Top 3 Best 200 Lb Heavy Bags [For Heavyweights]

In the world of boxing, punching, Muay-Thai, or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the required gear may be a standard set – heavy bag, boxing gloves, hand wraps, and so on. However, there is no one-size-fits-all for these sports.

There are a lot of heavy bags on the market, but today we’re talking about those that cater to heavyweights. Body height and built creates the need for an appropriate heavy bag. There might be a 250 lb heavy bags but not wide enough for a heavyweight to simulate a similar opponent – this lack of bulk does not allow for effective practice.

Ringside Leather Heavybag Ringside Soft Filled Heavybag MaxxMMA Training Heavybag
Pros Top quality cowhide
Very durable
Big, heavy, thick leather
Heavy Bag Chain and Swivel are included
D-ring on bottom
Soft Shredded textile filling provides a comfortable hitting surface
Easy to carry
Weight adjustable weight from 20 to 120 lbs


Best 200lb Heavy Bags for Heavy Weight Boxers Reviewed

#1 Ringside Unfilled Leather Heavy Bag, Large

Ringside is a well-known brand in the world of boxing, and the company produces high-quality boxing gear. This first item on the review list is an empty heavy bag constructed using cowhide.

This bag is 48” long and measures 16” in diameter. Now that’s more diameter than the usual bags for the heavyweight’s delight. Ringside ships this bag unfilled; however, the bag is complete in itself – there are four holding points, swivel, and a chain to hang the bag.

There is a D-ring at the bottom to provide additional stability, and the bag comes sans any foam lining. The durable leather construction is among the best we have seen. There’s a zipper that takes care of closing the bag once filled.

Speaking of filler material, the common choices are sand, cloth, or compressed rags. Beware not to fill this bag with water.

We suggest that you use a combination of cloth and sand. Use a PVC pipe and hold it at the center of the bag while you stuff cloth and fabric inside the bag. Use a wooden or metal stick to compress the material as you keep adding. The fabric provides a more realistic punching feel while the sand adds to the bulk to eliminate too much swing.

Once the cloth filling is done, pour sand inside the pipe to provide bulk. You shall have the bag ready-to-fight within about an hour. Get the bag at about 200 lbs. and the heavyweight fighter in you shall be delighted to fight with a “realistic” opponent.

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#2 Ringside Soft Filled 200 lbs. Heavy Bag

Another large, heavy bag from Ringside, this is a soft-filled variant and is available in four weights – 100 lbs., 130 lbs., 150 lbs., and 200 lbs. The bag measures 48” in length and has a diameter of 16”.

The manufacturer ships the bag filled with soft shredded textile filler material. The soft material provides the much-needed comfortable punching surface needed for long practice sessions. The gross weight of the bag is 140 lbs. It is up to the practitioner to load more weight using sand.

The Ringside soft filled bag comes with a plastic cavity at the center, which may be loaded with sand as per the desired weight requirement. Filling the bag is a quick task. What you need to do is open the zipper at the top and fill the requisite amount of sand.

The added bulk in terms of volume and weight provides the ability to practice against a “bigger” opponent. This practice shall translate into victory at the ring where the opponent may be much more imposing that yourself.

The D-ring at the base provides protection and stability so you can have your punching sessions without worrying.

Since the bag ships filled, a significant part of the overall cost is shipping.

If you purchase the product from Amazon, you may opt for the “Expert Assembly” option where a local expert from Amazon home services fixes the bag, as required.

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#3 MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Water/Air Heavy Bag

This training and fitness bag from MaxxMMA is a heavy multipurpose bag. The manufacturer says it can be used in four modes – Uppercut bag mode, fitness mode, MMA dummy ground mode, and heavy bag mode.

The bag measures 3 feet in height and has a 13” diameter. There is an immense difference between the MaxxMMA bag and the other training bags. This bag uses air and water simultaneously.

There is a bladder that uses air and water, which simulates the feeling of punching a human rather than a hard bag of sand. This is the unique selling point of the bag.

The image on the left highlights the construction of the bag. You get to punch at the water, which rebounds after interacting with air. This is as close to the human body as you can get.

The bag is built using non-recycled, high resilience PVC. Practicing on this bag forces you to maintain balance, which is an essential skill to have during a fight.

The neon-black color is an attractive combination. The pattern on the bag looks classy.

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What are the benefits of using 200 lbs. Punching bag?

200 lbs. is a fair amount of weight, and for the well-built and heavier individuals, the weight is an ideal fit to simulate real-world fighting conditions.

For all folks, if they wish to fight an imposing and well-built opponent effectively in the ring, the practice should be tailored to focus on that aspect.


Those who want to encounter heavyweight and “bulky” opponents in the ring need an appropriate fighting bag to practice suitably. Two hundred pounds is a lot of weight, and considering the weight, the bags have less length and more diameter compared to regular bags of the same weight category.

With a bigger and heavier bag, the person may need practice moving around and punching in a different manner. A 200-pound heavy bag with a bigger diameter provides the simulation of a bulky opponent and allows the practitioner to have a more realistic practice in the gym.