home?

To start boxing at home, you will need to buy boxing equipment such as boxing gloves, punching mitts, hand wraps, punching bags/ speed bags, jump ropes, etc.