5 Best Adjustable Dumbbell in 2021

Ever wondered what it would take for you to switch between heavy workouts at home to a low-impact exercise in zero seconds? Well, all that you would require is a set of adjustable dumbbells. If this is the first time you’ve heard of them, or have been thinking of investing in a pair since quite some time – worry not! We have created the perfect guide that’ll help you find the best adjustable dumbbell out there. 

We know how hard choosing the right product from an overwhelming array of choices can be. That is why we make sure to test all of the products and refer to experts and professional sportspersons for their opinions. 

In order to find the best adjustable dumbbell in 2021, there are various things to consider such as the weight displacement, grip, and body of the product. Here are the 5 best products we narrowed down to in our list.

Our Top 3 Picks:

ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell Vergo Adjustable Dumbbell KOOLSEN Adjustable Dumbbells
Pros Portable and Compact
Made of High-Quality Material
Has a Comfortable Grip
Ergonomic Design
Anti-Slip Grip for Safe Use
High-Quality and Premium Look
Futuristic Design
Aesthetically Pleasing and Compact
Anti-Slip and Comfortable Grip


5 Best Adjustable Dumbbell Reviews 

#1. AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbell

Whether you are looking to train your core or perform a basic workout routine, this product has got you covered. The adjustable dumbbell from ATIVAFIT promises the user a balanced experience. Using this product for an extensive session might just fill the void in your everyday routine.


  • The weight-changing mechanism for this dumbbell is made in a push-pull design. This makes it easier for users. Not to forget that this mechanism also reduces the time taken to adjust the weight. After all, when it comes to working out, time is of the essence. 
  • One of the most important things that makes a dumbbell great is the grip. The grip of ATIVAFIT’s adjustable dumbbell is made of high-quality material. The surface of the material is textured in such a way that it proves comfortable while handling. As mentioned earlier, this adjustable dumbbell can be used for multiple purposes: from an hour-long workout or a quick 15-minute stretch after waking up. Use it however you like, you are mostly going to reap its benefits nonetheless.
  • The design of this adjustable dumbbell is also something that we didn’t overlook. It is compact and quite easy to store. Considering the various ways in which you can use it, this fact surely makes it a great choice.


  • Compact and saves a lot of space
  • Comes with a resting base that prevents floor damage
  • Push-pull weight adjustment mechanism
  • Wear-resistant


  • Comes with a lot of parts
  • Loose parts might shift


ATIVAFIT’s adjustable dumbbell, as it happens, provides the user with a comfortable grip for better handling and multiple uses, and its build quality is superb. To state the obvious, when you look for fitness equipment, these three things definitely come to your mind. No wonder it’s preferred by so many experts in the field!

Why is it Our #1 Pick?

When we looked into various details of the products that we reviewed, we realized – without a doubt – that ATIVAFIT’s adjustable dumbbell was made using premium material, offered the best features and was surprisingly affordable for its quality! None of its competitors stood a chance, and it automatically rose to the top on our list.

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#2. Vergo Adjustable Dumbbell

Compact, light, and versatile are just a few words that you can use to describe this product. Vergo’s adjustable dumbbell is a great choice if you are looking for a light workout session or maybe some reps in the middle of an extensive hour-long session. It is perfect at-home fitness equipment that you need to check out.


  • This adjustable dumbbell provides you with an option of choosing between various classes of weights, ranging from 5 lb to 25 lb. Along with that, it comes with an additional part, which is the base that you can use to keep on when not in use. This makes their storage seem convenient.
  • This product’s versatility makes it a great choice for both beginners and advanced users, as it could be perfect for both low and high-intensity workouts. Also, the ability to switch between the heavier and lighter load can give the user a chance to train for a longer period of time without any risk of fatigue. Whether it is for your biceps, triceps, chest or back, with Vergo’s adjustable dumbbell, you can easily take advantage of its versatility. There are almost no interruptions in your workout sessions; just adjust the weights and start doing the reps.
  • Portability is yet another factor that makes these dumbbells the right choice. Coming with its base, the product is not a hassle when it comes to transportation. Your home-gym can move with you wherever you go.


  • Portable and compact design, easy to store
  • Anti-slip quality material
  • Comes with a base for storage and rest
  • No hassle of manually changing the plates


  • Can be quite heavy and difficult to shift weights
  • Not made to get you through an extensive workout session


What makes Vergo’s adjustable dumbbells a great pick for our list is the fact that it gives its user a great handling experience. Coupled with its adjustable weight mechanism and a compact and portable design, it surely checks off all the essential qualities for a piece of fitness equipment. 

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#3. Koolsen Adjustable Dumbbell

Futuristic – that is the most popular word used to describe this product. A single look at it can show you how simple its design is, but what makes it a great product is its usability and the adjustable weight feature that it comes with. Not only is it a great choice for your at-home gym, but it is also something that adds to your home’s aesthetic as well.


  • As most adjustable dumbbells go, this product definitely makes heads turn for its versatile nature. However, it provides it in a very eccentric manner. It is a 4-in-1 dumbbell set with 6.8 lbs, 11.1 lbs, 16.7 lbs and 22 lbs weights. In addition to that, it is durable and can easily satisfy the users with its quality as it is cut from a single piece of high-quality steel and has no welding. Since it is made out of a single piece of steel, you know that it’s durable as a single piece is much harder to break or dismantle.
  • The product has a natural feel to it. How, you ask? Well, as the brand claims, each of these sets are polished by hand, by someone with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Its versatility provides you with uninterrupted short or long workout sessions. Whether it is your biceps, abs, deltoid muscles or triceps, you can use these to train almost all of your upper body muscles.
  • The grip on this adjustable dumbbell is equipped with an anti-grip technology that makes it comfortable for beginners as well as the professionals.


  1. Anti-slip technology installed in the grip
  2. A unique design and cool aesthetic
  3. Portable and compact
  4. Durable one-piece of steel


  1. Can sometimes be difficult to remove the parts
  2. There is no base where you can put the dumbbell at rest


Although the product comes with a few drawbacks, it still delivers on what it promises. It can be used for multiple purposes, it has an easy push-pull weight adjustment mechanism, and most of all, it can be easily transported. Thus it passes on all fronts and is a highly recommended addition to the home-gym for most customers on Amazon.

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#4. Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell


  • This adjustable dumbbell has an external connecting bar that can easily convert it into a fully-functioning bench press in no time. Along with that, you can also find some adjustable weight plates in the set. 
  • The addition of both of these attachments can significantly increase the scope of its overall usage. As the brand itself says, this product can be used to improve your biceps, triceps, back, abs, and even chest. This makes it an all-in-one fitness equipment. Are you looking to get a fully functioning gymnasium at your place of residence? Well, this product is just for you then.
  • There are different kinds of weights available in the set. Some of them are 4.4 lbs plates, 5.5 lbs plates, and 6 lbs plates. All of these plates are present in the quantity of 4, thus making the total plates number to 12. 
  • With the addition of an anti-slip cloth for grip, this product follows all the safety norms that you would associate with a dumbbell. The anti-slip technology used in order to make it easier for you to do your workout without any slippage prevents muscle atrophy from a medical standpoint.


  • Has a non-slip safe design
  • Cool and stylish look
  • The material is high-quality and durable


  • The weights might sometimes become loose in the midst of the workout


In this list, this is the only product that comes with a connecting rod and offers features that a normal dumbbell could not. It is portable, has a stylish look to it, and can be used in different manners as well. Though there might be some drawbacks of using it with every other part attached, it is still of great use during workout sessions at home or the gym.

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#5. LeadNovo Adjustable Weights Dumbbell Set

Designed in a way to improve your core physique while also being versatile and portable, this little product makes it to our list as it checks off all the required qualities of a great adjustable dumbbell. Along with that, it also has a shape that makes it different from the rest.


  • Right off the bat, you would notice that these adjustable dumbbells have a unique design. The diamond-shaped cross texturing in the grip makes it quite comfortable to handle for a long time. Though a low-intensity workout would be more effective, these dumbbells can also be used for some high-intensity training. 
  • The build quality of the whole adjustable dumbbell is quite remarkable. The shape of its dumbbell is more like a polygon than a circle. This also helps it stand out from the rest of the products on this list.
  • Portability is yet another feature that these dumbbells seem to showcase. And if you have a gym at home, these would make a nice addition. As a 3-in-1 dumbbell, it comes with various weights for either low or high-intensity training. Since it is made from a different material, it is not going to act like an iron dumbbell and thus it reduces the risk of floor damage. Additionally, the polygon or octagonal design prevents it from rolling around when left unattended.


  • The design is ergonomic 
  • Safe and durable
  • Made of PE material rather than iron
  • Has a good anti-slip grip


  • Can be quite big and hectic to carry when all the parts are attached.
  • Might be too heavy sometimes


In simple words, the LEADNOVO adjustable dumbbell is a great product for your gym or home. It is compact and has a strong, textured grip that is great for short and low-intensity training sessions.

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Best Adjustable Dumbbell: Buying Guide

If you still have doubts regarding the perfect adjustable dumbbell and want to know how to go about choosing the right one for yourself, look no further. Here are a few factors that you need to consider before you make that purchase. Our handy buying guide should help you make a more informed choice regarding the best adjustable dumbbell in 2021.


Almost every other dumbbell that we added to our list has multiple uses. This property of adjustable dumbbells exists because of the presence of various weights. These weights can be changed and hence, the product can be used from low to high-intensity training based on your needs.

Grip and Handling:

It is not a coincidence that all the products on our list have an anti-slip and safety grip attached to them. When it comes to fitness equipment, handling them becomes a big issue. When we talk about long, high-intensity workouts, the comfort of the user should be the top priority for the brands.

External Parts:

For an adjustable dumbbell, external parts may vary from brand to brand. Some of them come with a variety of weights, including a base where you can keep your dumbbell safely once you are done using it. All in all, extra features provided by the company can easily improve the user experience of the product by a huge margin.


What is the product made up of? This is a simple yet important question when it comes to purchasing gym equipment. It is important for you to know the material used in the product as it is going to help you understand what the build quality of the product is. The material of the product also helps you identify the lifespan of the product as well. Some of the materials that are used to make a dumbbell can range from ballistic nylon to high-grade metal, both of which have a long life.

Aesthetic and Look:

If you have surfed through adjustable dumbbells on Amazon or any other online store, you must have noticed that they tend to look quite different from your average dumbbell. The design and aesthetic of the fitness equipment also play an important role in your workout routine. Additionally, they also add to the visual appeal for your gym at home! So make sure that you pick the design that reflects your personal style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Worth it?

You might not notice their purpose clearly if you go to a gym, where every other piece of equipment is present. However, if you are more focused on training at home and building a multi-purpose gym in your basement, an adjustable dumbbell will become the top priority on your list of equipment. Due to their easy-to-store nature, dumbbells are one of the most popular fitness equipment that people buy for their homes. Working great for both low and high-intensity training, a dumbbell is a portable equipment that you must have.

Can Dumbbells Get you Big?

Though the most traditional answer to that is no, things are slowly looking a bit different. With the introduction of adjustable dumbbells, people have started to see their true potential. As the adjustable variants have multiple uses, they can certainly be used to train various muscles and allow you to have an uninterrupted long workout session.

 What is the Best Brand of Dumbbells?

There is a lot of competition when it comes to fitness equipment brands. You never know when a newly launched brand takes the top spot. So the brands that we used in our list are based on the average user reviews that they got. In general, they all did quite favorably.

 How Heavy Dumbbells Should I Get?

To accurately know the type of dumbbell that you require, you’ll need to know your workout routine first. There is a reason why adjustable dumbbells are the craze right now as you can easily adjust the weight as per your needs.

 Can I Do Arm Weights Every Day?

First of all, there is no loss in working out every day. Apart from that, arm exercises, either for a short or a long stretch, is a great addition to your everyday exercise routine.

 Can Flabby Arms Really be Toned?

There is no part of your muscular structure that can’t be toned. However, you must also know that getting toned is not the result of working out alone. You need to also look over your lifestyle and diet as well.

 Are Dumbbells Enough?

Though, by definition, it might look like having an adjustable dumbbell could solve all of your problems, that might not always be the case. There are still other muscles that you have to train. You need to keep in mind that fitness is all about training your muscles and not just the upper body.

Would a 5 lb Dumbbell Build Your Muscles?

It is a tricky question to say the least. For one, you must understand that there is a difference between building muscles and shaping them. When it comes to a 5 lb dumbbell, you can say that it would indeed shape your muscles and might make the biceps look ripped, but it won’t help you build any mass. Yes, lifting a 5 lb dumbbell is indeed beneficial, but then again, it won’t help if you’re trying to build muscles. For that, you can try to change the dial up to a heavier load. 

Will Dumbbells Reduce Belly Fat?

If we are talking about a direct effect, then no, dumbbells will not help you shed any belly fat. However, if you are including it in your entire training session, then yes. They might end up in helping you shed some extra calories and getting rid of that excess fat.