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Best Punching Bag For Sale

How to Make a Punching Bag? [Easy Methods]

A punching bag is a round or tube-shaped part of athletic tools used by professional trainers and by amateurs for …
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Benefits from Resistance Band Training for Fighters

Fighters from all areas such as MMA, boxing, and judo can benefit from resistance band training. Resistance training does not …
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How to Clean Boxing Gloves?

If you’ve ever trained boxing, then you know how irritating the smell of sweat-soaked gloves can be. Boxing gloves are …
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Muay Thai

Who is the Best Muay Thai Fighter?

Many of Muay Thai fighters have come and gone and asking who the all-time best is, is as good as …
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Top 6 Common Heavy Bag Workout Mistakes

More and more people are buying punching bags for their homes. This is a good thing as hitting the heavy …
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Outslayer Heavy Bags Reviews [MMA and Muay Thai]

Boxing and MMA is growing with each passing day. With an ever-increasing number of UFC fans and individuals taking up …
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Tips for Buying MMA Gloves 

For those that train mixed martial arts, there are things to consider when you’re looking to buy MMA gloves. Those …
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Studying the Overhand Right of Today’s Best Boxers

The overhand right is one of boxing’s most devastating punches. That’s because it comes from a distance and requires a …
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rash guards for bjj

Difference Between Japanese (Traditional Jiu-Jitsu) and BJJ

They say fighting is not a physical thing but a spiritual thing. The literal meaning of this quote seems to …
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Yokkao Mayan Muay Thai Gloves Review

Are you a Muay Thai enthusiast looking for your new piece of fighting gear? If you are searching for your …
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Top 10 Best Hand Wraps For Boxing

Combat sports like boxing, MMA, kicking, and others cause an immense impact on the joints in the body. Boxing creates …
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Kickboxing tips

Muay Thai or Boxing – Which is Better?

Growing up, every single one of us has wrestled with our siblings, friends, and cousins. The fight necessitated emotions, strength, …
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How Much Money Do MMA Fighters Make?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has seen an explosive rise in its popularity in recent times. Since the last decade, MMA’s …
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Yokkao Matrix Shin Guards Review

Today, we are reviewing a product of one of the most famous Muay Thai brands – Yokkao. Yokkao is a …
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Top 10 Best Muay Thai Shorts [Reviewed]

Muay Thai is Thailand’s combat sport that is focused on stand-up strikes. If you are looking forward to practicing Muay …
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boxing jab

Top 7 Best MMA Shorts

People who think all contact sports require the same gear need to correct themselves. These gears are kind of similar …
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Boxing Basics: Everything You Need to Know

Throughout the years, many inspiring stories from fictional movies have sparked an interest in the boxing sport. If you are …
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Which Martial Art Should I Learn First?

Martial arts are combat practices that have their roots deep down in ancient history. They’ve traditionally been used for self-defense …
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Do UFC Fighters Wear Cups?

If you ever watched a fight and saw someone kicked in the groin then you probably asked yourself the question …
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How Long is a Boxing Round?

In this article, we are going to talk about how long is a boxing round in the different calibers of …
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21 of the Best Ruthless and Motivational Boxing Quotes

There are a lot of great fighters, champions, and personalities in boxing. However, there are some quotes that travel the …
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